July Transfer Three

July Transfer Three

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t make this transfer, however I’m taking a slight risk considering it’s the last Premier League games of the season and no further fixtures for Liverpool. With Salah benched, I’m bringing in Aubameyang. I’ve only got a slightly higher overall position on the leaderboard to play for so can’t see the harm in taking a punt on this one, with Aubameyang still to play in the FA Cup final. I fully appreciate that Salah may come on at half time and score a couple but I’ve got nothing to lose from making this move.

Salah out
Aubameyang in

26 thoughts on “July Transfer Three

    1. 2 transfers left so I’ve went for Pulisic and Aubamayang for Salah and Mane. 7 points off 3rd in cash mini league so hopefully works out.

        1. You can never be sure. Just thought it would be worth the gamble cos he starts today

    2. Thanks Badge – it paid off massively with Salah not picking up anything. I was getting desperate for the hat trick though

  1. I am really torn… I have the 2 transfers… Salah is coming out for Auba or Giroud, question is do I do Rashford out now as well? Fairly confident barring, injury Giroud and Auba will start next week.

    Am more worried about making the wrong choice between Auba and Giroud this week

    1. Who did you go for Dean? Either option would have been a positive return on Salah scoring 0 points

  2. The switch to Auba certainly paid off!

    I’d just like to say thanks for everyone’s help, game week 41 I was 3rd – 127pts behind 1st.
    Yesterday I made up the final 22 points to claim 1st place on the final day with 82 pts to his 51. I have Auba and Pulisic to play, he has noone in the FA Cup so cant catch me, nor can 3rd.
    The feedback from others in this forum and stats from FFS has played a vital role.
    It was quite some day seeing as I’m a United fan. Good luck to those still chasing prizes!
    Final team:

    1. DTT, is there any way of contributing more than £3.50? Im sure there is usually a drop down option…

        1. Definitely wouldn’t have made it without this site. May I suggest putting it up as an option on the site permanently?
          The blog might explode next season and those who benefit (like myself) can make a decent donation if they profit from your site.

          1. Thanks Ry – I’ve put the link in the blog post as I think it’s a good idea.

    2. Good stuff Ry – it’s always more exciting when it goes down to the last few games of the season but glad you came out on top.

  3. I to transferred in Aubameyang for Rashford glad it paid of.
    finished second in mini league 50 points ahead of 3rd
    14 points below 1st now am hopping that Aubameyang
    can get two goals in the FA cup final unlikely but you never no in football.
    finished 10 in DTT mini league.

    1. That’s a decent result Don – as you say, you never know with football Aubameyang is in good form and he would only need a couple to make up that 14 points.

  4. Lovely move DTT. I made the same one but moved out Vardy for Auba.

    Just a quick update with the proposed “non-euro” ML guys. I’ve had a more in-depth look into things and there seems to be too many potential pit-falls and complications which would make managing the ML very difficult indeed. For that reason I’m going to shelf the idea (for now at least).

    It’s a shame SDT don’t offer this as an option tbh. I’m hoping they can at least put a few more restrictions in this term to try and prevent so many teams having a similar look to them.

    1. Cheers Chris – it was a decent day all around for me. We will have to see if they change the rules slightly – my gut instinct says they won’t as they haven’t changed them much in previous years.

      1. Yeah I think you’re right, especially with the quick turnaround too.

        Would be unfair to lump rule changes onto the work-experience kid who’ll be running it. 😂😉

        1. Well the Sun can make changes mid season to their game or whenever they feel like it. 🧐

        2. I’m just looking forward to the new season starting now. I always enjoy picking that initial team.

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