March Transfer Three

March Transfer Three

As I’m not going to be able to post a blog later, my planned transfer is:

Stones out
Zinchenko in

This is on one condition. That Zinchenko starts the game. If he doesn’t then I’m not going to make a transfer. For me there’s currently no obvious replacement for Stones considering he’s likely to be back after the international break. Zinchenko is the only player I’m really drawn to and as a result if he’s not playing I’m going to skip making a transfer today.

32 thoughts on “March Transfer Three

  1. Yeah defo. . . Stones will be back next week. The only move o.can see is to B.Silva?

    1. Tempted by B. Silva but with only one transfer left I’m going to keep it for now.

  2. YepbRyan
    Could go 343 for a week with stones out b.silva break till 30th.what you think DTT

    1. It’s tempting but I’m going to resist – might regret it but he’s not a player I really want long term.

  3. Tempting to go for the b Silva thing isn’t it , same value as zinchenko , no more games until the 30th?

    1. It’s tempting but think I’m going to resist. I’d rather use my last transfer to set the team up for April and hopefully Stones will be back after the break.

  4. But then Man City have Fulham followed by Cardiff at home so if stones is back they look good fixtures

  5. Didn’t you just know it . . . We didn’t make the B.Silva move and he gets a goal and star man (15 ptd)! Transfers are invaluable though! Rather have one in the bank

    1. Absolutely typical – bound to happen after considering putting him in. If have taken the 15 points over keeping the transfer but didn’t expect him to get that many.

  6. Disgrace to football today, why didn’t Aguerro get – 3 for missed penalty, never a City penalty, Stirling cheating not for the first time, & Aguerro offside for last goal, hope City get beat next round, forget dreamteam pts, let’s look after the big boys, & ruin football for the lesser teams/minnows.

    1. I didn’t see it so can’t comment on the game but he did get -3 points for the penalty miss but they gave him an assist for it.

    2. Apparently they couldn’t use VAR because it wasn’t a PL ground? Why ever not?

  7. Watching the dying embers of the Wolves United game. United have looked incredibly lacklustre tonight, playing far too pedestrian most of the time.

    Pogba and Rashford have done nothing to change my mind that they are at the top of my list for removal come April. United will have to improve ten fold if they want to stand any chance of beating Barca.

    Awful start to my GW as I really could’ve done with decent points from Rashford, Pogba and Schlupp. These were the swords of my team this week and they’ve been awfully blunt. 😬

    1. Rashford scores. Boy did I need that! Wolves thoroughly deserved the win though. Anyone beginning to regret selling Doherty? I know I am. 😭

      1. Can’t believe the B Silva thing , stupid football and hindsight !
        Like the look for Coady, he could be the new Doherty… Lindelof really struggles to get 7s.
        Frees up the funds for the future VVD for Robertson transfer we’ve been discussing too. What do you think DTT?

        1. Nobody can be the new Doherty. He’s been a FF manager’s wet dream this season. 😉

          It’ll be interesting to see what his value will be next season. If he’s priced around £4m he’ll still be worth it.

  8. With wolves still in the FA cup anyone looking at coady as cheap option for wolves at the back , for me with Barcelona on the horizon lindelof looks less attractive now , could free up £1.5 mill at a crucial stage of the season, wolves hardly get battered so might not get loads of points but wont lose much either allowing upgrades elsewhere

    1. Could be an excellent enabler as Wolves’s fixtures pick up nicely after playing United again (why did I sell Doherty? 😢). Cheap as chips too. Good spot AJF. 👍🏻

      1. Kept Doherty in my team, wolves always play well in the tough games so didn’t feel the need to take him out and his value was rising. Although it was not good when Wolves conceded last minute goals in the last two games as he had become a nice differential with all my mini league rivals selling him this month.

        1. Yeah, even when Wolves concede he pretty much always picks up his 3 points for the 7 rating. That’s also discounting his potential attacking returns. Top player for DT.

  9. Does anyone know why Lindelof is on 2 points? Shouldnt he be on minus 2 for getting booked and conceding 2 goals.

  10. Another blank from Salah. Are people losing faith or with Liverpools remaining fixtures looking favourable, are you sticking with?

    I know most people will be looking to get Kane in from the off. I was looking at those Spurs fixtures and they play 3 games within a week after the Liverpool away trip. Brighton, City & Huddersfield, all at home I think. Do we realistically think that he will play all 3 of those games in such a short space of time? Following them he has 2 trips to the Etihad to face City. Not an easy task.

    With Aubameyang also coming into some form and Arsenal look to be getting better (especially at home) I’m feeling more inclined to hold him after looking at their fixtures until the end of the season. It could save me a transfer to upgrade Lindelof. I will monitor him until after the Napoli home game and make my decision on him then.

    I would be interested to know your current transfer plan for next month, it’s probably the most important one of the season.

    1. I don’t see Spurs those playing three games in a week. I only see Spurs playing Huddersfield at home on 13th April whilst the palace and Brighton dates yet to be decided.

      1. Spurs v palace has been arranged for Wednesday April 3rd, First game in their new ground

        1. I hope thats not the case Thomas, can’t see it added to their fixtures, due to put Kane in for 7th April home to Brighton, don’t want him banging a couple of goals in or worse, before I transfer him in, April transfers due Friday 5th.

  11. 13 points from my shower this week. 🤮

    Thankfully, only Mane really hurt me so not too much ground made up on me in my ML. Alarming to be tumbling in the wrong direction position wise though. A bad few weeks on the trot now.

  12. It goes to show one wrong move in this game can swing the pendulum!!

    A couple of weeks ago, the only move I had in my mind was getting Pogba in for coverage since I’m the only one in the top 7 without him.

    In spite of this, I went against my coverage reasoning and opted for Mane instead, which has since been a point swing of 56 points!!

    Pogba points, -4, -1, 0 = -5
    Mane points, 18, 18, 15 = 51

    On this occasion it went in my favour, but there have been many times when it hasn’t. Sub decisions for April/May need to be right, so I think I’ll go back to going with my gut rather than trusting to reason, logic and the influence of others’ logic!

  13. John Stones looks to be training ahead of this weekend. The Fulham/Cardiff games looking good now

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