June Transfers 2 & 3

June Transfers 2 & 3

Given the Man Utd team news – which is far from ideal. I’m making my final two transfers of the month. I’ve got to at least attempt to be proactive so I’m forced into taking Lindelof out, as he’s not in the squad. Augero also won’t be picking up any points this week (as he’s injured) as I’m going to bring in Rashford. Really disappointed that Rashford isn’t starting but I think he’s the best option given the fixtures for the end of June/July. So the transfers are:

Lindelof out/Maguire in
Aguero out/Rashford in

This leaves me with 3 transfers in July to take out TAA, Mane and Salah. This will leave me with 3 transfers in August, with a team full of players still in Europe going into the month.

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  1. If you hadn’t made the Robertson transfer this week, would you be making a third transfer? I still have him so would be interested in your approach

    1. Difficult one – I regret making the transfer but Man City do have two fixtures this week. But I can’t imagine Laporte will play in the FA Cup. So I’d base it on who you think will pick up most points when they play each other. I’d back Robertson.

      1. So you wouldn’t think to switch him out for someone like Doherty (Although he’s already played just an example) as at some point those players still in Europe will be more valuable? Just wondering if it’s worth the transfer to not lose it before the reset

        1. Potentially rather than losing the transfer – that’s why I did it but that was when Robertson wasn’t playing. Difficult decision.

      2. I think Laporte will defo start. It’s the Fa cup and a chance of silver wear. If he was going to be dropped it would of been agains Chelsea IMO, but we shall see later. Gutted with auba on bench and Pepe scores pen which auba would of took… Nightmare

        1. Happy with a clean sheet for Laporte but shame it wasn’t 8 points. Disappointed with Jesus since the break as well but made a big jump on the overall leaderboard this weekend, which I’m happy with.

            1. Yeah it was very disappointing but at least he started and got the clean sheet.

      3. What’s wrong with Man u team?
        Lindelof playing tonight. Dont know if I should let him go.. What’s the reason behind your transfer?

        1. He didn’t start in the FA Cup – didn’t expect Maguire to pick up 13 points but thought he might get a clean sheet. Glad I’ve got Maguire over Lindelof.

          1. Lindelof – poor probability of goals, assist and star man points. Average probability of rating points.

            Maguire – good probability in all point scoring categories.

            Lindelof doesn’t tick many boxes.

            I would rather Maguire, Wan Bissaka and Shaw as my mun utd defenders. With transfers in hand no point in carrying any passengers.

  2. I ended up switching maguire for lindoff, Shaw for robbo and jimmenez for aguero.

    I’ll be putting in rashford for salah early in July, giving me a fairly.

    Overall team now:

    TAA maguire shaw
    Mane kdb sterling Bruno
    Jesus salah jimmenz

    Salah and mane are my next to move for rashford and possibly traore

    1. Looks good to me – it was all going so well until Norwich scored as well. They look more likely to go on and win it as well.

      1. Yes was a shame. Keeper should have had it to but think he didn’t have a clear view of it.

        Anyways, least they are through to fight another day.

        1. I was happy in the end with the goal and star man. Keeper should have saved it though I agree.

  3. Has anyone been tempted by Foden for the run-in? Seems to be getting more minutes of late and his potential points ceiling is certainly very high. Always seems to have a goal in him.

    He’s certainly one I will be looking at for next season, if not this. You’d always have to be prepared for rotation but his haul potential is certainly there.

    1. I have Foden was on my mind a lot over the lockdown. Mainly because I was playing football manager and being Derby manager I got Foden every season on loan and he was my best player by a mile. Good times.

      Sorry going back to reality, Foden was in my thoughts before the restart as I noticed that Pep was starting to increase his playing time pre lockdown (think 3 starts in 4 games). Foden being benched in the first game just put me off him.

      The boy has quality and would be in D.Silva replacement with goals and assists (I would expect 10 goals and 10 assists at least). With City losing the title, he might be used more so could a nice differential.

      Foden could be one for next season. I haven’t really thought that far but I am sure he would be high up when I do my pre season ranking system.

  4. how Luke Shaw never got a7 is beyond me
    he was all over the shop and had a hand in a goal
    I even thought he was inline for man of the match.

  5. Morning All
    Am I right in thinking None of the centre forwards have hit the ground running after lockdown?
    I can’t see many points scored at all.
    Am I wrong?
    If not who we all gonna punt on?
    I’ve got Jesus ,Rashford n Vardy atm but I’m not convinced by any of them. Was hoping Jesus steps up with Aguero out.

    Your thoughts


    1. Hi John, Jiminez , Martial and Ings the only strikers really with decent hauls since the restart. I switched Jesus to Vardy before Aguero got injured and have a couple of blanks myself for the privilege! Hoping he nicks a goal tonight before I look to move him on again maybe back to Jesus or Jiminez. Think Jesus will start getting more minutes now as well. FYI I switched Aguero for Rashford and again no points there yet either but hoping over July with Utd’s fixtures that to start paying off. Third striker Salah… can’t see me selling him until Klopp starts rotating which I don’t think will be immediately. Would then likely look for the other of Jesus, Jiminez or possibly Kane if I’m in a position to block. But yes, some strikers defo not hit the ground running!

      1. Thanks for the reply Brad
        I’ve got a little bit of Faith in Jesus n Rashford. Gotta feeling I need to shift Vardy.
        Fingers Crossed for a goal tonight

  6. Email just received from DT saying they’re removing all future European matches! Points to date will not be lost but was building a team like many of you with European fixtures in mind! How is that fair! 🤬

    1. June 3rd they say all games in Europe will count. I’ve a team of all Man Utd and Cory players now. Took a hit on Liverpool thinking I will gain it back next month. Looking at the teams at the top of the leaderboard that seems to be the plan for most.

  7. With just the league and FA Cup now counting what do people think of Pulisic?
    Watford, Palace, Sheffield Utd and Norwich next 4 games, FA cup semi and he is playing more forward. At 3.5 million he looks promising.

  8. I would need that verified to believe it, surely to late in the day to not include remaining European games, which have already been cut to one leg shootouts, pts defecit to make up in my mini league running out of games, I seriously can’t see any legitimate reason why remaining European games wouldn’t be awarded pts, if true asking myself is it it worth considering playing a different fantasy football next season other than the sundreamteam, they make countless errors every season.

    1. They sent an email about it today:

      It is important to notify you of a change to our game rules for the remainder of 2019/20 Dream Team season.

      This is due to the announcement that the COVID-19 delayed Champions League and Europa League competitions will only resume on 5 August and be concluded by 23 August.

      Due to this delay we have taken the decision to remove ALL remaining European matches from scoring to complete the current season in good time and allow us to launch in time for the 2020/21 Season. Any points gained from European matches up to this date are not lost and will continue to count towards your total score.

      This means that the 2019/20 Season will now conclude on Saturday 1 August with the FA Cup Final. All prizes and Mini Leagues will be settled after this.

      Our Draft and Weekender games remain unaffected as they do not include European matches.

      1. Looks like it’s definitely official. Apparently they need to time to get next season’s game ready.

  9. As much as I enjoy playing DT, it really is shambolically run. The timing of this absolutely stinks and this really should have been announced before the restart.

    It puts the cherry on the trifle of my dogshit season that’s for sure…😳😂

    1. Dream Team is and has always has been shambolic. They can’t even get their rules right each year, with their wording always ambiguous.

      What they have done here by excluding the European games is ridiculous. People have tactical made transfers to now find those transfers are less appealing with the fewer games.

      Absolute amateurs that have no doubt f*cked up mini leagues across the country.

  10. Wow, this is truly painful. I was gaining great ground on my ML leader, and like most of us I imagine, basing my transfers on the European games. My ML leader has 5 liverpool players, and leicester and spurs players. I have man city, manu and wolves. Ouch.

  11. Doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all. As i’ve often said in the past the way they run this game is an absolute joke and they just make it up as they go along and then when they do something wrong they just change the rules.

    It’s as if it hasn’t even occurred to them that they could start working on next season while this season is still running!!

    It’s a shit show as always

        1. Done! I was 120 points behind first place, its now 38 after this week as he had a stinker. This change is going to seriously hamper my chances of catching up before the end of the season. There’s money involved as os the case for most.

          1. Similar to me RY. I was 101 behind now, within 2 weeks, I’m 25 behind. My ML leader won’t need to change his 5 liverpool players now.

            Well vexed mate. (I even nearly tried to explain it all to my wife but I thought better of it lol)

            1. Haha I did the same, was bouncing round when auba scored the second, 105 points this week so far. Then it was all ruined in a flash!

  12. Get your strategies right now boys… My notes if of any use to anyone:

    1. Today is the last day to use any remaining June transfers – make them count!

    2. Target teams still left in the FA Cup (Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal & Chelsea) as they could have 2 more games each depending on the results of the semi’s.

    3. Don’t blow all your July transfers tomorrow (unless you need to!) and maybe save one or two for the FA Cup Final for those extra couple of points that could make the difference.

    4. Strikers! We all seem to be in the same boat with duds and and the injured Aguero… I’ve pulled a quick list of those (better than Vardy who I need to replace – excluding tonight’s games & tomorrow’s price changes) to help me decide and note:

    M. Salah – (£6.8M) – 6 games
    R. Jiminez – (£4.5M) – 6 games
    G. Jesus (£5.0M) – 7/8 games
    M. Rashford (£4.7M) – 7/8 games
    A. Martial (£4.4M) – 7/8 games
    H. Son (£5.0M) – 6 games
    D.Ings (£4.1M) – 6 games
    P. Aubamayang (£4.6M) – 7/8 games
    H. Kane (£7.4M) – 6 games

    Good luck all!

  13. Cheers for that Brad. Do you reckon the teams in the FA cup will reintroduce their better players at semi stage? I have rashy and auba and they both sat out the last round, weekend just gone…

  14. Tell ya what everyone, I reckon the guys at the top of the overall leaderboard are going bananas with £1/4M to play for.

    It’s likely in the DT Ts and Cs that a force majeure (ie covid 19) means they can change the rules, otherwise it could get legal!

  15. Afternoon all, wonder if you guys could give me some sound advice with picking my 3 july transfers current team
    de bryne
    amgbg (arsenal)
    ….and i have 1m budget left

    cheers guys

      1. cheers brad
        jesus or kane yer reckon ?
        …..and leave my other 2 transfers for a while ?

        thanks for your help

        1. Toss a coin. Jesus slightly easier fixtures IMO but Kane can always score a brace against anyone.

    1. If i were you, i would only change Sergio for the moment for a striker who is still in the FA cup, somebody like Jimenez/Rashford/Jesus. Jesus and Rashford haven’t got any strikes yet but they haven’t become bad overnight.(Re:Auba who has started scoring again)
      I would then wait till just before FA S/F and then change TAA or Doherty for AWB, and Salah for one of the inform strikers (mentioned above) who are in the FA Cup semis. Would also depend how far up or down your mini league you are and whether you need to block anybody if you are on top.
      I became top of my mini league about 10 days ago by 5 points and instead of blocking i was bold and brought in Maguire for Van Dijk and De Bruyne for Mane and it has paid handsomely, now leading by 65 points. So horses for courses.
      By the way , i may say i was bold but another reason was that i was tweaking my team for the Euros in August. (the rules have now changed) but did me no harm.

  16. my mini league rival is currently 17 pts adrift of me before tonights 2 games
    the difference in players are
    he has van dyke and robertson
    to my maguire and doherty
    and up top he has jiminez to my sergio (who will be replaced fri)
    all the help will be great

  17. When did they think the premiership was going to finish, since the restart teams have been playing every 3 days or less, the european fixtures were always going to be played in August at the earliest, these latest excuses don’t sit well with me, I’m playing for a few hundred quid, as badge has mentioned, people at the summit playing for thousands, we had no football for 3 months, planning for next season should of been well under way already.

    1. They don’t seem to be the smartest of people and working for The Sun seems quite fitting.

      Each and every year there are problems. Their rules always fall victim to ambiguity. Take the player price change fiasco for example… It was a complete and utter mess when first introduced and even now it has problems. The app in itself is full of bugs and is probably the slowest app I have ever come across at times.

      Like you’ve mentioned, they have had 3 months to plan for this. Why on Earth do they not just create a separate instance of the app for next season and allow this one to run its course?

      That return to football statement they issued isn’t even one month old, yet they drop an overnight bombshell long after most people have used their transfers to plan for the fixtures ahead.

      Honestly, you couldn’t make this sh*tshow up. I am second in my mini-league at £200/team with 60 points between me and top. I gained 42 points last week and was well prepared for the moves and fixtures ahead, that was until last night. Tw*ts.

  18. personally I think dream team is doing its best considering.
    the way I see it I have six united and five man city players in my team
    they have the best fixtures anyway so I expect most points (HOPEFUL)
    having those to teams has brought me back from the dead
    back into third place and in the money cant catch the leader but 2nd
    place is not impossible man u and man c final will help.

  19. 116 points for the GW without a single point from my three strikers! 🤯

    Made some decent ground on some of my ML rivals but still think I’m going to pull up short. Foden yet again showing that he really is now an excellent option for DT tonight. I really am expecting him to have a big season next season.

  20. Another players I’m considering for the run-in is Mason Greenwood. Looks to be the more preferred option on that right hand side of that front three (ahead of a mid-firing James) and seems to be playing with confidence. Could be a nice differential with the FA cup games coming up too. 🧐

    1. I brought Jimenez in not long ago with one eye on those European fixtures. Now that those have been blown out of the window, I now need to decide who out of Vardy or Jimmy should make way for Greenwood, if I do indeed go down this route. I was going to wait a week at least but with United facing Bournemouth AND Villa in the next GW I think the temptation is just too big.

      Who would you have as three sacrificial lamb guys as I’m struggling to decide. You’d think Vardy right now but is he due a haul soon? Suggestions welcome as always guys. 👍🏻

      1. I think vardy personally, jimi is in better form despite a blank in the last game and I think he’s more likely to score points.
        Last roll of the dice. Can’t believe Im in with a shout, I was 4th last week and way off the pace. First place in my league scored 13 points to my 124 this week currently 2nd, 16 points behind 1st. Feeling a lot better about the European games now at least.

          1. I meant I feel better about them no longer counting after my haul this week 😉

        1. Think I might just sit tight for this week on second thoughts. I like the thought of Vardy this week against that depleted Palace backline…

        2. RY
          You’ve caught up some ground there mate. Nice One.
          But how the Hell did the leader only get 16 points, he must have the LFC team.

  21. Morning all,
    I’m lucky enough to be top of my mini league but by only 14 points. i was setting my team up in readiness for Europe but that’s gone out of the window. With my last three transfers I was looking to block but I already have three players different to second please.

    His team
    De Gea, Mahrez and Martial

    My differential players
    Patricio, Mane and Rashford

    Rest of our team

    I personally think I might have the edge with my three mainly Mane but united CS may make the difference with him clawing back points. Since the return of lock down the strikers have been in poor form and defenders seems to be making good grounds. I currently have 343 formation and I’m tempted to switch Jesus to AWB or Mendy/Laporte for two weeks as they have a good run of games. After this I plan to take out two of either Salah, Mane or Trent for a team that goes further into the FA cup or block depending if I still lead.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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