January Transfers

January Transfers

With Kane injured it makes sense to try and take advantage of this. Unfortunately with the transfers I want to make, I won’t get chance to see if my new players are starting as I need to move Mane on before Man City play. However I think both transfers logically make sense and I’m bringing in two players who are proven in consistently scoring points. The transfers are:

Mane out, Sterling in

Kane out, Aguero in

If neither player starts, I think I’ll just have to take the hit on that in the hope that both players will get some game time soon after. If either Sterling or Aguero happens to have an injury announced between now and 3pm tomorrow, I’m likely to reverse the transfers.

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  1. Gods choices there DTT with city’s fixtures from now until Kane is back. Surely Sterling and Aguero are City’s two most likely to score goals.

    Aguero should be well rested now as well! It wouldn’t be too bad if he didn’t start against Huddersfield. I mean, if that means he starts against Burton, then you’d probably take that…

    1. Seems to make sense to me but you can be certain it will go the other way. Fingers crossed for a good game week.

  2. How much have you got in the bank DTT? I have the same team as you now… I have 2m in the bank… that is enough to upgrade Doherty to VVD…. really tempted! Not sure you have the funds though?

    1. I think I’ve only got £1.2m so the move isn’t on for me. Not sure I’d want Van Dijk just now though – Liverpool only have 2 fixtures in the same space of time that Man City have four. Worth holding that final transfer back for me.

  3. Yep, sensible moves with City’s fixtures upcoming. My only concern would be Aguero game time but he must be due his fair share during this month surely? I think Pep mentioned the other day about the possibility of playing both together.

    1. Yeah hopefully. I think someone mentioned on here that they will want to get him match fit for the Champions League as well.

  4. When it comes to aguero/Jesus what would you guys do if aguero is benched and Jesus starts Sunday ? Surely Aguero will get more points than Jesus now fully fit?

    1. Hi Tom,

      Like DTT is doing, I am putting Aguero in my team regardless of if he starts tomorrow (unless injured all of a sudden of course). He is a far better player than Jesus in my opinion, and if he isn’t starting tomorrow, then there’s a good chance that he is playing against Burton in the week. Either way, both have potential to get big points, but Aguero will take more chances for me.

  5. Doherty not starting today … do people think it’s time to move him on if you have 3 transfers left for the month ?

  6. No Doherty, that’s frustrating. Not the start to the week I wanted. Nothing I can do about it now, let’s hope he comes on to contribute towards a late winner!

      1. I’ve made all my three subs for this month but Kane to Aguero has given me the funds to upgrade Doherty to VVD (assuming I don’t draft Auba back in).

    1. Yeah, that is one rule of DT that I think is slightly unfair when scoring players (he inherits the goals conceded when he enters the pitch). Maybe that is a rule they could look at changing and say if a defender comes on and they maintain a CS they just get two or three points?

      I’ll be sticking with him in the short term as Wolves still have some nice fixtures and I don’t see him losing his starting berth with regularity, but come GW 28 I’ll be offloading him.

  7. All those frustrated about Doherty…. even more annoying when he is subbed on for the last 15 when they concede 3!!!!

    5 mins left in the game as I type…. another one of his last minute winners would be nice right now

  8. The boy Rashford does it again! 😍 💪
    Watched quite a lot of the game today and he was excellent, especially first half. His goal was another world class finish and I’d argue that he’s offering the most value right now with his points to price ratio. His confidence is sky high at the moment and I see no reason why he can’t continue this form for the rest of the season. Anyone else thinking of taking a punt on the boy?

  9. A lot of people on FPL appear to be offloading Hazard as he’s been very quiet of late. If they hadn’t bought Higuin I’d have been tempted myself but when he comes into the team, surely Eden will start playing to his strengths once again?

    1. Hazard really poor yesterday, I think he ended up with lowest WhoScored rating. I don’t really take notice of FPL, different ballgame and the fans can be a bit fickle always ready to follow the latest bandwagons and go crazy whenever their player goes 0.1. plus the use of transfers are always available and unlimited depending how crazy you want to go. In this game, we have to choose wisely and be more patient with our transfer choices. Although Hazard is likely to one of the top scorers in the game, he has quiet periods, he went through a month where he scored 2 points (at the time he was suffering from a back injury and you mentioned you missed out on a move regarding a swap with Sterling). Now with Hazard, it might be a case of motivation (as Sarri said on Chelsea players) he might have his heart set on Madrid. I leave him in a while but maybe off-load in March.

      Looking at bringing in Sadio Mane next month, really impressed with performance yesterday, think he can score plenty of goals till the end of season. Dangerous player not to own. With Mendy on the way back, could a potential replacement for Sane whose game time is likely to suffer.

      1. Yeah, for Sarri to say that “this group of players are extremely difficult to motivate” is about as scathing as it can get. If the players respect him it could get a reaction in the next game, if not I can see it ending up similar to United when Mourinho was coming to the end. Time will tell.

        Mane needed that goal yesterday and you’re right, he could go on a decent run now. He’s back on my list of possibilities.

        With regards Sane, I want to see what happens when Mendy returns before I make a decision. He’s been playing so well on a consistent basis I think it could be a mistake on Pep’s part to suddenly cut his game time. I’ve really enjoyed owning him and if he was to maintain a similar amount of game time I’d have no qualms about keeping him for the foreseeable.

  10. Aguero and Sterling both start. Let’s hope they can have the same impact as my other transfer Rashford!

    1. Yeah, always nice to see all your City assets start when the line-ups come through. 👍🏻

      Interesting to see Stones sitting out again. His game time seems to be reduced of late.

      It could be a double edged sword with Aguero as whoever plays today will probably miss out against Burton. Having said that he may want to get minutes into Aguero’s legs again now he’s back.

      1. Just nice to see my transfers work out for once as well. Richarlison and Auba both drawing blanks was reassuring to see.

        Would like Aguero to feature against Burton, but if missing that means he’ll be favoured for the Champs League games then it’ll soften the hit.

        Glad Stones is missing out purely because the guy second to me in my ML has him

      2. Was Danilo that good or did he just get star man because he’s a defender who scored?

        1. The game was just awful really. Just a precession. City knew they were going to win, and Huddersfield knew they were going to lose, and really nobody tried. Honestly, it was quite embarrassing.

          So yes, Danilo did just get man of the match because he is a defender who scored. You’d have to argue it may have even been an own goal. I think it would have missed without the deflection.

    1. Put him in a couple of my “other” teams too. Shame he was the final transfer so will need to wait to Feb, which I’m guessing will be when he’s likely to return anyway.

      1. Yeah, should be back for Feb where Spurs still have good fixtures so might leave him in. Thought spurs would be more reliant on Alli for goals now with no Kane or Eriksen.

  11. So I ended up going with Jota in place of Maddison to free up funds to get Aguero back in..that worked well.

    Noticed he was now playing alongside Jimenez on his return from injury vs Liverpool in the cup the other week, so figured he may be a good cheap option that’d continue to rise through January at least and maybe even pop up with the odd goal or assist. Did not expect the hat-trick! I’m a WBA fan so it pained me to put him in, so at least there was a pay off.

    Only issue is I have no subs left so playing with 10 men after Kane’s injury. February can’t come soon enough!

    1. 👏 Wow! That’s a transfer and a half Quinton, well played! He’s struggled for the first half of the season to really get to grips with the Premier League imo but he’s slowly been becoming more effective. He’s was excellent yesterday and thoroughly deserved his hat-trick. Wolves have decent fixtures up until the Chelsea game so you could be getting further rewards from this transfer. I doth my cap. 👍🏻

      1. Cheers Chris 👌🏽

        Gotta say, I know there’s been a lot of discussion about how much luck and skill has to play in this game and I’ve always believed there is a huge amount of luck (or bad luck in some cases..) on transfers at times. Yes I had hoped he’d maybe pick up a few points during January with how high up the pitch he was now playing for a midfielder – but did I ever even consider a hattrick? Absolutely not. So definitely some good fortune there!

        I see you’re in the same situation with me of carrying Kane for the rest of the month. I’m considering veering away from the pack from February to attempt to make some ground on my ML’s as it’s getting to the point of now or never I feel. Just who to go with..?

  12. Looking towards February, & who to replace Kane with, candidates
    Higuain, 6 fixtures, 4 league, 2 europa league, is he eligible, proven goalscorer, new league, can he hit the ground running.
    Aguero/Jesus 5 fixtures, shared gametime, Aguero off colour today, but he is the go to man for the big games, Jesus, scored heavily of late against inferior opposition.
    Aubamayang, 6 fixtures, 4 league, 3 of those could be really profitable, but will he play europa league, I think it’s last 32, & knockout time.
    Lacazette, came up trumps yesterday, took him out a few weeks back, not sure he has the pedigree of the others mentioned, & he rarely plays a full 90 mins.
    Anyone got any thoughts on this, as I’m sure a lot of us will be asking the same questions as February transfer allocation is less than 2 weeks away.

    1. I’m struggling to nail down a decision as well David truth be told and none of the options jump out at me at this stage. I’m not really getting a gut feeling either (as I did with Rashford) so I’ll just have to hope something happens from now until then to swing my decision. I’ve read somewhere that’s Higuin isn’t playing the Europa games.

  13. Well to say I’ve had to carry the injured Kane this week in my team, I’m very pleased to have 63 points on the board so far this Gameweek. The only real negatives were Hazard, the lack of a CS for VVD and Robbo and Doherty being benched then coming on for the minus two. Everyone else scored pretty well and I’ve even extended my ML lead and risen up close to the 3000 mark in the main standings. I think blanks/low scores for the likes of Aubameyang, Richarlison and Aguero have also contributed to this rise.

    I was sure I’d be dropping this Gameweek being a man down. Sometimes the stars align I guess. Funny old game.

    1. Quite pleased with my GW return of 66, extends my lead in my ML and also sat at around 3800 overall.

      Few negatives though. Doherty coming on for a -2 was frustrating. As was Aguero only picking up a 2 (despite an assist) and Sterling losing star man to Danilo.

      Hoping some of my 4 Man City players feature against Burton. Also hoping for zero points from Jesus given I opted for Aguero over him.

  14. Pretty crap week for me getting just 46 points, but fortunately those chasing me had worse weeks getting around 20 points!!

    That said, I have no doubts that this will be balanced out on Wednesday when Jesus bags another brace/hatrick!!

    Definitely an Auba to Rashford switch on the cards for me in February. He was god awful against Chelsea and missed a couple of sitters!

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