July Transfer One

July Transfer One

Liverpool’s line up has forced my hand with this one. Alexander-Arnold is benched this afternoon and Liverpool have two more difficult fixtures after this one and no FA Cup games. As a result I’m taking a punt. The obvious choice is AWB, however I’m taking a different approach for a change and opting for Luke Shaw.

Shaw isn’t overly well owned, and I noticed that he played in the FA Cup, whereas AWB didn’t. With AWB being the more obvious choice, I’m also hoping that I might gain a small advantage by going for Shaw – should he outperform AWB for the remainder of the season.

There’s a big risk that Liverpool could keep a clean sheet this afternoon and TAA will probably come on and could easily pick up 5 points. However, with three transfers in hand, it makes sense to me to use this one now, despite the risks involved.

Alexander-Arnold out
Shaw in

36 thoughts on “July Transfer One

  1. I decided to go AWB as it blocks the person in third just below me who has them already 🙂 Good luck!

    What i’d give to have Antonio in my team this afternoon!

    1. Yeah that makes sense on paper I think AWB is the better choice but I’m taking a punt on Shaw to try and push for a slightly higher finish.

      1. Indeed, at this stage of the season need to employ the tactics that match your situation. Let’s hope it pays off for you!

  2. Sensible move I think to continue to move on Liverpool players – they’re continuing to concede without the forward players doing too well (apart from Salah last game week). It does mean all the players in my mini league with the Liverpool defensive block have started dropping points.

    I think I might look to now finally move on Salah and Mane maybe for the next game week given the fixtures remaining.

    Manchester City rotation system giving me a headache though, so need to think about who to bring in.

    1. It’s going to be a tough decision around when to move them on. I’m glad Laporte started last night and got a clean sheet. Bad feeling that he won’t start in the week though – the rotation within their team has been a problem all season.

  3. Imagine waking up this morning and realising you don’t have Sterling in your team..

    Hoping for big things from JV today. A Docheety CS and assist would be nice too. 🤞

    1. You won’t be the only one! When I checked through my mini league last night, I was very surprised at how many people must have taken him out this transfer window to accommodate other players.

      1. Thankfully I did have Sterling, just feeling the pain for those that didn’t…😅

        1. Haha ohh I see what you mean, yeah I think I’d probably throw in the towel if I didn’t have him after last night

    2. Did many around you have him? Got to take some risks at this stage of the season if you’re chasing the pack. I must admit I always find it a difficult and frustrating position to be in.

  4. I have now 6 man city and 5 man united players
    it has taken me into 2nd place only 12 point behind the leader
    its nail biting time hoping that man city don’t make to many changes
    for the next match. I think united players are nailed on
    because of them getting into the top 4. still have 1 transfer left
    will be saving it for the FA cup final. am 15th in DT league.

    1. *delete the ‘for’. I really need an edit button DTT for my numerous grammatical errors! 😂

          1. City’s fine has been cut from 30m euros (£26.9m) to 10m euros.
            Drop in the ocean for them! UEFA simply haven’t got the balls to take on a Saudi limitless pot of wealth.

            I agree with RR, next season would have been interesting. with Peps rotation only one maybe two would have made it into my team.

            1. Yeah it would been interesting which and how many City players would we have if they had less games. Now will see jumping on KDB, Sterling, Aguero and Jesus and Laporte in many teams. Quite disappointed about the verdict, guess money talks rather fair play.

            2. Disagree mate.
              I think justice has been served as there is no any actions against bigger fishes like psg or juve.
              Nothing to do was ith UEFA balls in this case..

              (coming from Liverpool fan)


          2. It’s made me want to run a “non-euro” ML on Dream Team for next season though to mix things up a bit. Would have to come up with some rules and regs (ie 1/2 player rule per club etc) but would add another layer of interest to the game. Maybe DTT would like to have a section of the site dedicated to this ML?

            I’d also like to have an entrance fee to the ML to spice it up a little bit. That way the integrity of this site wouldn’t be damaged for the MAIN SDT game as we’d all have very different ideas on this differentials I’m sure.

            1. It’s a tricky one with regards to the league costing to enter – a few have had reservations in the past because they thought it would stop us all sharing genuine tips. For me, it’s also difficult because I’d need to handle the money – sounds simple on the surface but it can get very complicated for various reasons. I do want to expand the site next season though – I’m thinking another contributor with a regular blog at the very least. If anyone fancies this – let me know as I’m trying to plan what to do for next season at the moment.

              1. I wouldn’t mind running the league Paul. The reasoning why I think it could work having non-euro teams but inviting the folks on here to enter too, is that it opens so many more “unusual” suspects when it comes to player selection. That way the discussion for the MAIN DT game is really unaffected with no conflict of interests. I’ll probably set it up and then if folks would like to enter, great, if not no worries. Would probably only make it a tenner entrance fee.

                1. Sounds good Chris – I misread your comment. I thought you meant have a fee to enter the main league but having read it back I see what you meant now.

                  1. Yeah, I had a feeling it had got lost in translation mate. I reckon it could be really good fun to have a team of players outside of the “big guns”. By having maybe a 2 club limit also, this could really test out ability to find those rough diamonds within the game. I’ll work on some rules and regs over the next few weeks and get a feel for what people think of them, I might also see if my good friend Cefnstar wants to get onboard with it as he has an excellent eye for detail with things like this. 👍🏻

  5. Current team (0 subs remaining):
    WanBissaka – Maguire – Shaw
    B.Fernandes – Mane – KDB – Sterling
    Rashford – Martial – Jesus

    This is my team till the end now. I am second with less than 15 points behind top. The top guy has had all his forwards play (Aub, Kane and Salah) and I am both UTD and CITY heavy. I was 79 points behind just over a week ago!

    Just want to say a big thanks to DT and everyone for all your advice this season, even with the unusual break, it has been enjoyable and a laugh.

    All the best and I’ll be back next year.

  6. Lots of rotation for City tonight…again! At least Jesus is getting ALOT of game-time and with 5 subs still a chance of some points.

    1. Yeah, I’m moving on Vardy for Jesus for the next GW I think with my last transfer. Seems to be sure of at least an hour of game time at least for most fixtures. Hoping Foden can do the business tonight.

      Disappointed to see Doherty benched tonight and I’m surprised to see Traore starting too after reading reports that he’s still having issues with his shoulder. Hopefully Doc can come on later and maybe bag 5 CS points. 🤞

  7. Earlier this season I transferred Jimmy in. He then scored 0 points for 5 games in a row. I took him out, he then scored 3 in 2 with 2 MOMs.

    A few weeks ago I transferred Jimmy in after his great re-start. He scored 0 with 3 blanks in a row. All the stats suggested he’s in a jaded looking team so I took him out. And he goes and scores 2 and gets an MOM. (And now Greenwood who I swapped him for is possibly injured. Brilliant.)

    Is the lesson learned from this to choose a player and stick with them for the whole season, and just take them out during tough fixture periods and then stick them straight back in again?

    I’d also like this weeks lottery numbers too please gents.

    1. You ran over a black cat recently Badge? 😉

      It’s something I want to do more of (holding onto those top players even if recent form isn’t great). I’ve been guilty of doing what you’re talking about many many times myself and it’s a horrible feeling. I’m going through it now after shipping Jimmy myself. Transfers are so precious in this game, they really do need to be used very carefully.

  8. Haha we’ve all been there Badge… Jesus to Vardy for 4 blanks after the restart done me a kipper and then another transfer back out before he hit form! Sometimes luck simply doesn’t go our way but try not to worry too much if you made what seemed the right decision at the time. More often than not transfers go ok/well over the season despite the occasional nightmare.

    1. Haha thanks Brad mate that makes me feel a bit better.

      I’ve printed off a photo of Greenwood’s foot and am praying to it.

  9. I am considering whether now is a good time to move Salah on. Martial looks tempting with the extra fixture(s), must-win games and form. What are people’s thoughts about their remaining Liverpool players?

  10. I was considering moving Vardy on for Jesus at the weekend but after watching MOTD tonight I think I’m going to stick with him until the end of the PL season (then bring a replacement in for the FA Cup final). He didn’t manage to get on the scoresheet tonight himself but he orchestrated everything good that Leicester did. Looks unplayable at the moment from an opponent’s point of view.

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