March Transfer Four

March Transfer Four

Fairly straightforward transfer this time. As Robertson won’t be playing this week, I’m going for a player who is. Foden starts for City so he’s coming in for me.

Robertson out
Foden in

15 thoughts on “March Transfer Four

  1. Any plans for Son Paul? I’ve 3 transfers left. Thinking Moura to Foden and Son to Jesus.

    1. I’ll be taking Son or Schmeichel out today. Depends if Mendy starts in the cup or not.

  2. think if i was going to ship out sonny i would wait for the chelsea line up tmrw, better chance of goals than city today i feel……giroud or werner…added to the fact chelsea have west brom at home straight after the break

    1. Yeah I’m definitely considering Werner as a short term option if he starts today. Or potentially going 4-4-2 for the time being.

  3. mendy probably wont play today….but thats the transfer that needs doing after the break (mendy from kesper)
    …any luck utd v leicester ends up 0-0 aet
    maguire 8 pts…kesper 13pts star man
    …dtt we can only dream !

    1. Mendy starts so I’m sticking him in as it’s a long term move I want to make

      1. Great shout. I was hoping for Werner but I’m thinking of bringing Az in now for Son and switching to the 4-4-2.

    1. UPDATE – Chelsea released the wrong team news. I’m REVERSING THIS TRANSFER

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