January Transfers 4 & 5

January Transfers 4 & 5

Very quick one as we are so close to kick off. Unfortunately I’m 0.1m away from making my ideal transfer, which would be to bring Foden and Cancelo in. As Cancelo isn’t starting today, I’m going to go for Foden and Mahrez instead. Mahrez is a punt but his ownership is high so it’s not much of a risk. Lets hope they can both shine against Cheltenham.

Dier out, Mahrez in
De Bruyne out, Foden in

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  1. Hi all

    I have no idea of what to do with my team.
    KDB Injury has done me no favours

    My team





    Anyone got any input on who to transfer KDB for?

    1. Depends how many transfers you’ve got left but the punts for today could be Mahrez and Jesus

        1. I’d have probably just taken De Bruyne out for Mahrez (not that it panned out well), and would have saved the other transfer. What did you do?

  2. Cancelo might get a cameo role today, & definately play midweek, Mahrez will play full game today, & probably be on bench for midweek game, all ifs & buts I guess.

    1. Both not guaranteed a game in the week but a lot of the teams at the top of the leaderboard has Mahrez in

          1. Yeh mate had 4-4-2, salah Kane up top. I had martial in but had to get rid so brought foden in early

  3. Is it not best to take out walker instead of dier as walker is missing this game and not confirmed to be playing the next?

        1. That’s why I kept him in. Just hoping for some returns midweek. Foden was a good result yesterday but Mahrez not so much.

  4. I’m going for Gundogen in for KDB. I know he isn’t starting today but been in good form of late and scoring. Seems to be a first choice starter for Pep in all games, barring fa cup.

    1. I wanted to do this as well but wasn’t brave enough to leave Mahrez out v Cheltenham when he was starting… was scared of a mega haul. Should have known better.

  5. Decided to take out Robbo for Cancelo on Thursday night not Dier, got the price increase aswell, Liverpool are going through a slump, of course they have the quality to turn it around, but even if they had Van dijk & Gomez, with their run of fixtures coming up they would still concede, gives me money ITB for February, 1st transfer will be Dier out for Maguire, see how that pans out.

  6. Liverpool are a cb from being back to theyre best. Would’ve easily beat united last night if vvd was back. Not sure why the owners aren’t letting klopp buy one, must be skint .

  7. Dias, Foden, Mahrez and Sterling all starting and Walker on the bench. Fingers crossed they give West Brom a battering and Walker comes on for some game time.

  8. Made a real mess of January. Karma got me as I burned all my transfers quite soon.

    Losing DeBruyne was the worse thing that could have happened and did, especially as he was my high scoring player that my 2nd place rival didn’t own in my mini league.

    I opted for Rashford instead of Sterling which isn’t paying off. Also not owning Cancelo could be the worse thing for my lead atm.

    Kane now potentially out for a few weeks?

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