March Transfer One

March Transfer One

This one feels a little bit knee jerk but with Aubameyang starting on the bench again (ridiculous) but I’m going to have to go for Kane. I think this could be a defining moment for the rest of the season in terms of overall position. It could pan out well but it could also be a massive mistake if Kane does nothing and Aubameyang comes in midweek and scores well. My gut feeling is that Kane slightly edges Aubameyang over the game week considering that he’s starting on the bench – saying that will Kane be rested against Dortmund. However at this stage in the season I think I’m going to have to take the risk and use a transfer to bring Kane in.

Aubameyang out
Kane In

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26 thoughts on “March Transfer One

    1. Annoying – I’d have been happy to stick with him had he started but can’t be doing with players on the bench.

  1. Iv’e done it aswell.Cant see us regretting it.Auba sat on his arse is no good.

  2. Like Chris_sutton says I can see him benched in future games especially now lacazette has good form

  3. As much as it pains me I’ve switched Aubameyang for Rashford. Really didn’t want to use two transfers early doors this month (the other being Laporte to Azpilicueta) but I can’t see Aubameyang starting that United game either now.

    Hopefully Rashford’s (potential) six games can match Kane’s (potential) four at the very least. 😬

  4. Good luck Chris with Rashford v Kane.Rashford does’nt do hat trick’s.yes he’s got more games but will he play all of them?me think’s not.Kane nailed on every game & can outscore anyone in 4 games v 6.👍👍🙂

  5. I’m going to stick and see what happened in Europe. Purely because I have to make 2 transfers 2 bring him in (I have 4 in midfield)

  6. We missed last weeks transfer, so am i correct that this Kane Transfer wont happen until later in the week?

  7. Rumours that Doherty will be benched this afternoon, If thats the case then im looking at bringing a man utd/man city/liverpool defender in for him. One of those options will play 4 games in the next 2 weeks while doherty plays 2 (Chelsea A + Man utd H).

  8. Aguero starts – Yeay!

    Doherty benched – Boo!
    I can see him coming off the bench at some point though and (hopefully) pick up the 5 points for a CS. 🤞

    Rashford starts. Come on my son!

  9. All three transfers used at the start of the month, think that is a DT first for me!

    Laporte – Azpilicueta
    Enforced through injury plus Chelsea have six fixtures this month.

    Lacazette – Rashford
    Purely from a game time perspective. I’d have gone for Kane but funds did not permit.

    Doherty – Stones
    Made good as soon as I saw Doherty benched. His other fixtures in the month don’t inspire me. Replacement wise it was between Stones, Lindelof or VVD. Hope I made the right choice!

    Annoyingly had I known Doherty was going to be benched, I’d have swapped him for Lindelof and then brought Kane in for Lacazette.

  10. Anyone fancy Zinchenko for Doherty? Plus saving funds for Kane. Doherty’s fixtures tricky after this week.

  11. Feel sorry for Arsenal after that one. They really deserved to win it imo. Kane was off-side when that penalty was given for Spurs so they’ve certainly got away with one today.

    Did anyone stick with Aubameyang in the end? 😬

    1. Me 🙁

      Got Auba, Aguero and Kane.

      All 3 transfers used now, Auba needs to bounce back in the week!

  12. Yep i kept him, Its about the whole month not just today.

    Looking at my mini league and the DTT league doesn’t look like many brought kane in .

    1. Exactly mate, he’ll be chomping at the bit to put it right in those Europa games.

  13. Well done Pogba, was that a straight red, out of champions league, & a further 3 match ban, 1 transfer left, can’t even get rid of Aubamayang, laughable, winning anything in my mini league ended today.

    1. What 3 match ban are you referring to David? I know he missed the champions league game against PSG

  14. Just found out he missed penalty, 2 players missing penalties today, nothing short of disastrous.

    1. Same for me a David. Very frustrating, but thinking longer term auba and Pogba will do well. Keep the faith 👍

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