January Transfer Two

January Transfer Two

I’m having an absolute nightmare with my transfers this month. I was hoping to see Ederson or Mendy starting today so that I could go with one or the other. However, as neither start I’m going to have to hold fire with Mendy. I was also hoping Mount wouldn’t start so my hand was forced into taking him out. He is starting, but I’m still going to make the transfer. Mount is coming out (fingers crossed he doesn’t do much today) and Walker is coming in. City have some really good fixtures on the horizon and have a double game week so I’m hoping Walker can pick up more points than Mount over the week/month.

Mount out
Walker in

As a side note, this is why I don’t like making transfers on a Thursday evening. I’d have kept Zouma had I known he was going to be starting today, despite the price drop he was facing. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he picks up some good points this afternoon.

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  1. Hi DTT,

    Good call I think. I have a predicament. I wouldn’t usually ask for advice but I have Mendy/Justin/Castagne/Walker/Zouma. I pended Walker in and that paid off as he is playing. Castagne and Justin did well for me so can’t complain there. I just want 2 Man City defensive assets. Like you I wanted Ederson to be playing and I’d have swapped but as he isn’t I need to decide whether to keep Zouma or switch to Dias. I’m thinking I have to switch with 2 games for city and their upcoming fixtures, would you agree?

    1. Sorry Chris – missed this until just now. What did you do in the end? I’d want two Man City defensive assets personally as you mentioned. That’s why I went for Walker myself.

      1. I switched to Dias. They got the same points but Dias has the game in the week so pretty happy there. I knew I was going to do that anyway I think but sometimes it’s just nice to get a bit of confirmation isn’t it. I must admit I’m tempted to throw in Ederson for Mendy next week as well with the City fixtures but I’ll have a think on that one.

  2. I couldn’t do the Walker transfer, I was 0.1m short as I missed a transfer a while ago.
    Luckily Mount just put one in the bottom corner!

    1. I think you’re a point better off with Mount – I really didn’t see him scoring to be honest.

    1. Nightmare start to the game but thankfully he didn’t score again. Not sure I see Walker playing in the mid thought. I’d imagine he will be rested.

  3. i did nudge Dtt to do this for one week only, especially villa v spurs very doubtful in the week,sometimes u have to take a gamble or two ‘risk reward’ moves….

    going middle of the road ‘plain jane’ dont usually get ur into the top 500 come middle of may …

    1. I’m not really looking to win the whole thing or get top 500. Obviously I want to finish high but my main goal is to document a team which will win most friends and family mini leagues, as that’s what most people in here are trying to achieve. On another day it could have easily gone the other way. Did you put him in?

    2. It was a move that has paid off this time I guess, I’m hoping it balances out that Kane replies with some points against albeit a good villa side to take the sting off of it.

    3. already used all 5 transfers this month ( got citys players in for the month ) currently stand on 1218, kicking myself i got my last one in thursday night dier for zouma before the 0.3 changes !!
      DTT …do you think 5 transfers a month is better or worse than last year allocated 3 ?
      personally i think it makes the game harder to catch opponents the longer the season goes on……added to the fact both sterling and mane are now classed as forwards apart from bruno and debryne picking midfielders is harder than ever before……i remember gerrard ,lampard, ronaldo was the template for everybody….still we are given the rules before the start of the season its level for everyone
      dtt, your blog is outstanding still, i have good and bad season whereas you are consistantly a good points scorer over 38 weeks, i really look forward to your euro dreamteam blog of which once again you score very well be in euro’s or world cup…your work here does not go unoticed by all your followers keep up the good work paul !

  4. Got one transfer left, currently 0.1 short of getting Ederson, put Leno in on Thursday night, went up in value as expected 0.3, followed that with a clean sheet against Newcastle, so currently in the box seat, depending on mid-week fixtures, & whether Ederson returns against Brighton, will put Ederson in the team, leaving me a defensive back 5 of
    A bit concerned, Stones might get more gametime than Walker, we shall see.

  5. Spurs have Fulham on Wed night instead of villa so we will see what sort of damage Kane can provide there.

    1. Yes fingers crossed although in reality most people will have Kane so no net gain even if he hauls…

      I did see a few people gamble with switching to Vinicius which I would have done myself had there been confirmation the Villa game was definitely off and no sign Fulham would slot (albeit that part only came to light today).

  6. I see United drew Liverpool in the next round of the FA Cup so less games for one of those sides down the line just to bear in mind guys…

    1. Very annoying, I’d put the turn in fortune for my team down to putting him in. Might have to take him out before long

  7. Absolutely shocking penalty from Stirling went from 5pts to – 3, he has till the 6th February, where fixtures turn dramatically, As you have 3 transfers left Paul, there could be a case to attain some funds by off loading Robertson, 23rd January looks a key date for City in the fa cup, away to Cheltenham, could score big there, with transfers in hand, Chelsea also have Luton.

    1. I’m actually thinking taking robbo out and putting in foden in my midfield. It’s a shame I haven’t got the money to swap Mendy for ederson. Although I could swap out sterling however the city fixtures are very nice.

      1. Good thinking Marc.
        I’m considering that move now.
        LiverFool have United twice. I can see this weeks game being tight but surely with both defences and attacks. Their has to be goals.
        City’s fixtures n Foden’s form plus his price has got to go up.

        I think I’ve talked myself into it 😂

    2. I’d imagine I’ll be taking him out sooner rather than later. Will see what the teams news is like over the weekend but he’s not done me any favours since bringing him in

  8. Starting to think Foden is a must for across January. Sterling for the money he is and missing a penalty is more then a worse scenario.

    Walker not starting was also very frustrating. Ederson looks like a nice option to get in now hes back.

    1. I’d agree, if I could get it to work within budget I’d be tempted by Walker/Sterling out Foden/Rashford in

  9. cant help thinking the points Mahrez is getting
    are a bit unjust. 2 sixes when I thought he was worth
    7 may have to dump him in the next set of transfers.

  10. I’m now doubting Rashford.
    His looked terribly out of form, especially as his been switched to the right.
    Maybe Martial’s injure might get him a run on the left.
    Fingers Crossed 🤞🏻

    1. I’m considering bringing him in. Looks a good option compared to Sterling at his price.

  11. Hi there
    I’m new to this.
    In a bit of a dilemma. I went for aguero as a risky play and this self isolation has truly messed up my plans. Anyways, there’s a lot of games in between and unfortunately I only have one sub left. I have 1.3m in the bank. With Kane and rashford as my two other strikers. Who should I go for up top?
    Mane(5.9m) seems like the only option although they have some tough games. Vardy is another too.

    1. Hi GS, welcome to the blog. Always good to see some new commenters. With the budget you’ve got left, I’d say Mane or Son are you best options. I would have said Salah but you can’t quite afford him, as a result Mane is a good alternative. The only thing to watch out for with Son, is that Spurs only play once this week and most teams play twice.

    2. Hi GS and welcome!

      I suspect Aguero has almost finished his 10 days isolation and should be back with the squad soon. I don’t believe he even tested COVID positive so his fitness shouldn’t be too badly affected. That said and sadly, he’s not played much of a part this season and I think Pep knows he’s always 60 mins away from aggravating a muscular/knee injury so is being used sparingly even when declared fit. Jesus is clearly after many seasons of Pep sticking with and playing him, no ‘King’ Kun Aguero so unless they bring anyone in to reinforce their striking options (which I think they should have done a year ago), I suspect those two (Jesus more than Aguero) plus Torres & Stirling will continue to rotate and share striking duties. They also have KDB who plays false 9 sometimes as well.

      Long story short, I would also transfer Aguero out even if it was my last transfer…

      Who to go for is the next question… I think the ones you have mentioned (Mane & Vardy) are both good alternatives but I would also say Salah & Son are at least worth considering as well. Small mention differential for Cavani as well what with Martial injuring his hamstring this week. Maybe take a look at those around you in your Mini League and see who would help you attack/defend depending on your position and also Dream Team Tips fixture spreadsheet which I find really useful to see how many games and who against teams have each week – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t8-J8t2NKmHWDepR-Sf4Dqbd7oo7KcCkzR3ij4Fi3FU/edit#gid=788959525

      Good luck!

  12. Hi Everyone. I normally think quite clearly when it comes to transfers and have ideas in mind but I’m a bit stuck at the moment. My team is currently:
    Wan Bissaka, Reguilon, Chilwell
    KDB, Mahrez, Bruno, Barnes
    Salah, Kane, Rashford
    I have 2 transfers remaining and 0.3m in the bank. I don’t like the fact that I have no Man City defensive cover but its difficult to get anyone in unless I use my 0.3m in the bank to do Alisson to Ederson. Mahrez is doing my head in his price has dropped so much since I brought him in but I guarantee if I take him out now he’ll get a big haul. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Could you stretch to a City defender for Chilwell? Mahrez would be one I’d be monitoring as well.

  13. Looks a good team mate. Maybe chilwell for a man city defender and ya may have a few quid to get ederson too?

    1. I bought Marhrez in as a short term punt last week for The absent Torres and happily made the switch back last night. Feel like you need to hold Mahrez all season to catch the 20 pointers and it’s just no fun waiting for that. You may take a hit for what you paid but feel other players offer better value all things considered personally.

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