March Transfer One

March Transfer One

Out: Pieters (1.5m)
In: Bellerin (3.3m)

With 2.2m in the bank I thought I’d use this opportunity to take Pieters out. Bellerin stood out as the obvious replacement within budget. Arsenal have fairly favourable fixtures during March and he’s picked up a decent number of points already this season. The other options were another Liverpool defender or a Leicester defender. For me Bellerin had the edge over these considering we already have Van Dijk.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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29 thoughts on “March Transfer One

  1. I’ve done the same, thanks for the heads up!
    In typical fashion though, looks like Pieters is gunna grab clean sheet now!

  2. Did two transfers yesterday: Brought in D. Sanchez and Mane for Cahill and Sterling so far looking ok.

  3. I took out pieters and keane for robertson and morgan……looking for free some money up for a grandstand transfer spree buisness end of season so looking at
    Ericksen out willian in next

  4. Hi All,

    I’m winning my leagues by some distance but would like to break the top 100 if I can (currently in 212th).

    Anyone have any inspiration on improving my mob below?

    I’m wondering whether Aguero will be worth moving on since City have all but won the league and Jesus is back, so assuming the rotation will start again very soon:

    De Gea




    1. I’m not in the best position to give advice after how my season has gone. However I’d probably have question marks next to Hazard and Sanchez (if Spurs exit the Champions League). A Man Utd defender may be better option should they progress and Spurs get knocked out. Likewise for Hazard, they will probably go out to Barcelona and don’t look in the best of form as a team.

      1. Cheers DTT.

        Yes, I too have had question marks over Hazard for a few weeks now.

        Mainly due to their recent fixtures, but after Barcelona it seems that the only difficult fixture they have until May is Spurs in April and for that reason, I have been hesitant to move him just yet.

        I was also contemplating replacing Sane for Lukaku after their midweek game against Basel because City then only have one game (Stoke) until the end of the month, whereas Utd have 3 until the end of the month.

    2. If possible to do, i would have tried to get to a 433, with Mane & Firmino. ( Obviously including Salah. )

      1. Hi Phil,

        Have been contemplating Mane of late.

        If I’m honest though, I’ve not been too convinced by Aubameyang & Sanchez.

        We all know what Sanchez is capable of but it seems to be Lukaku that is grabbing the lion’s share of the points since his arrival at Old Trafford.

        I’m never getting to the No. 1 spot as the leader has about 180 points on me. Top 100 however is only 30-40 points away.

  5. Personally i wouldn’t have gone for an Arsenal player, because of their form. I would have gone for Robertson, doubling up with VvD.

    1. To be honest it was between the two of them and it was a very 50/50 decision. It’s another one of those decisions where the margin for success and failure is very fine.

  6. In my current best placed team, i’ve used all 3 transfers.

    Aguero > Kane
    Vardy > Firmino
    Hazard > KdB ( Which was a very last minute decision on Sunday. I did intend to keep Hazard. )

    Position : 4.959, at present, but keeping an eye on my Spurs block team, full Spurs defence, which picked up a nice 40 pts, at the weekend, which has Kane, Moura, Mane, Aguero, Lukaku & Hazard, with no transfers left. ( 7.000 + ) Difficult to get a clean sheet against Juventus, but who knows ? I’d worked the team into this position, more by chance, than a preconceived idea, so i had to go for it.

    1. All good transfers Id say and all upgrades on the players being replaced. Aguero may face some issues with minutes as Jesus is back in the fold and the league is nearly wrapped up. I am personally going to hold Aguero until Aprils transfers.

  7. Hi guys,

    Hoping for some advice here.

    Have 3 transfers with 1.1m in the bank





    I have a couple of options:

    Danilo b.silva sanchez out
    lukaku, valencia, mane in

    Hazard, B.Silva, Sanchez out
    Lukaku, Mane, Sterling IN (if he is fit)

    My decision to put in sanchez has completely backfired and lukaku seems consistent. Sanchez only getting 7+ ratings despite being nowhere near the goal. Been lucky with danilo as for a couple games he has come on in the 89th min, scored 1 or 2 too. But zinchenko and delph are threats. Mane has hit form massively and whilst not being a complete differential may offer some points that the likes of KDB/Sane may not.

    My thinking with Sterling is I think alot of people have taken him out now that he is injured. Whilst could mean he would serve well as a mini differential.

    Looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts,

    Thanks! Steve

    PS DTT regarding the Bellerin transfer it could work out well. Doubling up on liverpool players may work, but with them resting players tonight potentially and with man utd next, I can see the logic behind your decision. Good luck!

    1. I think either option would be an improvement. Do you need to use all three in one go? I’d be tempted with bringing Lukaku in for Sanchez and possibly taking B. Silva out for Mane. Other than that I’d probably hold fire on the other transfer in case you need it later in the month?

      1. If that can’t be put down to bad luck then I don’t know what can. He would have surely picked up 8 points tonight.

  8. Hi All
    I am doing pretty well this season and top of my mini league by around 50 Pts.
    Team is currently

    K Walker
    V.Van Dijk



    Thinking about making the following changes for March,
    Aguero out for Firmino
    Hegazi out for Smalling
    Sterling out for Lukaku

    Reasons being Man U have 4 games this month to Man Cs 2 and Liverpool have 3 games.

    What do you think?

    1. Looks sensible to me. Although I’m not completely convinced that I’d take Aguero out just yet. Can you only make the other two transfers if you take Aguero out?

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