March Transfer Two

March Transfer Two

Out: Erisken
In: Mkhitaryan

Taking a risk with this one. As Arsenal will hopefully progress in the Europa League, I’ve decided to take a risk on one of their players. I’ve gone for Mkhitaryan as he’s the cheapest good option and plays in a fairly advanced role so should be more likely to score. I’ve also noticed that he’s only marginally scored less points than Ozil for the season despite having a lot less game time. This should free up funds for our final transfer of the month.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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27 thoughts on “March Transfer Two

  1. Hi Advice welcome

    116 points clear at top of my league and still have all 3 transfers left for March. Advice needed please – team is

    De Gea
    van dyk



    all my closest rivals have agureo and kane but have all used there 3 transfers so I have a chance to put a bigger gap between me and them. I am thinking of putting jesus in for aguero or sterling/sane for aguero tonight to try and gain a few extra points with a view to putting aguero back in at end of month when he returns. Depending on Kane injury length will have to take stock on what I do with him before the weekend.
    Is the Aguero switch an unnecessary one and waste of a transfer or worth trying? Only have £600k in bank so need to get someone who will maybe go up in value in the interim and man City only in action once more in march after tonight? Thanks

    1. Christensen for Aspa (Chelsea defender CBA to Google his name?

      Just cause you’ve got transfer doesn’t mean you have to use them. It’s a very strong team.

      Just got to watch out for Kane and Aguero injuries but you’ll be able to afford anyone you want with either of those players

  2. Aguero says he is back with the team in 2 weeks. Does this mean team training? How about Sterling – he was due to be back for Chelsea/Basel according to Pep and he wasn’t. i have a feeling he will be out for longer than expected. you have no other problems in your team so worth 2 transfers i think

  3. ManC team sheet out.

    Aguero for Jesus?

    Aguero for Sterling?

    Aguero for KDB?

    Thinking Jesus might give us a couple goals

      1. Haven’t seen an update but tbh I’m not taking Kane unless he’s out for months.

        But with Ageuro out for 2 weeks n ManC only having only 2 more games this month I’m prepared to risk the ManC for ManC transfer

    1. Only just picked up these comments – I decided to hold fire and see how the week goes.

      1. DTT, who’s on ur shortlist to replace Kane, not sure about a man city player, cld be fear of rotation once title is won, Son looks to obvious, what about a switch to 442, & having a look at maybe Mahrez, Sane, or a doubling up of arsenal midfielders with Ozil or Ramsay worth consideration, who is best option out of those mentioned, a lot will depend I guess on fa cup, & europa league results, also is it worth keeping a hold of Sanchez at Man utd, his form is terrible, but he has it in his locker to improve, keep or get rid.

        1. For me it’s between Firmino and De Bruyne. Any thoughts on these two? Both still in the Champions League.

          I’d probably get rid of Sanchez to be honest. With Man Utd going out of the Champions League they’ve only really got the FA cup to play for.

  4. Current team

    Van Dijk Walker Hegazi Sanchez
    Hazard Debruyne Erikson Mane
    Aguero Lukaku

    Given the fixtures in April am considering the next couple of transfers

    Erikson out Mkihtaryan in
    Hegazi out Kolasnica in

    Any thoughts

    1. Look like decent moves. Any news on how long Aguero is going to be out for?

  5. Big question now is who comes in for Kane??? Most teams still in champs league are out of the fa cup and vice versa. What’s people’s replacement opinions?

    1. Firmino? Unless we wait for champions league draw see who’s got who. Or we could bring in Sterling.

      1. For me it’s between Firmino and mane. Liverpool players as they have an extra fixture this month than Man City. And more going towards Mane than Firmino just for his points average in last 3 to 5 games therefore more chance of going up in value than Firmino which will be vital to make sure we have more than enough money to put Kane back in if he comes back earlier than expected. Thoughts?

        1. Also would rather make the transfer if I chose mane before tomorrow’s price change as I think Kane will go down by -0.3m and mane will definitely not go down but maybe even rise again in value.

          1. Good move based on growing the value of your squad. I wasn’t on the ball enough to get this move done last night but I’ll be going for Firmino.

      2. Mane maybe another to consider , its between Firmino and Mane for me. You have enough Man City cover if all your players are fit in April . You can use your April transfer for your final push .Three Liverpool players must be a bonus with the CL and the remaining fixtures they have going into April.

        1. Mane went up 0.3 Kane down -0.3. Team value better by 0.6m due to making change as mentioned last night.

        2. Yeah Mane would be a good option as well but I’m leaning towards Firmino at the moment.

      3. A toss of a coin i think, but i’d probably go with Firmino. ( My second best team already has both, with Salah. )

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