May Transfer One

May Transfer One

With Man City only playing once this week and De Bruyne not in the squad, I’ve decided to take him out. This will be for one week only, but I think it’s worth the risk with other teams having two fixtures and Man Utd having three.

I’m going to take a big gamble on Wan-Bissaka. Even though I wouldn’t expect him to start all three fixtures, he would only need one clean sheet for me to be better off in terms of points.

De Bruyne out
Wan-Bissaka in

29 thoughts on “May Transfer One

    1. I did consider it but it’s hard to tell with him. Could get injured in the first game

  1. Good point.
    I’ll follow you on this one, I’m going for Maguire thou has I havnt got him and dreamteam loves him.
    That’ll give me a double up with Shaw.

    1. He was on my list but fancied the Man Utd triple up, bit of a gamble.

  2. tmrws thoughts DTT ?
    with utd treble game week….if rashford dont start tmrw v villa are u tempted with cavani or greenwood
    love your thought proccess on this one

    1. I may have been but it looks like Rashford is starting so I’m happy with the one change so far.

  3. I’ve gambled heavily with United this week. Took Kane out for Cavani yesterday just for this week, after Kane’s blank yesterday I hope it pays off. I now have Maguire, AWB, Bruno, Pogba, Cavani and Greenwood 🤣.

  4. I have a feeling I will lose my lead in my mini league. Put in maguire for the triple up fixtures and he ends up getting injured. Then Rashford grabs star man for a late assist…who my opponent owns.

        1. Annoying injury, going to cost us a transfer as it looks like he’s out for the season

  5. Evening chaps. Who do we think will be the top points scorer in the game starting from this weekend??

    I am looking to catch my main rival who now has a 3 point advantage on me.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated as they may differ from what I am thinking…

    My team:

    Rivals team:
    Reece James

    My initial thoughts are Maguire to Mahrez/Foden and Mount to Havertz. As mentioned above, thoughts greatly appreciated.

    1. I think you’re missing a player from your team but I’m assuming it’s Maguire. But I’d only compare the players you’ve not got in common:

      Chilwell vs Azpilicueta – I think he edges you as Azpilicueta starts most games
      TAA vs Reece James – I’d fancy TAA over James for this game week
      Maguire vs Rudiger – I’d have preferred Maguire
      Rashford vs Cavani – not much between them so luck could go your way

      You could swap Maguire for Azpilicueta. Then it’s a straight forward battle between:

      TAA and James
      Rashford and Cavani

      If there’s only three points in it, only you can decide though. I personally would hold onto Mount though. Mahrez or Foden could do well with their fixtures this weekend if you wanted to be more adventurous than just blocking his Azpilicueta.

    1. I’m going Maguire to Trent… apparently Maguire is out for the rest of the season but might make the Europa league final at best. Can’t see many clean sheets coming for United without him!

    2. I’m absolutely considering TAA for Maguire looking at Liverpool’s fixtures this weekend.

      1. I went Cancelo to TAA on Saturday which went well with an 8pts swing but with Maguire now injured (I don’t own him) I think a lot will bring TAA in now which could nullify my gains. 🙁

  6. Appreciate your thoughts DTT.

    I actually took out Azpilicueta to TAA last GW because I fancied him to score more points this month and wanted to go different.

    Yes I am missing Maguire, I think I will switch him to Foden/Mahrez this week depending on the line up V Newcastle. Its a real 50/50 decision that one, maybe Mahrez edges it due to pens but already feels like I’ll choose the wrong one 😂

    What are your thoughts on a wild switch this weekend, Rashford to DCL/Bale both have good double home games coming up amd Rashford only has one game.

    It’s risky but could work well chasing a brace at this stage of the season.

      1. Could work out well couldn’t it Sam. Which one would you go for?

        I put together a shortlist of DCL, Son, Bale & Aguero.

        Bale been performing really well at home against bottom 10 sides so he’s a good shout, as is DCL against a terrible Sheffield United team. Followed by Wolves at home.

        I was thinking I would rather chase the points now by targeting easy fixtures rather than save it and use it in the Champions League final which will be a lottery imo.

        1. Yes i agree with you on chasing the points now 💯

          Erm if I was to choose I think I’d slightly favour DCL mate, I think Everton although have been very poor at home, I just don’t think they can these games especially now tryna get in Europe slip away and I think DCL could well get a few goals but like I say I’m 💯 with you on chasing the points now

    1. And for my next trick, I’m thinking of swapping Cavani out for Jota or Son this weekend!

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