Jesus Injury

I made the decision to transfer Jesus in for Sanchez on Monday. This proved to be a complete disaster with the young Brazilian picking up an injury within 14 minutes. He now looks set to miss a couple of months with a metatarsal fracture. In terms of the transfer made this couldn’t have gone worse, Jesus obviously picked up no points in the match and now needs to be replaced. However I stand by the decision, it purely comes down to bad luck. Had Jesus not picked up the injury I still think he would have outscored Sanchez during February. Salt could be rubbed further in the wound if Sanchez picks up a lot of points this evening against Bayern.

What to do about the Jesus injury?

Luckily I saved a big budget for transferring Sanchez back into the side, as a result I could potentially replace Jesus with any other striker I wish – after this game week. My plan was to save my remaining transfer to gain an advantage during the upcoming Europa League games. The likely target was going to be Bailly in and Shaw out unless Shaw started in the Europa League. It looks as though Man Utd will stick with the same back 4 who played against Watford so this may be a transfer I need to make. However if I make this move I won’t be able to replace Jesus until March. If I do decide to hold on to this transfer I will likely go for Aguero or Costa to join Kane and Ibrahimovic as my front 3. This is based on the upcoming fixtures for game week 26:

Ibrahimovic – Man Utd: Etienne, Southampton
Kane – Tottenham: Genk, Stoke
Aguero – Man City: Monaco
Costa – Chelsea: Swansea
Arsenal: No game
Liverpool: No game

This decision would also be much easier if we had an insight into who will play for Man Utd and Tottenham in the Europa League. As soon as we can see who is starting these games on Thursday it will be much easier to make transfer decisions for the rest of the season. These games could be extremely valuable if both Kane and Ibrahimovic start. If they don’t I’ll need to rethink who makes up my front 3 strikers.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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