March Transfer One – Aguero In

March Transfer One – Aguero In

Out: Jesus
In: Aguero

Transferring out Jesus was always going to be my first transfer for March. He looks set to miss the rest of the season through injury and simply must be replaced on this basis. I’ve gone for Aguero as he is a like for like replacement who now looks set to lead the line for City for the rest of the season. More importantly City have some favourable fixtures for the rest of the month and look set to progress in the Champions League. This starts with tonight’s FA cup replay against Huddersfield, I’m hoping Aguero will start the game as it will be a fantastic opportunity for him to pick up some extra points with the additional fixture against a Championship side. I’m making this transfer this afternoon as I may not be able to check the starting line ups before kick off this evening. Either way I want Aguero in for the Sunderland game at the week as the transfer must be made today. This is important for every manager to consider when replacing Jesus – even if you’re not going for Aguero this transfer must be made today otherwise Jesus will be locked out for the rest of the game week.

There are other strikers I would consider for the month if you don’t favour Aguero. I’d say Ibrahimovic is a must have with two additional Europa League fixtures. Kane is also in incredible goal scoring form with two hat tricks in successive weekends. Sanchez is also hard to ignore, however Arsenal’s fixtures list for March is my only reason for overlooking him for the time being.

My front three for the first few weeks of the month is going to be Aguero, Ibrahimovic and Kane.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “March Transfer One – Aguero In

  1. Good article, I got stung on that very thing last month when I took out Kane for Jesus! Not my best move ☹️

    1. Luckily I took Sanchez out and didn’t lose out too much. Could have easily been a disaster though

  2. took out kane and got in aguero… Luckily aguero started against huddersfield.

    front 3 = ibra, aguero, sanchez

    Arsenal have a game more than spurs this month, hopefully sanchez will pickup the points

    1. That’s a strong front three. I always feel a little uncomfortable not having Sanchez in my team. I’ll be hoping to bring him back in as soon as possible. I’ve got a suspicion he won’t play against Lincoln and that Kane may feature against Millwall in the FA cup.

  3. ive decided to take out Sanchez for aguerro for march unless injuries occur.
    My front 6 are Sterling,pogba,deli alli..Ibra, Kane,aguerro.
    Hopefully big points galore.

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