January Transfer One

January Transfer One

Out: Lukaku (5.8m)
In: Morata (4.9m)

Lukauku isn’t starting against Derby tonight, if he doesn’t make it onto the pitch that gives him three games for this month. Morata could potentially have six. I think it’s a risk worth taking at this stage in the season and it still leaves us two transfers in the bank for the rest of the month.

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  1. Good luck in the upcoming month. I’m not going for the Lukuku transfer.

    I lost my third transfer and therefore my first Transfer for Jan was Sterling for Salah.

    If i did Lukuku it would leave me one transfer to either get Salah or Lukuku back.

    We are starting to differ more and more me and you. Will be interesting who gets more point at the end

    1. You’ll probably end up finishing higher with how things have gone for me. Just watch Morata not play all week now.

      1. We’ve been in same boat but it’s about time one of us starts making some moves just hope it’s me haha

  2. Hmmmm… Lets hope this one works out. But for once, I disagree with this one! As you know, I am with you all the way so have made the change, but I would have taken a bit more of a gamble at this stage. I shared this opinion on the previous two posts.

    Perhaps my support has been the jinx all along, and Morata will get back to back hat tricks this week 🙂

    1. I’ve just picked up your comment from earlier, I was working from the top down so got to yours last. I’m almost doubting the decision now you’ve disagreed but I think to get the most amount of points possible Morata should be a better choice than Pedro. I’m hoping many will be struggling to transfer out Jesus and will be worried about Salah as well. Hopefully not many other people will be able to get the players we’ve got. If Morata gets some game time this week I think it will be a good move. My main concern is that he won’t get played much.

        1. That’s what I was suggesting might happen when I said it was bad news. Typical really of how this season has gone. It was another one of those decisions where logically it made sense to make this move or at least take Lukaku out with less fixtures in the month and it’s pretty much already backfired.

          1. I still think making the change for a Chelsea/City player is the right move. Dont be too hasty in kicking yourself! It is these gambles that HAVE to be taken. Just keeping the top players isn’t going to get us anywhere, need to think smart. Chelsea have more games that United this month, we just need to hope that Morata plays!

            1. Having started on the bench today, I’m hoping he will get game time against Arsenal in the cup. I don’t think he will outscore Lukaku this week now though and I wish I’d held onto Lukaku on that basis.

  3. can’t judge a transfer until the end of the month – remember the eriksen/hazard knee jerk reaction

    1. No I know, I’m less confident with this one though. Had Lukaku started I’d have kept him, just felt like I needed to do something to gain an advantage.

    1. F*****g alskdnlad lreajangl;a alerrgna;renrg ;aeronrgA1!
      (Yes, I am a Saints fan!)

  4. I also lost Lukaku when he wasn’t starting! Typical!

    Still have a 90 point lead though, so hoping Aguero can come good before next week and make it the right choice!!…

    1. Yeah it’s been a nightmare so far. I’m relying on Morata getting some game time now.

    1. Because it meant Morata had more games this month and Lukaku hasn’t exactly been outstanding so far.

      1. Yes DTT, you explained that Morata having more games, but you also said that if he had started you probably wouldn’t have dropped him, so the reason you dropped him was because he wasn’t in the starting 11.

        1. Exactly, and he has less games. Had he started I’d have risked it and left him in despite less games.

    2. Lukaku has been shocking lately!!

      Before last night he had only scored about 4 goals in his last 20 matches!

      Don’t see how people can question why others would drop him! His value of 5.8 speaks for itself. He is the only player in the top 10 to be proved lower than his original value.

      If he hits a purple patch, we can always bring him back at a bargain price.

      1. Problem is if Lukaku does well this month (playing Stoke at home next) and Morata continues to miss big chances, by the end of the month the price difference between both might be huge and might it a bit more tricky to afford back Lukaku as Utd games in Feb are quite good.

        1. That’s my concern as well. When I bring Salah back in, I’ll only have one transfer left as well. I may have to use both of them before the end of the game week – depending on how Morata gets on in the EFL cup.

    3. Personally I’m going to try not to judge until his replacement (for me, Aguero) has played (if he plays) City’s two games in hand before Utd play again.

      It’s hard when he has an unexpected 10 points in the bag, but we’ve all seen Aguero get 10 points fairly easily.

          1. That said… had a shocker!! Took a 30 point dent when 2nd place got points from Lukaku, Sane and Hegazi!!… lead now just 70 points!

            Need Hazard and Kane to wake up!!

  5. I went for;

    Salah – Stering
    Christensen – Stones
    Lukaku – Pogba

    Should have saved my last transfer 🙄

    1. Yes but I think his price might rise even if scores 0 vs City but I see Salah as dangerous vs any opposition. For me, Salah has proved he is one of those ‘form over fixtures’ kind of players. You have to have him in your team as Liverpool’s attack is too much for most teams.

      I find Salah is a rare breed of explosiveness and high consistency – makes him a must have in any dream team. That’s why I was most reluctant to take him out. Nightmare if the path to bringing him back is not as straightforward as hoped.

      I took out at the start of the season and instantly regretted it and put him in my team a week later. Yes, a huge mistake but one I quickly realised. So mistakes do happen by us all but the key to success is to quickly find a solution.

      1. Agree with this. Salah is proving to be on a level with Kane.

        I daren’t remove him from my team if his injury is only for a week or two.

        Had him from the start and will only remove if he is injured for a month+.

        1. I’ll be putting him back in as soon as possible, maybe even before the end of the game week

          1. I don’t understand anyone taking out Salah, to bring him back in. That’s just a waste of a transfer.

            1. I had transfers to waste, it was my last December Transfer which I had nothing else to do with. I was happy with my team as it was so just trying to pinch a few more points.

              1. I wish I had transfers to waste.

                I am bit surprised that your team had transfer left after such a long month as December brought many problems as rotation and injuries. Usually that tells me your team is very good or has been lucky with injuries.

                Might be waste of another transfer if bring in Salah and Sterling has not picked up good points anytime soon.

                1. I’d always planned to bring Salah back in. Everything’s been well documented. Wouldn’t say it’s a waste, if you’ve got no injuries what else are transfers there for.

                  1. Hi DTT,

                    I think that the point some people are getting at is, yes you had a transfer left which was free to waste, but would you have been better off just leaving it if you didn’t need it?

                    Using it just because it’s there with a view to bringing Salah back means that you are in turn reducing your January allowance to two subs.

                    In any case, Sterling might still come up trumps for you by pinching a few points tonight, so it could still work to your advantage. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t, but I can see the logic behind the move.

                    1. I think it could have been worthwhile using it. It reduced my January transfers to two, but I had no real plans for those transfers either. If we look at my team:

                      Pickford – no plans to remove
                      Cahill – no plans to remove
                      Walker – no plans to remove
                      Keane – no plans to remove
                      Pieters – no plans to remove (too difficult to move on at 0.5m)
                      Sane – no plans to remove (no better options at this price)
                      Hazard – no plans to remove
                      Salah – no plans to remove
                      Kane – no plans to remove
                      Aguero – no plans to remove
                      Lukaku – no plans to remove (although I did the same thing by swapping him for Morata)

                      As a result taking out the injured Salah with the option to put him back in seemed obvious. This still leaves a transfer left over and there’s only two game weeks left for January.

                    2. Exactly, having the thought that you’ve GOT TO USE ALL 3 TRANSFERS, purely because you’ve got them, has no logic !
                      If you were in the top 100, would you make a change, purely because you have a transfer(s) left ?

                    3. I didn’t use it because I felt like I had too. I used it because Salah was injured and I knew I had enough transfers to bring him back in. Simple really.

                1. No it’s not. I was happy with my team. Salah got injured and Sterling had two games during the same game week. So I thought I’ve got more than enough transfers why not take Salah out and put him back in if I’ve got no other plans for the transfer. Simple logic really and all well documented.

                  1. I had a transfer to waste, are your words, DTT, not mine ! At least 3 of your players should say, “Can’t remove, stuck with them”.

                    1. Yeah I did have a transfer to waste. It was a luxury transfer to be able to bring Sterling in while Salah was out because I had no other plans. I am stuck with a few players but nothing I can do about it, it’s just the way the game works. Don’t get off to a good start or have a lucky run and you’re priced out of making some changes.

      2. I’ll probably put him back in as soon as possible. I was just hoping Sterling was going to have a 10+ points scoring week then I’d get rid of him.

  6. Erik pieters hamstring gone!
    Any plans DTT ?
    This ones a tricky one bare in mind he’s only 0.5m
    But can we play with 10 men and keep our good run

    1. No plans to take him out yet. Need to montior Salah, Sterling, Lukaku and Morata situations first. Apparently it’s only a tight hamstring.

      1. I think it will be impossible to replace so see Pieters as a season long pick which probably means 10 men.

        1. Totally agree…..all we can hope for is that hughes gets sacked tmrw and somebody comes in with fresh ideas and turns it around

        2. Just a bad choice in the first place, to go with any Stoke player, especially a defender.

          1. Not such a bad choice at the start of the season. Stoke kept 11 Premier League clean sheets last season. One less than City and Liverpool. They were 10th in the clean sheet table so was a solid choice for a mid table team. Easy enough to say now it was a bad choice but I couldn’t see into the future at the time.

            1. That was last season. Where did they finish, was it last season, that they finished with relegation form ?

  7. Sergio double sane goal and assist
    Cahill playing today……
    Heres hoping morata comes on at some stage scores
    And plays midweek
    Keep the faith……
    Cant see kane playing at all tmrw on the downside

    1. It’s a shame Morata didn’t do something. Not sure why he didn’t start to be honest. City put out a decent team, had Aguero picked up an injury they would have been in more trouble than Morata picking up an injury with Jesus being out. Hopefully he plays midweek.

    1. Needed that double from Kane! Need Hazard to wake up now! His form has fallen away of late (bar his last game).

  8. Brace from harry and star man
    Salah for sterling
    We can either do it thurs night if sterling dont perform tues night so we dont take a loss price wise or indeed if he scores well change it sat morning
    Is this your thought proccess DTT ?

    1. Yeah that’s exactly the plan. I’m happy with taking Salah out but wish we had stuck with Lukaku

  9. I still think morata has favorable fixtures over lukaku until around 20th feb then chelsea have barca twice man utd man city and spurs all crammed in……then i think the switch is on apart from stoke next mon utd have a few tough gigs
    Chelsea also have a fa cup replay morata may feature in
    Keep the faith

  10. Nobody thinking about lingard? Cheap and on fire, value will only rise and he’s on team sheet every game right now. I took out Salah and Lukaku for Lingard and Aguero before this game week – inspired!

    1. I liked the look of Lingaard but couldn’t justify taking Pogba out for him, surely Poggers will outscore him over the next few months he’s been unlucky not to get man of the match last few games

      1. Think that the horse has bolted on Lingard’s purple patch now!

        Can’t see him maintaining that level.

        Having said that, he can’t be any worse than Hazard at the moment!! He picked up a few points against Arsenal but has managed just one goal (which was a pen) in his last 7 games and his price is plummeting. Will give him another week or two but after that, he’s gone!!…

  11. I reckon morata will play next 3 for chelsea
    Arsenal brighton norwich
    Then we’ll see if our lukaku transfer bears fruit

    1. I didn’t expect them all to start. Hopefully Walker doesn’t come on now. De Bruyne scoring isn’t ideal but hopefully Sane or Sterling can pinch a goal.

    1. Tonight will be a big game. If Morata doesn’t at least get a few points on the board we will need to question keeping him. Undecided about Sterling, he should gain value with 8 points for the week and I’m assuming Salah doesn’t change as he’s not played. I still think our strongest team is the team we started the month with – as we are now with Salah and Lukaku back in. However at the moment I’ve made no decision in terms of what to do about that. Any thoughts yourself?

  12. With you tho……its a tough one
    Morata has more game time this month arsenal twice possible norwich next wed plus same league games as lulaku and utd face spurs and burnley defo swap back feb as utd fixtures get easy (that was always the plan)
    Salah for sterling friday seems the right ploy
    Morata v lukaku for jan still fancy morata pts wise

  13. Cahill looks a bit part player for chelsea these days….DTT
    If morata scores pts tonight and we only exchange salah for sterling
    Have you thought of cahill going ?
    Somebody like vertoghen scoring better and a first team regular
    Any thoughts on this ?

    1. We’ve probably got bigger issues, that result couldn’t have been any worse for us. Morata picking up 0 points is a disaster.

    2. Hi Darren

      I agree I have cahill and I am beginning to worry as he very rarely gets 7 but clean sheets when he plays but gets rotated along with rudiger and christensen who also rarely get the extra 3 points. I am 24 points ahead in my league with 1438 points and my team is



      0.6 mill in the bank

      I have all my transfers left for January and the guy 24 points back has Butland alonso, walker, christensen & Michael Keane and has used all his transfers – his midfield is Salah, Sterling & Hazard & Aguero, Kane & Morata. I feel I need to get alonso in or azpiculeta as that will nullify him and cahill out but to do that will need to transfer out another defender – I was thinking with Jan & Feb in mind and champions league coming back – cahill/Gomez out & Alonso/Rojo in – disappointed to lose the Liverpool coverage Gomez gives but he is also rotated often. Alonso is an upgrade for Cahill and Rojo is stronger than Michael Keane going forward with the extar games in Europe & Fa Cup – will only leave me 0.1 in bank but I feel it strengthens my team. You seem to talk a lot of sense on here – what do you think please?

      Thanks in advance

      1. If you want to nulify your rival 24pts back bring in butland chelsea keeper sterling for debryne then with the extra cash
        Aspq or alonso for maybe gomes
        Lukaku v morata (after watching his woeful display last night lakaku hands down) midfield then the same smallling will get loads more game time than bit part rojo you could ditch gomes for chrissie of chelsea then you put the black ball behind the white with him….trouble is i dont know whose 3rd his team and how many adrift?
        Another ploy like DTT is keep a spare transfer if he loses a key player ie kane sergio you hold the aces…… thats fatasy football
        Great team by the way…..me and DTT struggled this year usually end up good stats…..i’m gonna post my own team on here next year with all my thoughts and views (wish i had done this year! My mock team is on 1480 at present good luck for the rest of the season!

        1. Thanks Darren, you add a lot to this site and your points of view along with DTT has played a huge part in my choices.

          The 3rd place team is 51 points back with the following team

          luke shaw



          I am less worried about the 3rd place and think my defence even after changes is better than his. I am loathe to take KDB out he’s a points machine, plays virtually every game – gets starman every other game and scores goals I think he will outscore sterling over the season and Courtouis is 2nd best behind de gea so loathe to downgrade. I think it’s getting to the point where its less about money in bank and more about points as I could virtually swap any player in the game with the players values how they are. I would then still have a spare transfer, Rojo for Gomez is uncertain but with Man Utd still in FA Cup and Champions League he is likely to get some playing time maybe and comparing him to the 2nd places other defensive player – Michael Keane I think there won’t be much points between them, certainly not enough to worry about?

          Wait to hear your thoughts

      2. This is a horrible tactic but I used it quite effectively last year. I was in a good position like you are now and always had transfers in hand over second place. I generally just blocked his moves by mirroring his team to keep my lead. I think you’ve got a better front 6 so I wouldn’t worry about changing those. You’ve also got a stronger keeper, maybe stronger than you need? I’d consider bringing in Alonso to ensure he doesn’t gain on you there. If you were to change Courtois, I’d bring in Alonso and Christensen to block any points gain. Gomez should outscore Keane so I think you would be stronger all round. However it’s a bit of a risky strategy as we aren’t that close to the end of the season just yet. It worked very effectively for me last year though.

  14. Think I need to contemplate upgrading Christensen for Alonso or Azpilicueta.

    All 3 earned a clean sheet last night and Christensen is good value (given that I only paid about 2.5m for him), but his 6 ratings when getting clean sheets are becoming noticeable in comparison to Alonso’s default 7/8 ratings!

    1. I did as well. I didn’t have huge expectations from the week for him but maybe at least 8 points with a goal and 7+ rating over two games. Makes it even worse that Lukaku got 10 points.

  15. DTT, can we expect to see any transfers b4 the weekend, my current conundrum is whether to select Smalling 4 games in January, Van Duyk 4games Walker 5 games, can make a case for all three, player selected will probably stay in team remainder of season, how do u see it, thanx.

    1. I don’t think I’ll be making any changes, fairly happy with the team how it is. If Salah had an easy fixture I’d be putting him back in but as they play Man City I’m happy to stick as I am. Lukaku worries me against Stoke but Morata has the extra games. I’d personally favour Walker out of all of your options purely because of all the competitions Man City are still in.

        1. Well no but if you’ve got a transfer that you’re not sure what to do with then surely look to pinch points from players who are in good form with extra fixtures. Isn’t that the whole point of the game.

          1. If Morata plays 4 games and scores -1 pt. & Lukaku plays 2 games & scores 10 + Your timing of using Morata, DTT, has not worked out well. You could say a disappointment.

            1. Clearly it didn’t go to plan. Easy to point it out now though isn’t it rather than before it happened. No one disagreed at the time. Well not about taking Lukaku out.

            1. I wanted a Chelsea player for their fixtures. Already got Hazard. Who else is there?

              1. …but as i said, Morata hasn’t been a player in form, so i wouldn’t have brought him in. Extra fixtures doesn’t always mean extra points, as i’ve previously said.

  16. Pickford




    Any views? Leading my league but 2nd place has Alonso, Rudiger, Courtois (plus Vertongen, Ashley Williams) and is catching.
    Could downgrade Otamendi to replace Pieters? 3 transfers left. cheers

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