March Transfer 4

March Transfer 4

As Vardy is injured, he’s coming out. Mane will come in – as long as he starts in the early kick off. I’m making the transfer now as I’m not around this morning. However, if Mane is on the bench, I will reverse the transfer and take Vardy out later today or tomorrow.

Vardy out
Mane in

2 thoughts on “March Transfer 4

  1. Agree with that decision Paul, Liverpool have a few winnable games. Who are you thinking of replacing James with? I need to replace James and Bowen. I already have Mane and Rudiger so not sure who to swap them for! Who would you go for?

    1. Disappointed Mane didn’t get a goal yesterday but seemed like the right move at the time. I’m going for Rudiger as that was my original plan anyway. If you’ve already got him, I’d have been tempted by Robertson if you didn’t own him. Or another Chelsea defender, depending on who is starting today.

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