May Transfer Three

May Transfer Three

Bit of an impulse transfer, with Rashford on the bench in a good fixture against Fulham, I’m swapping him for Cavani. Could backfire but only three games to go and points are vital at this stage.

Rashford out
Cavani in

15 thoughts on “May Transfer Three

  1. Good Call , dont think cavani plays sunday…….however nailed on for the europa final….

    1. Gutted he didn’t get more than one tonight after scoring so early. Annoyed they lost the clean sheet as well.

  2. If you want to bring cavani in for the final can you do it after Sundays games??

      1. According to the Dream Team website, Sunday’s games are in week 34, and the Champions League final is the only game in week 35. On that basis you would be able to bring him in after the round of games on Sunday.
        Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your post Sam, but that’s the way I understand it.

        Perhaps best to wait for someone more au-fait with the rules of the game than me, to clarify this for you.

      1. Chris is definitely correct – same game week so you can’t bring him in after the game at the weekend.

  3. I must admit I’m more spread the risk like DTT usually but as I have been way ahead in my family league and just trying to get as high as possible on the overall leaderboard without any worry of missing out on points, an aggressive approach has really seemed to work.

    I put a block Chelsea defence in not too long after Tuchel took over and then have changed them to a block Liverpool defence for their last 3-4 games. I would never normally do this if I had something to lose but maybe it’s something I should be brave enough to do in the future regardless of the situation. I suppose it doesn’t always work but thoughts to ponder for next season.

    1. I must admit I do get tempted to take more risks but when I’ve done it in the past it has backfired occasionally. Where has it got you on the overall leaderboard?

      1. I had been behind you all season. I think I was about 2-3,000th when I decided to change to Chelsea defenders. They took me to just inside the top 1,000. Then these last couple of weeks, the Liverpool defenders have took me to 271st. I’ve really made big gains at the end of the season when really it should be the hardest with settled teams and bigger gaps between places.

        1. That’s very good going. It does seem to be the block defensive tactic that pushes people quickly up the leaderboard.

          1. It can be a double edged sword as one goal would see three or fours players receive 0 points so it can be safe to spread the risk and obtain defence from a selection of big clubs.

  4. I’ve got 5 transfers left…who would you lads bring in??
    Mendy Dias cancelo chilwell Shaw Fernandes De bruyne mount Kane rashford Salah..that’s my team

    1. Depends where you are in your mini league. Cancelo might not play if he’s suspended, assuming it’s not been overturned. You could take him out and then put him back in for the final if you wish. Same with De Bruyne, if he’s not starting you could take him out and put him back in for the final. Or you could save all 5 and bring in City and Chelsea players for the CL final – although I’m not sure I see this being a high point scoring game.

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