June Transfer One

June Transfer One

Quick emergency transfer – no Robertson in the squad today. I was thinking about moving him on anyway. This only really leaves Man City defenders to consider as I’m only looking at Man City, Man Utd and Wolves players going forward. Man Utd and Wolves are locked out so it’s got to be City. Their strongest defender and least likely to be rotated for me is Laporte so it’s a straight swap:

Robertson out
Laporte in

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  1. Good move imo as no point in hanging onto him with him not playing and having fewer fixtures anyway.

    Didn’t get the chance to watch any footy this weekend as I’ve been working so I’d love to hear who people thought shined out and who looked a damp squib?

    I’m interested to see that City line-up tonight and to see if Mendy gets game time again. He’s certainly on my radar now having been thinking about it since RR mentioned him.

    Mendy and Pogba are the two at the top of my list right now. I’m not sure who I want to lose in my midfield though out of KDB, Sterling, Bruno and Traore. I’m hearing Traore looked unplayable when he came on and I’d expect him to start the next game. I also expect to see the big clubs moving for him soon. He’s got the potential for big hauls in DT but I just hope he’s not rotated TOO much in that Wolves team.

    1. I don’t get to watch much football so thought I’d watch Liverpool and Everton on Pick. To be honest, it was dull. Neither team really looked like scoring. Liverpool missed Robertson down the left and I was gutted Salah didn’t come on and change the game. I would have gone for Mendy over Laporte myself if I was more certain that Mendy would keep starting games. Pogba is certainly on my radar as well. By the end of July I’ll almost certainly be looking to pair him and Fernandes in midfield, with De Bruyne and Sterling. I might even do this sooner.

      1. Thanks Paul. 👍🏻

        With regards to Mendy, with the new five subs allowance this increases his appeal to me. Even if he starts on the bench for some games, he’s one of those energetic players who could really impact from the bench. He would also pick up any CS points from appearances from the bench.

        Tonight will probably sway it one way or the other for me most likely. If he gets minutes I’ll probably bring him in for TAA before next GW.

        1. I’ve always been a fan – I just wanted that extra bit of security with a more certain start but it’s come at a significant price cost. Fingers crossed that Laporte starts most games now though as he’s had his injury problems.

  2. Hi DT,

    I missed this move. I still have Robbo. What would be your suggestion be now?

    1. It was a quick decision – which I don’t normally do because I like to plan my transfers. To be honest, I might end up regretting it. If I were you, I’d see what happens over the course of this week. If Robertson comes back in, he might end up scoring more than Laporte over the week. I’d then evaluate again when the FA Cup fixtures get underway. If Laporte is starting, you might want to bring him in then. However, if Robertson comes back for Liverpool midweek and does well, you might want to keep hold of him. Will all depend on how Man City get on this week and if Laporte starts both games. There’s a big risk that he won’t.

        1. I hope so but he’s had his injury problems. I think he’s their best centre back anyway but I hope he’s not saved for the Champions League.

  3. just wish I had been a bit more careful with my transferring
    its cost me big time when I was so far in front
    should have been a bit more frugal like dream team tipster.

    1. It’s a difficult one Don. I’ve been over cautious at times and lost out on points because of that. It’s trying to find that balance.

  4. Yeah, I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much Don. One great quote that I love is; “I never fail…..I either succeed or learn”.

    I’ve been trigger happy with transfers on occasion. Sometimes it’s paid off, sometimes it’s backfired. As Paul says it’s all about trying to find the right balance.

  5. I know Chris is a big fan of Doherty and so am I. This is the reason why I have in my team (wrote in team review during lockdown):

    ‘He has the biggest goal threat among defenders in the game. His 30 shots in the box and 15 shots on target are both league-leading totals. I am always on the lookout for defenders that have a goal threat or assist potential.

    With their upcoming opponents West Ham, Aston Villa and Bournemouth and the fact they have kept 4 clean sheets in the previous 5 games, it raises the appeal of investing in their defence (I have both Doherty and Patrício).‘

    Another reason for his selection (taken from BBC sport:

    ‘Since the beginning of last season, only Trent Alexander-Arnold (27) and Andy Robertson (19) have been directly involved in more Premier League goals among defenders than Wolves’ Doherty (15 – eight goals, seven assists).’

    I think at 6.6% ownership, he makes a good differential. Watching the game yesterday, he got into dangerous scoring positions and will really benefit with Traore in the side. Wolves were very solid especially with the return of Boly as they hardly gave West Ham a chance. So they could potentially go on a run of clean sheets. With everyone going the Utd-City route, are the mighty wolves being overlooked?

    1. I should have listened earlier on with regards to Doherty – he’s certainly come good again and is a big differential who is still in Europe. The problem I’ve got now is that you’re ahead of me so I can’t afford to bring in players that you’ve already got – which is always a massive problem at this stage in the competition – if I don’t bring him in and he continues to do well then I’ll never beat you in that position. Need Laporte to do something to make up that gap this week.

  6. Hi everyone it’s good to be back
    I am back top of our dream team tips league as well as my money league with just under 20% of the season still to play the pressure is on
    Man City is the only team that impressed me this week so let’s see how they do tonight

    1. Good to hear from the leader of the Dream Team Tips mini league at this stage of the season David. I’m down in 10th place at the moment but I’d love to be still in contention by the end of the season. Your team is looking strong going into tonight’s fixture though.

      1. Shame only 2 out of my 6 Man City player are starting tonight tho
        This site has been a great help getting ideas from everyone and putting them together with my own ideas and it’s worked good so far this season
        You are only about 40 points from me so you could easily catch up

        1. It’s tough going trying to catch up at this stage in the season but anything can happen. I might have to take a couple of risks. Aguero being injured will shake things up a bit though as people are going to have to select one of the other big strikers – which opinions seem fairly split over.

  7. Is anyone taking a gamble on Sane I don’t know why but I got a strange feeling he might come good

  8. Pep strikes again, I’m absolutely raging. I can’t even see Laporte coming on from the bench. Is he playing Fernandinho at centre back?

  9. I’ve got Sane, expected him to start tonight, it looks like he’s turned down offers to stay at the club, why name him on the bench 2nd game in a row, if you don’t intend to use him, more difficult on Thursday away to Chelsea, if he doesn’t start that game, then he’s transferred out, since the restart trying to second guess teams lineups is a nightmare, should of expected that especially from Pep, & some teams playing every three days, still going to keep a watching brief over City vs Burnley.

      1. I read that he was off because he didn’t want to stay and wanted a new challenge. I wouldn’t play him under those circumstances – I’d rather give game time to someone who’s got a future at the club.

  10. Would have really liked to have seen Mendy get a few minutes tonight but his back-side stayed firmly on that bench, lessens the appeal somewhat truth be told. May just end up going with TAA to Maguire/AWB now, although it feels a bit of a dull move if I’m honest. If Wolves we’re still in the FA Cup I reckon I would have taken a punt on Boly.

    If Aguero faces a spell on the sidelines, who are all of you Aguero owners looking at to replace him? I guess the obvious choice is Jesus.

    1. I have 5 man city and 6 man united players in my team now reason being
      as I said before lost my place in our club league 86 members £10 a pop
      so its vital to be in the top five I went down to seventh place
      but now back into 5th in the next set of transfers I am thinking to replace 3
      players including Aguero with 3 of wolves players giving me
      most players with lots of games. hope it proves right.nothings set in stone though.

      1. I’m looking to be in a similar position going into the European fixtures but I’m going to try and hold off as long as possible on making those changes. I still see value in Liverpool players.

    2. I was surprised by how many changes were made – was hoping they struggled but it wasn’t to be. For me, it’s got to be Rashford or Jimenez. Not great timing with Wolves being out of the FA Cup though.

  11. Did hear recently, that Sane was offered contract extension but turned it down, Bayern Munich put in the right offer, then he’ll be away, or he will see out the rest of his contract, one more season at City, that problem to solve & now Aguerro, took out Jesus last week for Vardy.

    1. I made the same move Jesus to Vardy. Hope it pays off tonight! Now what to do with Aguero…

  12. DT, who are we replacing Aguero with? Perhaps Jimenez is a shout?

    Team is identical to yours other than I still have Robbo where you have Laporte. I have £2.2m itb.


    1. If Wolves were still in the FA Cup it would certainly be Jimenez. If Rashford starts in the FA Cup it might have to be him though with 2 fixtures next game week. Haven’t had chance to see if Man City kick off before Man Utd though as it would be good to bring in a player who is starting.

    1. Jimenez or Rashford for me. More games between now and the end of the season.

    1. Kun is hoping to return in August for champions league having a quick operation, I went for Jesus as a replacement the usual concern is pep’s roulette, likes to play a false 9 sometimes using sterling/b silva also sometimes pushes kev further up as well. Got Jiménez already the other one I was thinking about was Rashford (extra games)

    2. I’m considering Rashford, Kane or Jimenez. It’s a tough call. I could easily make a case for either one of them.

  13. From what I have seen since the return, the only real striker on form is Jimenez. Most of the other main strikers seem rusty and not got going. That said, and with the large amount of clean sheets, is anyone considering going to 442 and adding an extra defender? The defenders seem a better source of points atm, players like Doherty, Laporte etc picking up 8s. Any thoughts guys?

    1. I do agree with the comment on Jiminez. However I seen Man U game against Tottenham and I would say that Rasford played well and its just question of time when he will start scoring.

      Current team:


      De bruyne


      Considering to replace:
      Salah with Jiminez
      Traore with sterling

      Need to pull my finger :/
      Second in the mini league. 60 point behind :/

      1. I’m tempted by Rashford. Think I’ll watch the game tonight and see how he gets on.

    2. I noticed Kane isn’t being rested and not getting subbed off. Does this make him appealing until the end of the Premier League season at least? For me it’s between Kane, Rashford or Jimenez. Rashford is the one for fixtures with Man Utd still being in the FA Cup, Jimenez is a good long term option with Europa League but Kane could possibly be the most explosive. It’s a really tough call. I could be tempted by a defender but it goes against how I’d normally approach the game so can’t see me going 4 4 2.

      1. Martial bags a hatty tonight… cheaper, less well owned and same fixtures as Rashford!

        1. Would have been great to have him in but surely that’s his peak. It was an opportunity missed, which I don’t think many would have seen coming, it would have been a big punt to bring him in based on his previous point scoring record.

          1. Completely agree. Has he forced his way into people thinking now though with Rashford, Fernandes and Pogba all on hand to supply him through the middle?

            1. Absolutely – he’s got to be considered, especially with those Europa League fixtures. I just don’t want to jump on the bandwagon too quickly in case it’s just a one off spike in points. Hard to tell with a player like him who is so hit and miss with points and picking up injuries.

              1. I’m glad I missed the Robertson to Laporte transfer, I think it ended up being better to not switch in the end.

                How do you see the situation with Aguero? Jimenez or Kane are my potential replacements, and are you planning to keep Lindelhof?

                1. Always the way – it’s why I usually remain patient but I broke my own rule with that one and it hasn’t paid off. Although City do play tonight which is before the end of the game week. Not sure I see City keeping a clean sheet but if they do and Laporte picks up 8 points then I’ll be 3 points better off – which isn’t enough to justify the transfer for me.

                  I’ll keep Lindelof while he’s playing, can’t see any reason to take him out while he’s starting games. I still can’t decide who to bring in for Aguero – based on fixtures I’m tempted by Rashford but I’ll be pondering it until Saturday morning I’d imagine.

                  1. I must admit I thought Lindelof would loose his place to Baily but can’t see them changing a winning side too much FA Cup match aside.

  14. as I said previously because I had dropped down my league big time
    I had put in 5 man city players and 6 man united players got 56 points
    went from 7th to 3rd I new it would not last as all other players had
    lots of Liverpool players I quickly dropped to 5th witch is still
    in the cash zone so I am still optimistic of better things to come hopefully.

  15. Hi guys
    This is my team ( on the left, my opponents difference in the right And same if not quoted)

    Patrício – Ederson
    VVD – Robertson
    MAGUIRE – Doherty
    Traore – Barnes
    Bruno – Mahrez
    Martial – Jesus

    I’m am 32 points behind, with 3 transfers left and 5.8M ITB. Any advice on my three transfers? My thoughts are;
    VVD – AWB (as United have two games this week and an easy run in. Not do the transfer until the team is announced Saturday night)
    Maybe Mane – Pogba ( same reason as above but more of a risky move I feel)

    1. I’d personally see the team on the left outscoring the team on the right – with a bit of luck. So I wouldn’t focus on his team too much. The bigger problem would be if your teams were too similar. I’m eyeing up the same transfers but I don’t think I’ll make the move on Mane for a while.

      1. What about my transfer suggestions? My thinking is United are in good form, scoring goals, keeping clean sheets and a fairly easy run in, plus still in Europe and the FA cup.
        Waiting to see their line up on Saturday night, considering;
        DDG (probably won’t play Saturday as Romero is the cup keeper) after that game.
        AWB, first choice right back.
        Pogba, if he stays positive and creates/scores the odd goal.

        1. I’m keen on AWB and Pogba but not De Gea for me. Goalkeepers don’t score big and Patricio has Europa League as well so happy to stick with him. The only change I’ll be making this weekend is Aguero out for another striker though. Happy to hold fire on the rest of the team.

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