March Transfer Three

March Transfer Three

Short post as I’m in a bit of a rush and won’t be able to post later. It looks like Lindelof might not feature today. If he doesn’t I’m going to swap him for Coady. I see this as a pretty much like for like swap in terms of point scoring potential and it frees up funds significantly.

If Lindelof starts I’ll save the transfer until after this weeks fixtures.

These does leave Stones and Man City kick off at 12:30. Ideally Stones features and I’ll keep him in. If he doesn’t start it makes it more difficult. I think I’ll leave him in either way – unless it looks like he’s injured for the week as I’d ideally like to use the funds from the Coady transfer to upgrade Stones.

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    1. I think he’s on the bench so I’ll keep him for now. I’d rather take Lindelof out if he’s not playing later.

  1. Yeah suppose he could be on for a cheeky sub appearance and a start mid week. Do think stones is first choice long term

    I’ve read lindelof is meeting the group at the ground to spend additional time with his new family but we’ll wait and see

    1. I think that could be the case so he may well start but ideally I might swap Stones for Van Dijk after doing Lindelof for Coady but need to wait and see so I’m going to hold it for now and hope Stones plays in the week.

    1. Haha yeah massive mistake. Worst thing is I completely forgot about even considering him for today.

    1. Unbelievable really – after only two minutes and he not only concedes but scores an own goal. Perfect example of how badly these decisions can go at times.

      1. Apologies DTT , my bad. I made the transfer myself but I’m committed to it long term so could have been worse than minus 1 , still sure he will match what lindelof would get points wise whilst freeing up cash. Using my last transfer tomorrow to bring kane in for Aubameyang. I have Bernardo Silva thankfully so hes proving to be a lovely little diamond for me certainly ove the last 3 weeks

        1. Yeah Bernardo seems to be stepping up his points hauls lately. Now that he’s likely to play further advanced as well now pretty much everyone is fit, he could be brilliant value for the remainder of the season.

          1. I should have taken other peoples advice on here before the international break in place of Stones. It’s cost me a decent number of points over those two games.

        2. Couldn’t agree more – I’m still happy with the transfer makes perfect sense and as you say they may match each other for points.

      2. Coady has scored three own goals this season. More of a problem in the Telegraph game as own goals leads to minus points.

  2. Annoying but can’t get them all right !
    Rudiger is a bit of a worry, gets booked a lot and hasn’t really got many points ? Need to get van dijk in I think , but can’t just do a straight swap, even with coady freeing up the funds. Maybe shaw in aswell or B Silva…

    worried about hazard aswell, didn’t start etc … for 7.2m you’d hope for more ??

    1. Sarri spoke in the week about some players being fatigued, naming Hazard as one of them in the process.

      Although Chelsea got out of jail yesterday, I reckon the Chelsea fans have had enough of Sarri ball now and want him gone. Too rigid, too stubborn and what have the likes of Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi got to do to get a start in a PL game?

  3. 48 points from my troops at the weekend and pretty happy with that. My ‘swords’ made a difference this week with Schlupp, Rashford and Azpilicueta all bringing home the bacon. The fact that Mane and Kane both blanked really helped my position in the ML stretch to 100 points now, although I fully expect a double digit haul from Kane against Palace. How did you all get on?

  4. 46 points for me with 9 players involved tomorrow and Wednesday ( although aguero is a worry) and lead now stretched to 62 points at the top. Hoping dont have to use an early transfer for aguero

  5. So, are many of you guys eyeing up any early April transfers?

    Personally Pogba has to go asap for me. Playing too deep too often now. Not involved enough going forwards. Think its going to have to be Mane as his replacement to act as a 🛡 in my ML. I am tempted by B.Silva though, offers great value imo.

    Will also look to bring Kane in (for Rashford) although I may wait until GW 32 for this move.

    1. I bought kane in for aubameyang yesterday so hoping he starts banging in quickly. I’m also swapping pogba for mane or VVD on Friday as my 1st transfer as both 2nd and 3rd in my league have both players

  6. My dilemma is whether to retain Rashford or Lukaku, Pogba & Lindelof out, TAA, & B. silva in, leaving Kane to come in for Rashford or Lukaku, leaning towards keeping Lukaku, hoping he plays against Wolves mid-week.

  7. Interesting to hear people’s views on losing Pogba!!

    I have been sitting on tenterhooks for the past 4-5 weeks waiting for him to punish me since I’m leading my ML and am the only one in the top 6 without him, but so far he has averaged 0 points from his last 6 games. Playing a bit deeper or not, surely he is due?

    I have a feeling he will bag some points tonight against Wolves. I can’t see him continuing with this dry spell, though I’d be happy if he did!!

    April subs are more important than people realise, since it’s the penultimate allocation which sets up your team for the finale. It’s imperative to get these ones right as most people will be using their May allocation to draft in players still remaining in the Champions’ League and FA Cup.

    With this in mind and to give me some block coverage in my ML, I’m looking to bring in VVD & Kane, but ideally, I’d like to get to the end of April with a sub left, just in case!

    1. Good Post, Lee, i have had Pogba for the past few weeks , was leading my ML with about 90 points a few weeks ago (when Pogba used to get Star man regularly) , lost the lead due to him as the person below me had Mane & i had Pogba who did nothing!! However i am now back in the lead by 8 pts thanks to Rashford. I am thinking of changing to Mane just to make sure the guy in second doesn’t catch up, so will see what Pogba does tonight. When he has defensive backup , he usually does very well. Just a stat from BBC sport website today:
      “Paul Pogba has been directly involved in five of United’s last eight league goals, scoring two and setting up three.”

    2. His underlying stats have been abysmal though as well Lee. Taken from FFS website:

      “Underlying statistics don’t always tell the whole story but those watching the match will have voiced similar concerns over Pogba’s below-par display, which brought to mind some of his inconsistent, infuriating performances under Jose Mourinho.

      We can’t be too hard on the France international after his unsustainable purple patch between Gameweeks 18 to 26 but his tail-off in key performance indicators isn’t a one-week anomaly: Pogba’s rate of penalty box touches, attempts on goal and key passes under Solksjaer has dropped by 50% or more from Gameweek 27 onwards.

      The thought that the return of the defence-minded Ander Herrera and Nemanja Matic (both £5.0m) might aid his cause didn’t pan out either, with those two midfielders flattering to deceive against the Hornets at Old Trafford.

      Pogba had initially lined up alongside those two players in a 4-3-3 but Watford’s early dominance prompted a reshuffle from Solskjaer midway through the first half, with the Frenchman subsequently playing alongside Herrera in a 4-4-2 diamond and the hitherto poor Juan Mata (£6.1m) brought in off the flank to play as a “number ten” – a role that Pogba’s owners would love to see him regularly occupy.

      Solskjaer’s post-match comments about Pogba’s positional flexibility – and a possible deeper role in the future – only furthered concerns.

      The Norwegian said:

      Paul is important to us. We couldn’t keep the ball today and, as I’ve said, 50-50 possession at home, you’re a bit disappointed with that.

      But Paul has been away and he’s played two games for France. Of course, he’s playing a bit deeper for them so that might be something we have to think about as well to get him more involved in the game and make him dictate games more for us.

      That’s from game to game. As you can see, Paul can do both. He can attack and defend.”

      All that doesn’t fill me with confidence for that remainder of the season.

      1. Nice one Chris. That is a very interesting read (still think Pogba will get points tonight though).

        I was contemplating bringing Pogba in as a block, but in the end opted for Mane which initially worked to my benefit bagging me 51 points from 3 games, although even Mane appears to have gone a bit quiet in last two games too.

        I also have Sane who is currently a differential. Part of me doesn’t want to lose him because he can on occasion be very explosive, but he just isn’t getting enough game time for me at the moment!!

        1. Yeah, I can see United assets scoring well tonight against a Wolves team with one eye on the FA Cup game.

        2. Also, longer term, United’s fixtures don’t look very appealing which is another reason I’ll be offloading Pogba. After tonight’s game:

          Barcelona (h)
          West Ham (h)
          Barcelona (a)
          Everton (a)
          Man City (h)
          Chelsea (h)

          West Ham is probably the only gimme out of that lot with Everton beginning to find a bit of form lately.

  8. Kun defo out v Cardiff may also miss Brighton game should b available for spurs! (So pep says, but can never trust him) when it comes to injury timescales!

    1. Anyone considering switching him out with games beginning to run out? I can’t say I’ll be doing it myself but it could give opportunity to those chasing in their mini-leagues.

  9. Well, seems I was wrong!

    Another blank from Pogba is very welcomed (sorry Pogba owners), but not half as satisfying as not putting him in! I would have been a bit livid if i had put him in only for him to go from a huge purple patch to blanking in 7 games.

    It’s moments like that that I need to remember when I think that the game is conspiring against me!!. 😉

    1. Yep, United players fast losing their appeal for me with the fixtures they have coming up and the dip in form. Pogba definitely out ASAP and Rashford maybe same time or week after depending on fitness.

  10. What will be the best option for April,
    Option A
    Van dijk
    Option B

    1. Hi C&B,

      I plan to keep him for the season now. Arsenal have a lot to play for in the league and Europe so for me he’s a strong pick. He’s also one of the top scorers in the prem so has that to consider as well.

      1. Hi Dan, I’m not fully happy with Emery and his rotation but unless you are transferring him out for Kane (which means a downgrade elsewhere to compensate his price) theirs not many better options for his price 🤔

        As you’ve mentioned they’re playing pretty well and when hes playing hes scoring points again. I will at least wait another week on him before making a decision. Lindelof is my concern he has been awful along with Pogba .

        1. Good point. I have kane, auba and Aguero as my front 3. I am very tempted to swap one of Kane or Aguero (depending on injury news) for Salah before tonight’s game as I brought Kane in for use of transfer last week but he delivered nothing in his 2 games last week!

          That would use one of my April transfers and would be quite an aggressive move as I’m 20 points behind the leader in my mini league who has Kane as well

    1. Agree, exactly what I was thinking, as long as De Bruyne keeps himself fit, and he will be fresh as well.

  11. Whilst it’s the sensible approach for me to bring Mane in for Pogba (chasing rivals own Mane) the maverick in me is wanting me to go for B.Silva. The value he currently offers for playing in such an advanced role now is proving very tempting for me. He seems to be one of Pep’s favourites and appears to be the preferred choice along with Sterling as his “first choice” wide men. It would also free up funds to upgrade Schlupp (Palace’s fixtures become very tough after Newcastle). I’ll also be bringing in Kane.

    He’s the proposal:

    Schlupp – a another???? GW 32 (approx £4.7m budget)
    Pogba – B.Silva (immediately)
    Rashford – Kane GW 32

    Who do you guys see as the best Schlupp replacement for £4.7m? Can either be defender or midfielder.

      1. Yeah Walker is one of those I’m considering. Others are:


        1. Surely Gomez has to be an option? Leaves you with spare funds as well. Not sure when he’ll be back, but he must be close now.

  12. Alisson

    Have 1 mil in the bank. Any idea’s?

    Was thinking of getting Mane, B.Silva and Vardy in…

    1. I’d be looking at removing Higuin and Pogba probably straight away mate from that team. MKH also looks to be struggling to get a starting place now.

      I can see Vardy doing well under Rogers and they have some nice fixtures too. Good luck mate. 👍🏻

  13. Anyone considering Jota to raise some funds? Cup game this weekend, good fixtures for the run in, decent form, classed as midfielder but now playing up front with Jimenez and only value at £2.2m. Could be a lovely little differential.

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