July Transfer Two

July Transfer Two

It’s not a transfer I want to be making but with Luke Shaw being injured and AWB starting tonight, I’m going to have to make a move. I don’t want players in my team who are injured with so few games left to play so I’m being forced into making a change.

This will only leave me with one transfer for the rest of the season. This can be used for the FA Cup final, for someone like Aubameyang – however it’s worth considering that this fixture might be a low scoring game so it’s probably not worth saving two transfers to target that game when carrying an injured player.

Shaw Out
Wan-Bissaka In

18 thoughts on “July Transfer Two

  1. Help!

    Plans cocked up.
    Planning to do martial to Salah
    Or mane to pogba both not starting.

    1 transfer left

    My rival changed to silva mahrez yesterday so no transfers left.

    Any advice I won’t hold it against anybody lol.

      1. Did you end up putting Martial in? Anyone who went heavy on Man Utd and City players must be annoyed with the FA Cup results. I know I am.

        1. Yeah, swapped Salah to martial as a blocking move.My rival swapped willian to mahrez and Fernandes to silva.

          Not sure why he swapped Fernandes but glad he did, lol.
          23 points clear. Both got 2 games left as we went for a Manchester final.

          Laporte rival shaw
          Mane rival mahrez
          Fernandes rival d Silva

          I’m hoping there’s enough gap to cross the line but considering he’s gained 60 points on me since the restart you never know.

          1. I wouldn’t want to curse it but you’re looking like you’re in a strong position to me – especially with Shaw being injured.

  2. having 6city 5 m u.
    did not have a good week end DTT unlike you I did not transfer out
    Shaw yet. still one transfer left, my only concern is man u against w ham.
    might use my last transfer for the game man city against Norwich
    or keep it for the FA cup final.

    1. My season is now effectively over – I’d hoped for a clean sheet and for Man Utd to progress to the FA Cup final. I’ve now just got the one transfer left and my team is full of players from the Manchester clubs so I’ve pretty much just got to hope my players do well in the last few Premier League games. I’ll probably use my last transfer for the FA Cup final and stick Aubameyang in.

      1. I am thinking the same using last transfer
        for the FA cup final.
        also thinking could use it for the game between
        man city and Norwich my thinking is what
        sort of team will be put out could then put
        a useful player in.

        1. That’s a good point – I can see Man City destroying Norwich but hopefully most of my Man City players are involved at some point. I think Aubameyang will be my final transfer.

  3. Will we not be getting 3 more transfers as the FA Cup final is on the 1st of August ?

    1. No… Transfers refresh on the first Friday each month so August’s three would have landed on Friday 7th (Aug) if the European fixtures still counted. Therefore only those with any remaining transfer left from July can be used ahead of the FA Cup Final. Good luck!

  4. Missed this transfer. Has worked out for me.

    Me and another guy in my ML have almost identical teams on the same points. He has ran out of transfers though and has no Arsenal or Chelsea players.

    Saving my final 2 transfers for FA Cup Final team news now and will bring in main strikers from each team. Strikers rarely get minus points and hendging my bets on both sides makes sense.

    Any other tips welcome

    1. Yeah in hindsight I wish I hadn’t made it. In fact, I wouldn’t have even put Shaw in had I known. I’d do exactly what you’re planning and go for a Chelsea and Arsenal player for that final game.

      1. Shaw made sense at the time. Defensively Man Utd looked solid, OGS had settled on a back four playing nearly every week and the potential for 2 extra games in the FA Cup. Compare that to Liverpiol who could potentially take their foot of the gas and give some extra game time to Neco Williams… was a sound move. Just one of those that hasn’t paid off unfortunately

        1. Yeah it’s one of those decisions – ironically would have been better off just sticking with TAA.

          1. I actually fell asleep (I’d had a long week 🙂 ) and missed the start of the Man U match, where i had also intended taking out TAA for Wan-Bisakka (to catch my mini league leader as a differential) …lucky me! 🙂

    1. I wish I’d fallen asleep and left Shaw in. Have you got many transfers left?

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