March Transfer Two

March Transfer Two

Feeling very gung ho today. Another transfer seems to make perfect sense – Doherty is benched and Wolves fixtures are awful after today. John Stones is back for Man City at a similar price so I’m going to bring him in. Today could turn out to be a moment of madness having been patient with transfers all season, however it’s the right time of the season to start taking a few risks and this one seems to logically make sense. Just have to ride my luck until the end of the month in terms of injuries but I’d still have one left for the month.

Doherty out
Stones in

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109 thoughts on “March Transfer Two

  1. Made the same transfer myself, but also had the funds for VVD.

    Went for Stones because City have what I believe to be easier fixtures.

    Unfortunately it means all three transfers used already, a DT first for me.

      1. Doherty has come off the bench previously when he’s been benched so that’s my hope. If I had more transfers in my pocket I may have made the switch too. Having used two already though I’m going to have to play the long game with Doherty. After Chelsea and United x 2 the rest of those league fixtures become really nice again up until that final game against Liverpool.

  2. Just Typical I take Jota out of my second team and he’s currently star man with 15 points haha ffs lol

  3. Bad day at the office today:

    Sterling – blank 🤦‍♂️
    Aguero – blank 🤦‍♂️
    Rashford – blank 🤦‍♂️
    Pogba – -4 😭

    Thank you Matt Doherty. 🙏🏻

    Wondering if I’ve backed the wrong United striker with Lukaku finding form now. 😬

  4. 6 points, that has to be a wind up 😂😂

    Probs the worst luck I’ve had so far this season, was due a bad turn. Thought Doherty to Stones would’ve been a master stroke but hey ho. And to think I was about to chuck VVD in for him instead. Be rate, on we go

  5. I went with Zinchenko instead. Mendy not in squad and Laporte injured so cant go to LB so took a chance. Team like this at present with 2 transfers and 0.6 ITB


    I had Higuian from his first game against Sheffield Wednesday so going to see how he gets on with these ‘easier’ fixtures. And can’t really put in Liverpool defenders as 2nd in my ML and 1st has two.

    1. Makes you wonder about something not being right with Mendy. Zinchenko could turn out to be a beautiful move. Pep was quoted in the media this week that Mendy could get a bad injury next season also. Haven’t got a clue what he means by this but it seems a very strange comment to make. Makes me think Mendy isn’t going to make that starting 11 any time soon.

      Well played Callum. Your thought process with this move was spot on. 👍🏻

      1. Great move Callum! a Zinchenko transfer would free up funds for Kane in April and with a nice lead in my mini league a missed game or two wouldn’t be huge.

        This was taken from BBC sports page today:
        In 32 appearances for the club, Zinchenko has accrued an astonishing 30 wins (including four penalty shootout victories in the League Cup). He has yet to taste defeat domestically, ending up on the winning side in all 27 of his league and cup games.

        He’s all so started the last 6 games in all comps creating 40 points!

  6. So I may also go for broke:

    Doherty to Alonso
    Sterling to VVD
    Rashford to Kane

    Three transfers used, 3-4-3 to 4-3-3 and nothing left in the bank.

    Thoughts? The transfers come into effect Friday if I push the button – anyone have better options for the switches?

    1. Would Azpilicueta be a better option than Alonso. More likely to play Europa league? Or you doing that for a differential ?

      1. I’ve only just notice alonso gone down to 4.2 now that’s your reason I guess where as Cesar is 4.4

        1. Callum, if I go TAA instead of VVD I can afford Azpilicueta – what do you think?

          1. As you say you can’t make the changes this week anyway. I’d just see if Alonso plays and go from there.

      1. But is going 3-4-3 to 4-4-2 a good idea? I’m not sure sterling to VVD is a good idea but I can’t see a midfielder that could bring a similar return to VVD

  7. Really bad day at the office and to make it worse my main rival swapped Auba to Lukaku 😳

    I can’t believe Auba missed the penalty either. A really poor effort. I need him to produce in the Europa league massively on Thursday!! No doubt he will blank.

    KDB going off Injured just piled on the misery, however I did eventually have some luck when Pogba missed the penalty.

    On to next week where I’m keeping my fingers crossed Sterling can haul 🤞🏻🙏🏻

    1. Pep saying KDB will be “out for a while”.

      Sounds like Stones is ok though.

      Feeling a bit annoyed with myself tonight as I did have a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that Lukaku was about to find his mojo again. I guess the feeling wasn’t strong enough to swing me towards him though and Rashford it was. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing isn’t it. 😔

      1. But now Lukaku faces PSG and Arsenal away, can’t see him scoring in either game.

        1. From what I have researched, Lukaku enjoys playing away from home. Got 8 goals in 10 away games. Think only Kane has scored more away goals this season.

          1. That’s handy because it’s between Kane and Lukaku in my mini league battle, with me having Kane. I’m pretty confident Kane will outscore Lukaku. Tottenham’s fixtures in April are very favourable.

      1. Hindsind really is a wonderful thing. You just can’t plan for somethings.

        Yes KDB will have to come out now using my last transfer. Ideally I wanted to get rid of Aubameyang but I’m going to have to hold him now and hope for the best.

        Not a good debut for Lindelof either 😤

  8. 9 points from today and I’ve actually gone up (slightly) in the standings! Bonkers day all round.

  9. Everybody was in the same boat yesterday. My team only picked up 6pts and only dropped 100 places in overall leaderboard…. I’ve had a couple of weeks this season where I have scored over 65 and dropped more!

    1. Well the defence (and Hazard) have come to the rescue this weekend. Ederson, Azpilicueta, Doherty, Robertson and VVD all scoring decent points, with Hazard giving a useful 10 points too.

      Can’t remember the last time my front three all blanked. 😦 Along with Sterling and Pogba that made for a bad GW for the midfield and strikers.

      As Dean points out though I think many were in the same boat so at least I/we didn’t suffer alone!

      I’ve even managed to break into that top 1000 as well now so I hope I can stay there at the very least. How have the rest of you got on this weekend?

  10. Lost quite a bit of ground this weekend in my mini league after changing my transfers at the last minute on Saturday. I had planned Laporte to VVD and Kolasinac to Zaha but changed it to Laporte to Lindelof and Kolasinac to Mane.

    I’m at least 27 points worse off for that decision and the guy in 2nd has clawed 30 points back. I don’t know why but i changed my strategy to try and block his players and worry about his team instead of just going for it like i have done all season. I suppose it could have gone the other way if Mane would have scored today.

    Hopefully Aubameyang can rescue a terrible weekend for me on Thursday but somehow I cannot see it.

    1. That’s a tough break C&B. I can kind of understand what you we’re trying to do though. However, more often than not, if you trust your own convictions you’re not normally far off I reckon.

      A lot can change very quickly in football though and Lindelof and Mane are both in good form, so this time next week you may well be glad of the moves. As we’ve spoken about on numerous occasions, Lady Luck has a lot to say when playing this game.

  11. Yes that’s true Chris. It certainly hurts losing that much ground in 1 weekend but I suppose you cant have it all your own way.

    Like you said, things can change quickly and I hope that will be the case next week 🤞🏻🙏🏻

  12. Reading this thread, at least it’s not just me this time!!

    I took out Jota and Doherty who scored 18 points between them.

    I also brought in Azpilicueta based on Chelsea’s extra games, even though VVD was initially my main target.

    I have now slipped to 3rd in my ML and can honestly say that I’m looking forward to seeing the back of this season! It’s been dreadful!

    Every decision I seem to make is going wrong to the point where it’s defying probability!!

    I’d also like to apologise to all the Mane owners!! I brought him in, so no doubt another large blank patch is about to commence!!

    1. Yeah Mane is one of those players who can be red hot for a few weeks then have three or four blanks. It’s all about getting the timing right when owning him I guess.

      I’m not sure what to do about Doherty to be honest. He does have three tough fixtures soon but beyond that they become very tasty again at which point I’d want him back again. I’m leaning towards keeping hold and riding out the tough period so as not to sacrifice two transfers playing the Hokey Cokey with him.

      Has anyone given consideration to Diogo Dalot? Apparently he could be played on the right of midfield against PSG after impressing there at the weekend, coming on as sub (he got an assist). Even when United’s injuries do subside, I can see him possibly replacing Young at right-back for the remainder of the season. Could be a lovely little gem of a differential at a bargain price if he does cement his place. A gamble I know but if you’re behind in your ML it could be worth the risk? Could free up much needed cash elsewhere too. 🤔

  13. It’s a cruel game Lee, it makes it worse when you highlight the transfers you know are the right ones to make but deviate from that plan in order get in the same players from other teams. I wont be making this mistake again but it’s a good learning curve and it could well balance out over the month.

    I was weighing him up last night Chris, definitely has potential and has done well in his cameo appearances but I’d like to see a little bit more game time over the month to make a decision on him. Good bargain option though.

  14. I had such a bad game week that I am actually thinking of retiring from fantasy football. 😂

    1. Did you decide not to go with Higuin in the end RR? Took a look at your team in the DTT mini-league. Or did you put him one of your other teams?

      I think anything above 40 points this weekend must be classed a decent return. So many low scores out there from the big hitters.

      1. I put higuain in my best team, he looked good but should have scored more than one goal. In my DTT mini league team put In Azpilicueta and Mkhitaryan for Laporte and Sane and so my third transfer will be Kane for Rashford but that will come later in the month.

        I scored around 20-31 points but not having enough Liverpool defenders (not having Van Dijk in my teams all season is a strange one) has really hurt my chances of a successful season. Still leading my ML with my best team ranked 650 overall.

  15. RR,

    Feel your pain on that one. Maybe not retiring completely, but certainly taking a season or two off.

    What is they say – ‘When the fun stops, STOP’… yep, can honestly say that in spite of either being top or close to the top for most of the season, I have not enjoyed it one bit.

    1. I just looking forward to end of the season. I don’t think I will able to quit the game, it is a bit of addiction. I am enjoying the TFF game more (173 overall) but it is good to have the DTT community where we can share our successes and drown our sorrows.

    2. I sincerely hope you keep playing Lee. Your thoughts and insights (along with those of many other regular contributors) this season have been very useful for a first time FF manager like myself. I understand though if you’ve had enough for a bit.

      Once you’ve had the summer away from it all though, hopefully the lure of a brand new season will bring you back.

  16. With KDB facing another spell on the sidelines, does anyone feel Sane could become a good option again? I’d imagine B.Silva will now drop back into centre midfield, opening up a spot on the flanks. I’d imagine Sane is above Mahrez in the pecking order?

    1. Looking at City’s fixtures it’s even tempting me to consider Doherty to Sane for this month. I know Sane won’t play every minute of every game but there could be some serious points on offer for City attacking assets this month. I’d have the luxury of seeing the City line-up for the Watford game too. 🤔

      Would leave me with no transfers left for the month though 😬. A good opportunistic move or reckless beyond belief?

      1. I hope you’re right on that Chris because I kept Sane when blowing all three transfers at the weekend.

        Blowing all my transfers is not a strategy I’d normally adopt – In fact, it’s the first time I can ever recall doing it, but Sane was one of the players that I kept because I knew others would be removing him, making him a differential in my team.

        I’m sitting 3rd, but I do have a few differentials in Sane, Aubamayang (most took him out), Mane & Azpilicueta so not all completely lost just yet, however I can’t help thinking that I’ve made a mistake in not doubling up on my Liverpool defence. Especially as the two above me have 2 and 3 Pool defenders, respectively.

        Regarding quitting, (thanks for your words) you’re probably right. After a summer’s rest I may decide to go again in August, but for now, I just want the season to be done.

    2. You’d like to think so wouldn’t, when he plays there is no doubt he can score big. Pep opted to bring Mahrez on against Bournemouth leaving Sane as an unused sub.

      I do like the idea though with those fixtures coming up.

  17. Hi guys need to change kdb
    Every one above me in my league has d Silva , Pogba , b Silva , hazard and sane
    My other midfielders are sterling and mane ?

    1. I think Hazard could be essential this month Steve and not owning him could do further damage to your chances of climbing the league. What does your team as a whole look like and what is your cash situation?

      1. Thanks Chris
        My team
        Got .1 million

        1. I guess you can’t really get Hazard into your team then Steve without the need for surgery elsewhere. I’d be quite tempted to look at the City line-up this weekend and if Sane starts, he could be due a good run in the side again with KDB being out. I know some of your opponents may own him too but I’m struggling to find anyone who could match the main players points wise outside of the list you give unfortunately, unless Mahrez will be favoured more than Sane for the month? I think both will get more game time this month but I’d imagine Sane will get the most out of those two. City’s fixtures for the month look very nice and I can see them tonking a few in the process. Good luck mate. 👍🏻

          1. It’s also worth considering that it’s plausible that both Mahrez and Sane could play this weekend. Sterling could well be rested with that CL game coming up.

            1. I’d like to wait until the City lineup is confirmed before making a decision but in doing so I would miss out on the price rise as the two i’m debating swapping KDB with is VVD and Sane.

              KDB will drop again and i think VVD will definitely rise whilst Sane should remain the same price. This could prove essential later down the line so as ever, it’s not an easy decision.

  18. Lee, why would you consider quitting sitting in a lofty 3rd place, I’m 8th in my league well over a 100pts off the pace, theirs a 1000 pound in the pot, after this week-end also had thoughts of not bothering next season, had Pogba & Aubamayang miss penalties, should of got 12pts off those players, got – 7pts, took Laporte out for Lindeloff, should of perhaps gone for Zinchenko, took Sane out not even on the bench, put in Mane, he was abysmal, 1 transfer left 3million in bank, front 3 of Saleh, Rashford, Aubamayang, looked at all possible outcomes, think Aubamayang out for Aguerro, concerned he could get rotated again with Jesus fit again, what do you think.

    1. David,

      Just having a poor season and it’s extremely frustrating.

      Every decision I seem to make goes the other way and I’m not enjoying it as much, but that’s the game at times.

      Everyone goes through bad patches, but I’ve struggled most of the season this year. On a poor amount of points and need a miracle from Aubameyang and Mane, which doesn’t look likely!

  19. Hi all,

    Left annoyed after the weekends mishaps and wondering what your thoughts are on these transfers:


    Team is

    1. Whilst I do prefer owning Sterling more than Sane, I can see Sane’s game time increasing this month with KDB being out. I guess we need to wait for the pressers this week though to get more of an idea of how long he’ll be out for before committing to anything.

      I think D.Silva could also feature more heavily too if KDB is out for a good chunk of time. I still think Pogba is an excellent option right now though despite his recent red card and penalty miss. Hopefully he can slot the next one away and attract those Star Man awards once more.

      Aubameyang to Kane at this point seems a sensible move too.

      I think the Aubameyang to Kane move is an obvious upgrade but the other two could turn out to be sideways moves for this month. Of course I could be completely wrong though Wayne and you should always go with what feels right to you no matter what the likes of myself or anyone else says. Good luck buddy. 👍🏻

    2. Wayne, why Aubamayang to Kane, he only has 2 fixtures left for the month after tonight, surely Aguerro is the move to make, have the same dilemma myself, but I’m favouring Aguerro, Kane in April.

      1. Given what happened for the Spurs game David, I’d be amazed to see Aubameyang start against United now. I predict Aubameyang will obviously start against Renne then Lacazette will start against United. Obviously I could have got it totally wrong but I personally wasn’t prepared to take the risk so I offloaded before the Spurs game. With hindsight I wish I had gone for Lukaku over Rashford though. 🤨

      2. Sorry David, mis-read your post before diving in with that last post. Ignore my ramblings. Aguero is of course a great option to go for as an alternative to Kane.

  20. Some interesting rule changes coming in for next season:

    Football new rules by IFAB.

    1)No rebounds from penalties: If it hits the post or the goalkeeper saves and it comes back out to the forward, the game will be stopped, there will be no second chance.

    2)Substituted players can leave the field anywhere: This is to stop time-wasting, when a player is taken off they will no longer have to leave the field at the halfway line and can leave the pitch at the nearest point.

    3)No attacking players in the wall:
    This rule prohibits attacking players standing in the wall when a free-kick is being taken, a tactic increasingly employed in recent years.

    4)Coaches will receive cards:
    Currently, coaches only receive verbal warnings for misconduct, but the change will see them receiving yellows and reds as players do. (*I thought this one was already in place?)

    5)Accidental handball goal won’t stand: Goals scored which have hit a player’s hand, deliberate or not, will no longer stand. (Wish this one was in place when my beloved Stags played Liverpool in the cup and Suarez palmed it in!) 😂

  21. I hate this game sometimes 🙂

    So I think I’ve decided to take out Sterling, Rashford and Doherty to replace with TAA, Azpulicueta and Kane. Ideally I would have stayed 3-4-3 but I can’t see a decent midfielder that matches the price of either defender.

    I also would have preferred VVD in place of TAA but, as Callum pointed out, Azpulicueta is a better option and I don’t see that much of a difference between VVD / TAA apart from the most recent two weeks where Virgil grabbed two goals – he won’t do this every week.

    I’m very open to suggestions though – but for me Kane is a must over Rashford as we get to this stage of the season, especially as Kane is normally pretty prolific in the latter stages – and my chasing pack in my ML don’t own him – my biggest downfall is the fact that the guy in second has a block of three Liverpool defenders / GK which has eaten into my lead…

  22. Which way would you lads go on replacing KDB, current thoughts…

    VVD or

    Really difficult choice this one. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Personally, I’d go with Pogba.

      Sane keeps getting benched and whilst VVD gets good points, I think that Pogba will outscore him for the remainder of the season.

      Also, Utd seem to be getting a lot of pens lately. Granted he missed last weekend, but he doesn’t normally.

      I wanted him in my team, but had a knee jerk reaction last week used all my subs… no Pogba, no Kane, no VVD…. I now need A LOT of luck to get to April and still be in contention.

      1. I’d probably agree with that Lee. The team below me has Pogba as well and he certainly could score more than VVD this month.

        That move would make getting kane in next month that bit more trickier but it could provide rewards.

    2. You’re right C&B that is a tough one. I’ve just got a feeling Sane could explode again now that he’s likely to get more game time with KDB being out and B.Silva moving back into the middle. Having said that though this option would certainly be a roll of the dice and Pogba/VVD are safer options.

      It’s a roll of the dice I’m seriously considering though by moving out Doherty in the process.

      1. If I was to choose between Sane and Doherty it would be a no brainer Chris. I agree with you I think Sane could have a belting month but I might not be able to risk it.

        After looking at the main rivals team in my mini league, if I made the pogba move we would only have 2 different players 😬 as I’m currently leading I’m not sure if that would be a good thing for me.

        It would be a shootout between Auba vs Lukaku (I think Lukaku wins on current form) and Lindelof vs TAA again on current form I’d say TAA.

        Never straight forward the old dreamteam 🤔

        1. Yeah, I understand your predicament bud. I’m slightly regretting going back to Rashford now (after also considering Lukaku as my Auba replacement). Hopefully Rashford can bang a couple in himself soon and even it up a bit.

          TAA’s delivery of late has been first class.

  23. I have a similar question but no funds for Pogba unfortunately so Im looking to replace KDB with either David Silva, Mahrez, Azpilicueta or Zinchenko

    Thoughts please

    1. Out of those I’d probably fancy D. Silva or Azpilicueta however, I do like zinchenko, hes playing very well and Mendy just can’t get fit enough to get his place back.

    2. Although Mahrez may get more game time I still feel Sane will be above him in the pecking order so I can’t disagree with C&B’s appraisal.

  24. help please guys – lead at the top of my ML now down to 1 point !!!




    B Silva


    all 3 transfers left and £2.9 m in bank

    who to swap KDB for ? Thinking either going 433 and swap for VVD OR straight swap KDB for Mane at no extra cost (will mane outscore VVD? ) – liverpool have 3 games in next week – Burnley – Munich & Fulham – can see clean sheets as well as goals so tough to know what to do. Hoping to drag out swapping Auba for kane until end of march ready for April without losing top spot as guy below me has VVD & Kane

    Thoughts & other suggestions welcome and gratefully received please

    1. AJF,

      Could you not lose B.Silva and KDB for Sterling and Mane?

      Personally, if I had subs, I’d be keen to get Kane in. I think I’ve made a mistake in leaving Auba in. I know he has extra games, but he has been shit lately. Conversely, Kane has scored in all three games since returning, despite two of his opponents being Arsenal and Dortmund.

      I realise it will only block your rival, but sometimes a block is better than losing ground.

      1. Hi Lee,

        can’t get sterling in for B Silva I am the usual 100k short !! I could swap KDB for Sterling but that leaves me short of swapping Auba for kane – I am with you and we have both suffered the pain of Auba in facebook posts if you remember !!! – I made a mistake in not getting kane in, but it’s not too late for me to rectify it. I am gonna see how Auba does tomorrow in Europa and if he doesn’t get some serious points ie at least 2 goals he will come out thursday night for kane and I will swap mane for KDB – & sit on 1 transfer for the rest of month . If Auba does some serious damage I will hold the transfer as Kane only has 2 games left for the month and 1 of them is Liverpool and take a gamble on keeping the 2 transfers back – defo mane for KDB I think

    2. Difficult one to call if Mane will outscore VVD. I would personally put my money on VVD as I can see clean sheets against Fulham and Burnley (who knows, maybe a goal against that leaky Fulham defence from a set-piece?)

      One of the things that counts against Mane this season which I’ve noticed, is that bar those blistering opening four games of the season, he doesn’t seem to attract that Star Man award for some reason (only once since then). Maybe the DT player score algorithm doesn’t suit his game for some reason? Great player on his day though and so explosive. Certainly a player on my watch-list.

      Also worth noting that VVD has picked up two SM awards on the spin. Can he make it a hat-trick?

  25. Watching the PSG United game. That PSG defence look extremely nervous. If United can keep them quiet at the other end they’ve got half a chance here. Why oh why did I bring Rashford in instead of Lukaku. 😂😭

    1. C&B,

      I know how that feels. My time at the top has well and truly come to an end.

      I’ve now dropped to 4th and am over 50 points off the lead! When you consider that just a few weeks ago I was at the top with a 30 point lead, it’s all rather depressing!!

      I know that things can turn easily in this game, as has happened with my current position, but we are getting to the business end of the season now and I’ll need a miracle to get back on top!!

      1. It’s very painful Lee as I put so much time into it, it’s all I think about and I’ve been at the top pretty much all season. I’m still top hanging on in there but it just shows, one good transfer and one game week is all it takes to ruin you.

        Now I am desperate for Aubameyang to produce some early season form and do what we all know he can do. Bag us some goals tonight son!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  26. Remarkable scenes and United have pulled off one of the greatest shocks ever in Europe considering the squad United has to put out today. OGS has proven his tactical nouse and then some tonight. Give him that contract!!!

    Can’t believe the ref gave that penalty having said all that. Most wouldn’t have. Tactical master class though from United.

    Great personally to see Rashford stick that pen away and he showed great composure despite the dirty tricks of the PSG players. Brilliant stuff!

    You must be on cloud nine DTT being a United fan?!

    1. Over the moon with the result – gutted there wasn’t a clean sheet for Lindeloff though but who would have predicted a turn around like that.

  27. What are thoughts on Salah? He’s been very low scoring recently.

    I was considering last night, seeing how Lukaku seems to have been reborn to switch out Salah + Rashford for Lukaku + Kane. As I have 3.5m in the bank it’s feasible for me to do – Salah to come back strong? He just seems to jaded

    1. Agree Stuatt,

      5 blanks in his last 7 matches is very poor.

      Then you have Lukaku who has been shit for 7 months popping up with 4 goals and 35 points in the space of 4 days!!

      A team that looks amazing on paper one week can look terrible two weeks later. Such a strange game at times!!

    2. Weaker teams coming up for Salah though in the league so I’m expecting an upturn from him. He tends to do well against the lesser teams but not so much with the big boys. If he blanks against Burnley and Fulham, it’s going to be hard to justify keeping him at the price he’s at. Like I say though I fully expect 20+ pts over the next three games from him.

  28. Could have done with Utd going out last night, seeing as I have zero Utd coverage. Just sums my season up.

  29. People what are we thinking , horrific week (surely a freak week – 19 points before tonight. All 3 transfers left, £2.9 mill in bank but lead at top of ML cut to 1 point now and guy in 2nd has VVD and Kane. However, I don’t want to panic and put kane in now (definately in April – due to number of games) Looking at the fixtures I want to keep a high presence of Chelsea/Man Utd/Liverpool & Man City players as they all have 4 games left before the next transfers.
    KDB has to come out so was thinking;

    KDB out for VVD or MANE
    PLUS ALSO Auba out for Sterling and go 4-4-2 until the end of month and then swap sterling or Salah for kane for April.






    Thoughts please

    1. Jeez Adrian,

      Somehow, you had a worse week than me (29 points), although you did have a larger cushion and are still holding your lead! I’m now in 4th!!!! 🙁

      I hope you’re right about a freak week, but the in-form players look to have done a complete U-turn in the space of a week!! Need it to ‘about turn’ asap!!

      We both have Azpilicueta and Auba to play tonight, but I’m not holding my breath on points from those games.

      1. I know Lee an absolute howler, cant see next week being as bad, really cant, think it was a freak.

        What you think on changes?

        1. Dont panic guys, just a blip, one hopes, only 17 points for me but fortunately had a big lead over my minileague , so still about 60 points ahead. I think this Kane transfer should wait till the last week of March and like you i am contemplating KDB transfer but may wait till the last moment and see the team sheets for the weekend games. Still got my 3 transfers left .

        2. Trust me, you really don’t want to know my thoughts on potential changes of late!!

          Every piece of sound logic that I have applied to my changes lately has been scuppered by improbable events, such as:

          Losing Alisson for Ederson when City had easy games and an extra fixture whilst Liverpool had hard fixtures (Bayern & Utd) – 13 points down

          Choosing Auba over Kane because of additional fixtues – 27 points down

          Choosing Azpilicueta over VVD – 8 points down

          Losing Jota for Mane because… well, just because. ha ha – 10 points down

          Losing Doherty for Stones – 3 points down

          All of this happened in the last week or so and already I’m 61 points adrift because of it.

          I’m sure Lady Luck will look in on me again at some point, but for the moment, the bitch (and logic) has gone AWOL!! 😉

  30. Contemplating after tonight, losing Aubamayang, & doubling up with Rashford putting Lukaku in, should go up in value next 2 weeks, Man – utd still have 4 games before April transfers, it’s my last transfer so need to be sure. Kane only has 2 games remaining, other option is Aguerro with 4 games, but will share gametime with Jesus who is back available, don’t know if this move is foolhardy or not, any thoughts appreciated.

  31. I finally made my mind up! New team below:


    Van Dijk (Doherty switched out)

    B Silva (Sterling switched out)

    Kane (Rashford switched out)

    Fortune favours the brave 😉

  32. For those contemplating replacing Auba with Lukaku and then possibly Kane , make use of the extra games as below.
    leave Auba till next Thursday until after they play Rennes (Auba has 2 games-Lukaku has 1 game)
    Then Lukaku for Auba untl at least 30/3 (Lukaku now has 2 – Auba has 1)
    Then maybe Lukaku for Kane??? Maybe keep Lukaku if he keeps on scoring.

    I have 3 transfers burning a hole in my pocket, but using them wisely and patiently is the key. My first will be KDB for VVD this weekend, then Lukaku for Auba next thursday night .
    By this time the month will be almost up so if you dont have any transfers left to bring in Kane for Lukaku? , then you will 3 new transfers anyway beginning of month. Hopefully by this time player values will have increased and can also jig around to release more cash with extra transfers. Also by next week we will know if Liverpool have qualified for the Champions League and the option to possibly remove Salah for Kane!! Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Kurbs,

      you have just summed me and my predicament up perfectly. Last night replaced KDB with Sterling – 1st transfer of the month, leaving 2 transfers and £1.4m in the bank. I have Auba and I am sick of him but your logic makes me feel better, arsenal are going to need goals next Thursday so its logical he could play. After that match I will swap him for lukaku freeing up another £1.7 mill and then at the end of the month swap Sterling for mane allowing me to put kane in for Lukaku or Salah if like you say Lukaku keeps scoring for april – hopefully that’s how it pans out.

      My team is now

      B Silva

      1810 points.

      Fingers crossed and thanks again

      1. You are welcome, AJF, btw, having seen B Silva in your team, does anybody think i should swap KDB for B Silva or stick with KDB for VVD as i originally thought. VVD very consistent, B Silva now tailing off in my opinion or am i wrong??? Also VVD likely to play all games , obviously may change again if they dont qualify in CL and not in the FA Cup either. B Silva may get more games with KDB out & does seem in the good books of Pep. But Mahrez also knocking on the door!!

        1. Ha ha Lee

          I hate him as much as you do – I like Curbs logic but it wouldn’t suprise me if I changed my mind on sunday and swapped lukaku for him on sunday. I think B Silva will become even more important with KDB & fernandinho out, think he might drop back a bit but still pivotal with assists and odd goal, think he will come good. Personally I would do KDB to VVD that was on my agenda but thought upgrading KDB to sterling was a positive move

    2. Just as a caveat to your excellent summary kurbs, I’d say Auba has a high probability of being benched for that United game (from looking at previous games).

  33. If I had subs left, I wouldn’t bother entertaining the fact of Auba’s extra games!! He is crap and I’m stuck with him for 3 more weeks!!!….

    1. @ Chris & Lee .Agree Auba is useless at the moment and will most likely be benched v United. (being a United supporter i should really swap him for Lukaku now!!)His body language yesterday didnt seem very inspiring either. But still has that game on thursday v Rennes when Lacazette is banned. Lets see what happens , may change my mind when i see the team sheet on sunday. The reason i am holding on for a few more days is just on the hope he may suddenly find that explosive streak and maybe a brace v Rennes. Arsenal have done fairly well with Euro sides at home.
      generally when i stick with my instinct it does pay off, i have noticed in the past that eagerness doesnt necessarily pay off. But good points made by both of you.

      1. Also another reason i am not too hasty is being at the top of my minileague, the nearest competitors to me have all got Auba and none have Lukaku. So its not pressingly urgent at the moment. If it aint broke, dont fix it, well, not too quickly anyway!!

        1. If I had stuck with him up to that is point I’d probably stick with him another week as well. With Arsenal 3-1 down in that Europa tie you’d expect them to come out all guns blazing next week so Auba could well profit from that scenario.

  34. I’ve decided that should Sane start this weekend, I’ll be using my last transfer of the month to go Doherty to Sane.

    I do like Doherty’s fixtures beyond this tough period but the lure of possibly more game for Sane and those fixtures are proving to much of a temptation for me. I have a 103 point lead in my ML so I fancy taking this calculated gamble to see if I can head towards that top 500 now. 🤞

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