March Transfers 1, 2 & 3

March Transfers 1, 2 & 3

I’ve decided to use 3 transfers for the start of March. Taking a more risky approach to try and gain some ground on the leaderboard. If you’re already flying high, I wouldn’t recommend following this advice.

My initial thoughts were to swap Ronaldo, Matip and Dias for Rudiger, Kane and Mane. Matip is a doubt and Dias is injured so they both come out. Even if Matip starts, I think we are better off having a striker when playing catch up as there’s more potential for a big score.

I’ve decided to tweak this plan slightly. I’m going for Kane with Ronaldo making way. But I want Reece James if he starts – purely because he’s got the potential for explosive points. That leaves me 0.1m short of Mane, as a result, I’m going in a direction that I wouldn’t normally go – Vardy comes in. Big risk but high reward if he can score well. If it doesn’t work, I’ve still got two transfers in the bag and can adjust accordingly next week, as it’s a fairly short month.

Ronaldo out, Kane in
Matip out, Vardy in
Dias out, James in

This is subject to change if James doesn’t start this afternoon. If he doesn’t I’ll go Rudiger. I won’t be around to confirm this but that’s what I’m going to do.

16 thoughts on “March Transfers 1, 2 & 3

  1. You can still swap Maddison on Thursday night with the new ruling, Chelsea & Leicester play on Thursday, so if he doesn’t start you can always put another Chelsea defender in then, it’s a hold for me till then.

    1. Can you swap to a Chelsea defender if said defender has already played on the Saturday?

    2. But you would only be able to swap him for a Chelsea defender that hasn’t played in the current game week unless you just wanted to make the change before Friday.

  2. Alonso could be called upon, not sure why he wasn’t in the squad today, Vardy didn’t work out today, got some minutes in his legs, after not starting a match for sometime, needs to put some pts on the board on Thursday though.

  3. Thanks for the replies.Fortunately put in James for Maddison before kick off.

  4. What a waste of a transfer that was putting Vardy in, so that leaves Mane, not convinced with Havertz, or changing formation & putting in a Chelsea defender, James injured as well, will know by the weekend how long he’s going to be out, Rudiger yes & maybe T. Silva as well, sometimes gets rested though, be interesting to see the Chelsea lineup tomorrow.

    1. James out for the next four games so worth taking out as point opportunities are running out.

    2. Really bad luck with James and Vardy picking up injuries. James looked a great pick as well but I’m not convinced Vardy would have panned out anyway. I’ll probably revert to my original plan of bringing in Rudiger and Mane at the weekend

  5. ffs only have one transfer left.
    have James and vardy thinking my only way out
    is havertz in for vardy or go 442 and put Rudiger or Silver in
    always happens to me. cant think off any other option.

  6. Yeah, could be swayed towards Havertz now, above Mane, leaving James to Rudiger, think he was just given a night off tonight, safest bet in Chelsea defence, you can only see Lukaku getting substitute appearances or playing with Havertz in some games, not really short of funds, but could do do Vardy to Havertz tonight saving up to half million.

    1. I’m not sure about Havertz, I think a lot of people will bring him in after the week he’s had but will he keep it up?

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