May Transfer 1

May Transfer 1

As Maddison isn’t the squad today, I’m making a transfer. It’s got to be a Man City player so I’m going for Sterling considering that he’s starting against Newcastle. I don’t hold out much hope for him, but he’s always got the potential to score a couple of goals if he has a good game, which is exactly what I need at this stage.

Maddison out (assuming he unlocks in time to make the transfer)
Sterling in

8 thoughts on “May Transfer 1

  1. Hi DTT it says the transfer will take place Friday morning(think Maddison is classed as played)

    1. I think you just needed to wait for Leicester to finish playing. It’s just gone through for me.

    1. Thanks Don, definitely paid off this week. Disappointing the season is coming to an end soon as things are starting to go my way now.

  2. Good shout DDT! It’s been a tough season but you haven’t lost your powers just yet….. let’s see out the season as strong as possibly and go again next year 👍🏻

    1. Thanks JD, it’s been a very tough season but still glad this transfer paid off. Definitely keen to go again next season.

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