March Transfer Three

March Transfer Three

With Son starting against Spurs this afternoon, I’m making a transfer. I’m making a calculated risk and taking Salah out. The reason for the swap is that Salah has one game until the end of the month and Son has three. The odds suggest that even if Salah does well against Wolves tomorrow that Son, should have the opportunity to outscore him across three fixtures.

Salah out
Son in

I’m going to stick with Rashford for the time being. Hopefully I can get two games out of him before the end of the month. I’m also going to hold onto Robertson for one more week. This will leave me with two transfers for the rest of the month. Which is a decent position to be in with a long April ahead. I’ll want to swap Schemeichel for Mendy at some point as well so transfers are looking a little short at the moment.

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  1. Thanks Paul

    What’s the reasoning for going for Son over Bale given current form? Is it because Son has better chance of starting all three games?


    1. That’s exactly it – he’s less of a risk in terms of game time but agree Bale could be a good punt

      1. I’ve got 5 transfers left and have Kane, salah and rashford. Would you put bale and son in if you were in my shoes and then transfer rashford back in for the next game week

  2. Yeah, if Rashford misses today, he should still have 2 games left, Aubamayang benched today, so stay clear, looking at Sheffield utd collapse today, Chelsea lineup against them next week, could be interesting, Kepa could be in goal for that game, 3 transfers left.

    1. Nightmare – just shows that sometimes it does come completely down to luck. Who could have predicted that

  3. Had a complete nightmare putting in Son and Bale.
    Such bad luck, let’s see what Salah does tomorrow

  4. Feel like I had my dose of bad luck this weekend but to be fair have gotten off lightly for most of the season so can’t complain too much…

    I switched Rashford to Aubamayang last week and gained 11 points instead of Rashford’s 5 (nett 4 after his -1 last night) and also not an injury headache to worry about this weekend, up until the Arsenal line-up was announced that is! As all that was known then was he was dropped for ‘disciplinary reasons’ which I didn’t like the sound of considering he’s their captain and most important/best player and was dropped for the derby… I therefore switched him out for Son who came off injured after 20 minutes! Luckily Aubamayang didn’t come on but sounds like he was just late to pre-match training yesterday so nothing serious/long-term so I guess he’ll be back starting for the mid-week Europa League match. Son however will surely be rested now even if his hamstring is ok as only looked like a tweak as he walked off ok-ish.

    Annoyingly I also did Salah to Bale BEFORE Friday’s deadline to benefit from the price swings which went completely the wrong way (-£0.2m!) with Bale going down and Salah up, which is a bit of a joke considering it’s done over the last two GW’s.

    Long story short, I have now used 4 transfers for March and am left with the 3 Spurs attackers (Kane, Bale & Son) which I’m not too keen on as one is injured and one keeps getting subbed… Fingers crossed Salah blanks tonight but am certainly thinking of using my last transfer to switch out Son or Bale for next week as really didn’t plan on having all three. Wish I’d paid my wife more attention yesterday and missed the afternoon’s line-up’s for once as would still have AUB over Son and 2 transfers in hand… oh well maybe next year luv x

    Hopefully no other injuries and I can scrape through the rest of the month… 1930 pts and 394th overall:


    P.s. The City line-up did make me chuckle with KDB, Foden, Gundogan, Mahrez & Stirling all out LOL! 🙂

  5. I pretty much flicked a coin between swapping Salah out for either Son or Jesus. I went for Jesus before the City game, so luck was on my side there. You win some you lose some. Not sure it’s a long term solution given their chopping and changing and his inconsistency but best of an out of form set of options.

    I think bringing in Mendy again is a solid choice. After the Champions League game, Chelsea’s next 4 look like they should be fairly comfortable given the form they are in.

    1. Obviously see how Son’s injury is this week as didn’t look too serious but yes Jesus, Aubamayang or Rashford are top of my potential replacement list.

  6. Some advice please guys my team is
    De bruyne

    And in 2nd his team is
    De bruyne

    I have 1 transfer left and 0.2 mill in the bank, what would you do??

    1. – How many transfers does he have left?
      – How many points are you ahead by?
      – Looking at both teams generally, I prefer the look of yours!
      – He has Salah and Trent who both don’t play again this or next GW!
      – Magiure should trump Shaw long term due to star man, 7+ and headed goals although Shaw is on great form and much cheaper tbf.
      – I prefer Mendy over Lloris for clean sheets anyday…
      – Chilwell and Rudiger v Dias and Cancelo – I’d take the City boys. Chelsea equally rotate.
      – Havertz isn’t a great worry and Moura should at least match him.
      – Foden and Mount are similar pts getters, maybe Foden edges it just.

      In summary, Moura to Mount would be the only thing I’d want to do but your funds won’t stretch that far and you don’t have 2 transfers to free up cash elsewhere. I’d therefore probably just sit tight for the rest of this gameweek and see if you get any injuries tonight (Champions League) or tomorrow (Europa League) and if not, then see if any of your players don’t start at the weekend and switch to someone who is, even for one week as we then get a fresh batch of transfers on Friday 2nd after the Int break.

  7. Want to put Mendy in this Weekend for Ederson, will Kepa play against Sheffield utd, Man city play before Chelsea so its a bit of a guessing game, great league fixtures for Chelsea, also a factor would be Chelsea going through to the champions league next round tonight.

    1. I expect Ederson to play this weekend in the FA cup whereas I think Kepa will play against Sheff Utd as Tuchel sounded sad that Kepa didn’t get called up by Spain this week.

      I don’t think I am going the Ederson to Mendy route myself as I might prefer Ederson long term and might not want to go Ederson –> Mendy –> Ederson at the end of the season if needed.

  8. Cheers for input RR, still have 3 transfers to use, was going to go Ederson to Mendy, if Mendy plays FA cup, & hopefully goes through to next round of champions league tonight, leaving me 2 transfers to take Son out if not fit at weekend, to the best attacking option playing at the weekend, then keeping last transfer until night before April transfers are available to probably put Salah back In, depending on possible injuries in international break, & funds available. Who’s to say Man city can’t keep clean sheet against Everton this weekend, 2 cleansheets in a row, after 4 games in a row conceding, still have Ederson, Cancelo, & Dias, could go Cancelo to Azpilcueto but risky.

    1. Jose said yesterday he will miss the Europa tie tonight and is a doubt for their weekend’s match v Villa. We then have a 2 week international break and as it didn’t seem too bad (he walked off) I guess he could be back for Newcastle on 4th April.

    2. It’s tough to know, as news saying its not as worse as initially feared. I wonder with him getting called up by his country he might stay out ‘injured’ so spurs keep him fresh for the remainder of the season?

      I’m disappointed I put in a spurs defender at the back purely because of what funds I had and how many fixtures they had. Going to have a repair job on my hands come April transfers.

  9. Who would every 1 go for I’m taking son out for a Chelsea midfielder..
    Who do you think?

    1. Havertz looking better, Mount for more consistent points with the 7+ ratings. Would be out of them 2 for me.

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