March Transfer Two

March Transfer Two

I said yesterday that I was only making one change this week. However, I’ve come up with a cunning plan. I don’t like the look of Man Utd’s fixtures this week. I’ve been keen to move on Wan-Bissaka but have struggled to find a replacement. The team with the best fixtures this week are Liverpool. As a result, I’m bringing in Robertson for just one game week. It’s a short month anyway so a calculated risk.

Wan-Bissaka out
Robertson in

I’ve already mentioned that Liverpool have reduced fixtures after this game week. As a result, my plan for next week would be to take Robertson back out, along with Salah and probably bring in Son and someone like Foden.

If Robertson isn’t starting today, I’ll reverse this transfer.

30 thoughts on “March Transfer Two

  1. I have enough to get in Alex Arnold what do you think my team
    AWB canc Dias Maguire
    Foden Moura fernad
    Kane sterling rash
    Any advice to try get kdb in 1.2 in bank

    1. Chelsea look solid at the back nowadays while United have a run of bad fixtures. Have you ever thought about taking Maguire out for a Chelsea defender and then Foden out for KDB?

  2. Mine now is
    De bruyne

  3. Mane and Trent benched, wholesale changes for Liverpool. I’m unsure how to approach this one

  4. What is going on Foden benched again, don’t want to use another transfer, which would be Gundogan or Mahrez.

  5. Taking Salah out after this game week is logical. It has to be either Son or even Bale to come in? What are peoples thoughts?

  6. I think I’m going to do Salah to Bale this week. He is now proving he can deliver and be involved in most of their games. Son is the ‘safer’ pick but he’s just not been doing the biz. Let’s see what happens in the European fixtures midweek.

    1. Rashford took a knock so we can see if he’s okay to play in midweek.

      What other strikers we looking at?

      1. Son and Jesus would be my other options if I don’t go for Bale. Sounds like Rashford’s injury isn’t ligament damage so only bruising/swelling but guessing a doubt for midweek Europa match at least.

  7. DTT….think the bale instead of son transfer is gathering pace !
    guy looks the real deal past couple of games

  8. Hi guys

    Which strikers do we think are on current good form and are needed for this month?
    I currently have Kane, Rashford and Son.
    Kane is scoring well as usual, no brained to keep.
    Rashford I think has only scored one in the last four, not playing well, and has a slight injury (set to miss at least one game)
    Son is slowly ticking over, with a goal or assist.
    So, is it worth getting rid of Rashford and bringing in Bale. He is currently on fire, and Spurs have some good fixtures. Seems crazy having all three.
    What’s your thoughts???

      1. Not sure I’d want Kane, Son & Bale taking up all 3 striking positions… Moura in midfield ok but I’d want at least one other from another side. Other strikers (apart from Spurs & Salah) for me this month would be Jesus, Aubamayang and possibly Martial if Rashford is out.

        1. I wouldn’t fancy Martial myself. Jesus faces constant rotation, and we’ll Auba has really struggled for form.

          Bale obviously might face some games rested but all three are getting the points and spurs look to be on a surge to get into top 4. Could be a nice strategy?

          1. My thoughts exactly on martial, Jesus and PEA. None of them are getting decent points. Yes your right, Bale will get rested and protected from getting his injuries. See how they all perform this week, then I’ll make a decision. I may take the Bale gamble, as I have transfers spare if it doesn’t work out.

      2. I have moura too, and Davies. You have to play the fixtures with what money you have available.

  9. That’s 4 consecutive games now for City, no clean sheet, 3 defensive assets not working, they have 2 good fixtures coming up, Fulham & Gladbach, then it’s probably Cancelo out for Azpilcueto, Chelsea have excellent fixtures, after Foden performance tonight should start next game, if Rashford misses any games, then he needs to come out, short month, maximise gametime, Bale or Aubamayang.

    1. Yes, I’m glad I resisted jumping on the bandwagon of a block and inly have Dias. Mendy and Alonso have been getting me steady points. Only issue is Alonso isn’t always guaranteed to play; definitely Azpilicueta is a much safer bet, although Alonso is more likely to get attacking points and 7’s if he does play.

  10. Hi all Will Kane be given the points he is missing? Only 10 from last night for the 2 goals, nothing for starman? Ta

    1. I reckon so JD… They sorted the City match glitch the other week but took a while to sort from memory.

  11. Looks like there is also an issue with the 7am deadline not being effected as yet… for any of you late risers you may still be able to sneak in a transfer before the price swings.

    I’m proceeding with Salah out for Bale. I know he’s a bit of a rotation risk and may only play 60/30/60 across Spurs’ 3 games this month but I hope he can still outscore Salah v Wolves only.

    1. Just done the same move Brad, coming to the same conclusion as you. Have Rashford to think about as well, which i will leave until last minute. I might have a risky punt on Timo Werner.

      1. I took Rashford out last week for Aubamayang as felt he would outscore him across the remainder of the month. Got lucky with the injury and suppose I’ll take the 11 pts from AUB but ideally want a bit more from him. Werner is risky but Leeds and Sheff Utd could give him chances… that said he needs more than just chances!

  12. The rashford question is the hard one for me. Thinking of swapping in a city defender for the week and the back once fit again…….

    1. I actually think Rashford will start Vs West Ham which makes it a difficult decision due to there kick off time.

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