March Transfer Five

March Transfer Five

UPDATE – Chelsea released the wrong team news. I’m REVERSING THIS TRANSFER

This is a fairly straightforward long term move. Schmeichel is coming out and Mendy is coming in. The reason for making the transfer now is that I’ve let Mendy go up in value too much over the past few weeks. I want to bring him in now as Chelsea have good fixtures in April and I’ll stick with him until the end of the season. Mendy also has a higher probability of a clean sheet compared to Schmeichel this weekend – as he’s starting against Sheff Utd. Whereas Leicester play Man Utd. This does leave me stuck with Son and Rashford – both potentially injured. However, it’s a single game week and they will have the international break to recover. There also isn’t an obvious option for who to bring in with Werner on the bench. This only leaves Aubameyang for me, who could be a good option but I’d rather get the keeper position sorted while I’ve got the chance.

Schmeichel out
Mendy in

19 thoughts on “March Transfer Five

      1. I’ll probably go Auba now – Chelsea released the wrong team news so I’m reversing this one.

        1. Thanks, DTT. I panicked when I saw the new team on the BBC Sport. I always rely on the club’s official Twitter account. Never again haha

  1. UPDATE – Chelsea released the wrong team news. I’m REVERSING THIS TRANSFER

    1. Indeed. Apparently, 3 different teams were posted on Twitter. What transfer did you make?

      1. Was setting the team up for April, & trying to nick an extra few pts, Son out Azpilcueto in, I’ve never known that happen before, in every walk of life we are surrounded by incompetent people, how about you.

        1. I made the same move but I was looking around to see if Az was playing as a wing-back or part of the back 3 and the BBC sport site had a completely new team. So checked on Twitter and the official Chelsea account had changed the line up as well. Reversed the transfer just in time.

  2. Can anyone tell me why laca got an assist for the deflected own goal but chilwell didn’t?

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