January Transfer Two

January Transfer Two

Out: Morata (4.6m)
In: Lukaku (5.6m)

Really quick one as it needs to be done tonight. Bringing in Morata for the extra fixtures hasn’t panned out and with him getting sent off last night this seems like the only obvious move to make. I only took Lukaku out to gamble on Morata grabbing some points over the additional fixtures, ironically we would have been better off just leaving him in. I can’t see anyone else worth going for at this price range (leaving enough for Salah) so it has to be done tonight.

This leaves 0.4m in the bank if we take Sterling out for Salah. My question now is, do we leave Sterling in for another week given Man City play Bristol City in the week? However Liverpool play Swansea where Salah could do some damage. In theory we could also be priced out of bringing Salah back in next week if their prices change by more than 0.4m either way. Any thoughts on this?

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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47 thoughts on “January Transfer Two

    1. I know Chelsea have an extra fixture next week but not performing well. Have Barcelona in the UCL whereas Liverpool more likely to progress and have extra fixtures that way. If Hazard turns a corner can bring him back in next month as his price likely to drop this week anyway.

    2. Might not be able to afford the move as Salah likely to go up and Hazard to go down if done next week.

  1. I cant take out morata for some reason ?
    Sun dream team app playing up
    Highlighted kane and it worked
    Just because i brought him in this month should not be an issue should it ?
    Hope its a blip aand works sometime tonight ! Then i’ll post my thoughts on a 3rd transfer

    1. It’s gone through for me so should work for you. If it keeps playing up I’d try it in a web browser.

    2. I would leave sterling in for this week . 2 favourable games and Swansea seem to have a little more steel now so maybe won’t smash them as much as we think( cue a 7-0 now !!) take stock next week . However on other side of the coin and with your luck and the gambles you’ve taken over extra fixtures you could do a lot worse than swapping sterling for Salah now !

  2. Working now !
    Having salah now makes no sense when every body in the top 500 have him…i would look now at ensuring we have 11 men most games and squeeze as many extra fixture advantage as possible !
    Maybe ditch cahill has injured and not a regular now by any means
    Valencia the obvious choice but for extra games maybe
    Jon stones 2nd leg league cup plus final and an easier champions league double header
    If you really want salah in ur thoughts if fit maybe vandyke
    Leaving us with plenty of cash available for 1st feb and liverpools next few fixtures not too demanding
    Thoughts welcome

    1. Some people in the top ten don’t have him so I think they may have swapped him out for Man City coverage as more fixtures so maybe worth get in him back in. Unless they do the same.

    2. To play with 11 men, need to replace Pieters (which is a issue for months but which although has been acknowledged but nothing been done about), Cahill has not been a regular starter and I don’t think Keane has picked many points for DTT.

      1. “I think it will be impossible to replace so see Pieters as a season long pick which probably means 10 men.” – I don’t know how you think anything can be done about it when you said it’s impossible to replace him only recently.

        1. I was hoping to be proved wrong when I wrote that statement, which I wouldn’t have minded. My strategy is to have 11 players playing every week. When you already a man down, you already at a disadvantage before the game week starts, and then injuries, rotation and suspensions occur which could leave only 8-9 players available in a game week to get points. Tough task.

          1. He wasn’t picked on the assumption that he was going to be so bad. He was picked as a mid table club who kept a decent amount of clean sheets last season. It’s simply not possible to just pick the best players.

  3. If you were looking at stones for cahill anyone i’d wait till the morning and you can gain some cash….if looking at valencia would need to complete tonight
    As he scored and grabbed a clean sheet.

  4. I dont think van dyke will go down
    He didnt play in the 4-3 city game remember…just checked on a few good websites he shoud be good to go monday night

  5. Everyone in my works mini league has salah i’m 15th outta of 20
    200 plus behind worse ever!
    Followed DTT team in my works one ! Next season as i explained need a panel of judges in my view
    5 or 6 brains can smash it next year
    Written off this season
    Miserable start was never gonna claw it back

      1. I don’t understand ANYONE copying someone else’s team. No point in entering if that’s a persons philosophy ?

        1. I know,I wouldn’t copy anyone’s else. I think that is just lazy or boring. I have own management style thats suits me and like to decide my own transfer selection and tactics.

    1. Yeah I was going to leave it there unless anyone felt strongly that we needed to make the third.

      1. I think we’re going to regret not putting Salah back in.

        But I’m willing to take a punt on Sterling due to extra fixture.

        Let’s hope Salah breaks a leg haha

        Still got 2 transfers (didn’t go the Morata Lukuku transfer earlier this month, saw your logic put I’m United fan and believe in Lukuku) do you have any recommendations on my extra transfer. Obviously saving 1 for Sterling Salah swap back


        1. If Sanchez deal goes through how about swapping him in for Lukaku? Uniteds forward players that play off Lukaku seem to grab a lot of goals. Worth keeping an eye on that one I reckon

          1. Great point. That’s why I am looking at Sanchez instead of Lukaku. Plus I think Sanchez at United will become their main man, rediscoving his best form. He can be very explosive point scoring wise and I think he earned the most star man awards last season. His arrival could mean Lukaku finally gets a rest that jose wants to give him.

        1. The most concerning thing is that we can’t now swap Sterling for Salah. The price change has made this impossible. Could possibly look at Van Dijk for Cahill to free up funds.

  6. I forgot about this…. I made the transfer at 00:01 this morning! Lucky the cutoff is 7am!! lol

    1. I can’t see a good option for replacing him at the moment. I’ll be having a think about it before tomorrow.

  7. I have finally gone against DTT
    Stones in
    Cahill out

    So sorry but needs must
    Its dithering around with the likes of kompany early season baines mid season the reason we aint even 1500 pts in…..
    Cat have the shame of finishing bottom of my works mini league outta 20

    1. My only worry would be that you definitely won’t be able to get Salah back by making that transfer.

  8. Why about morata for Vardy as a differential. Leicester hve good fixtures.

    Could then replace hazard for salah.

  9. Lukaku has 50% ownership in the game, was hoping DTT would go for a differential. Maybe it is a case playing it safe and preserving rank. I find it difficult to move forwards if you have the same players as everyone else so they are blocking you.

    1. I see the logic but there’s also a case to be made that if Lukaku is going to outscore whoever you put in then you’re only creating a bigger gap. If he’s owned by 50% of people and he scores big that mean’s sitting in 170,000 there’s the potential to gain ground on 85,000 other people.

  10. Courtouis and Cahill injured. Both miss game today possibly the semi final as well that’s a whole week of possible points , maybe 20 points plus. What the best replacement pairing in anyone opinion
    Courtouis and Cahill out and either
    Butland – Alonso in
    Pickford – Alonso in
    De gea – van dyke in

    Thoughts please

  11. Went for valencia in the end grabbed me 8 pts but ive hit a cul de sac now in getting salah back in as you said !
    Unless sterling goes up .2m and salah has a bad day at the office tmrw night with only 1 transfer remaining i cant see you getting him back in until feb 1st when you will have to deal and wheel redknapp style !

    1. I don’t think we will get him until Feb but could swap Cahill for Van Dijk to free up funds.

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