March Transfer 5

March Transfer 5

I’m not going to be around again today to make this transfer. However, I’m going to do it now instead. I’m bringing in Rudiger for the injured James. Chelsea have decent fixtures for the rest of the month and it was Rudiger that I was originally going to go for. If Rudiger doesn’t start for any reason, I’ll go for T. Silva instead.

James out
Rudiger in

10 thoughts on “March Transfer 5

  1. looks like James is not far away from fitness
    apparently he is being accessed for tonight’s game.

  2. Don’t see any reason he won’t play tonight, only chance of winning anything this season, 2 nill up from first leg, a Leicester team with Maddison in is a stronger one, & Brentford at home this weekend, if knocked out the Europa tonight, then maybe reacces.

  3. no where your cumming from David
    have Madison Vardy and james.
    cant wait for next transfers was 80 points clear
    of third place now only 35points he has 5 liverpool
    players I have only 2 every thing is going in his favour
    at the moment. roll on the first.

  4. Yeah -1 on the night, see who they get in the draw, he will need to start at the weekend or will probably change formation & put Robbo in, largely to nullify the guy chasing me in 2nd place, another problem I foresee is definitely keeping a Chelsea defensive asset currently Rudiger but using another transfer to upgrade him to James, not sure, alot of games in April, if I do those 2 transfers in April, team will be.
    De bruyne
    B. Silva
    Other concerns with 3 transfers remaining, bearing in mind you hope your players come back from international duty unscathed, would be.
    Mane, hit & miss, hot & cold, but the guys chasing me have him.
    B. Silva, gone off the boil, but gets alot of gametime, & is capable at any time of scoring & assists.
    Kane, no European football, less games, but is capable against any opposition of scoring big, just ask Man city, they are chasing down Arsenal for 4th spot, & Kane will be pivotal, to take him out with less games than others, would be perhaps foolish, that’s the plan for April as it stands.

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