January Transfers 2 & 3

January Transfers 2 & 3

I’m making a couple of proactive changes today, targeting a couple of decent fixtures for West Ham and trying to make up some ground after a poor start – so I’ve got to take some risks to get points on the board. I’m taking Sancho out (for obvious reasons) but I’m also taking Mount out (for less obvious reasons). Bowen and Antonio to come in – simply because they both start in the FA Cup and Jota isn’t even on the bench for Liverpool. I would have taken out Robertson instead of Mount but as he starts, he stays in. With regards to Mount – as I’ve only used three transfers up until this point, I’m going to move Walker on next weekend so I may even put Mount back in with that transfer – but at this stage Mount is the only person who can come out this week if I want Bowen and Antonio. I did toy with taking Rudiger out but that might be my final transfer of the month.

Mount out, Bowen in
Sancho out, Antonio in

16 thoughts on “January Transfers 2 & 3

    1. Massive relief – Bowen was on for star man anyway but extra 5 points for the goal and another 5 for Antonio for the assist and rating

  1. Nice return their Paul, 18pts, & Norwich mid-week, what seems like a poor season by your own standards, can be turned around quickly, lots of pts to play for, hopefully Ronaldo can turn it on tomorrow if he plays.

    1. Fingers crossed for similar returns against Norwich. Bowen looked good again today so I’m glad I put him in

      1. Lanzini is hitting a bit of a purple patch to it seems. Anyone brave enough for the West Ham triple up? Now there’s a sentence you don’t hear very often in SDT circles..😳

        1. Aha no you don’t .. .I went Lazini and Antonio for the simple reason he was on pens, gottta admit though Bowen looks lively

        2. I did it in a different team, mainly because I wasn’t bothered what happened so threw caution to the wind. Typically it pays off when you don’t care about the team 😂

    1. Yes DDG certainly looked worthy of a 7+ rating last night for all his saves. That said, Utd were very lucky to somehow come away with a CS from that game so I’m sure DDG owners will take the 5pts.

      1. Agree with both of you. I was happy with the clean sheet as I thought Villa should have scored at the same time I thought he deserved a rating as well.

  2. Bowen on fire right now for West Ham. Serious points for SDT owners. Surely an England call-up is on the cards?

    1. He’s done wonders for my team this week – on that basis alone I think he deserves an England call up 😂

  3. Leicester Burnley now off… So annoying as I switched Gallagher to Maddison last night to benefit from the price rise and to target this fixture. The season that keeps on giving! 🙁

    1. I nearly did Walker to Maddison for the same reason. To be honest, I might just put him in anyway as they should still play another fixture and appears to be a good longer term option.

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