May Transfer One

May Transfer One

Out: Lukaku
In: Kane

I hadn’t realised Man Utd were playing tonight so it’s a very last minute transfer. The injured Lukaku out and Harry Kane in.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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4 thoughts on “May Transfer One

  1. I missed it! Gutted! I didnt realise that Lukaku was injured. I am only 40pts off 3rd in my mini league with 34 ppl, and over £1300 in the prize fund! DTT Team has really picked up last couple of months!!

    1. I wish I was that close to the top of any of my mini leagues. Despite improving massively in the overall leaderboard, I’ve not seen much movement in the mini leagues.

  2. I have been with you the whole season, but made my first transfer today after missing the Lukaku>Kane move….

    I have swapped out Ozil for Hazard. With Chelsea having the extra fixtures this month and still trying to get 4th place, and Ozil getting the blame for Arsenal’s departure from the UEFA Cup (I don’t care what says…. they do favour players based on media perception)… seemed like a smart move…

    Still annoyed about missing the Kane move… but looking OK for me at the minute (56 mins into WBA game)…

    1. Completely agree with this transfer. I’ll be doing the same one today so our teams won’t be too far apart. As you say Kane didn’t end up doing any damage yesterday so if you think Kane for Lukaku still makes sense next weekend you could make the change then.

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