May Transfer Two

May Transfer Two

With Maguire injured, I need to find a replacement. I was tempted by Alexander-Arnold last week as Liverpool had good fixtures. As a result, I’ve decided to stick him in now.

Maguire out
Alexander-Arnold in

6 thoughts on “May Transfer Two

  1. Hi. Count me in on the euros team. Not on Facebook tho , so hopefully you do a WhatsApp group too ? Thanks

    1. Hi Paul, I’ll definitely do a WhatsApp group and all the content that goes on Facebook will be on here as well.

  2. Just been putting a team together for the euro’s, 50 million as per usual, not sure if it’s 20 transfers to use as required through out the tournament like the World Cup was, top 2 from 6 groups, + 4 best 3rd positions, giving you the last 16, group to maybe avoid in the group stages would be Portugal, Germany, & France, pick the bones out of that, group of death as they say, like Foden Mount, & Kane, from our lot, maybe Shaw, but without the steadying influence of Maguire, not sure about clean sheets, Belgium, Dutch, Italy, in group stages could yield alot of pts, unsure of starting 11’s at present, so just in the early stages.

    1. I’ve been going through the same process David – lots of players to choose from and some decent fixtures for some teams. Going to be tough choosing a starting 11 but I do enjoy the shorter format as you’ve got to make quicker decisions and really work the fixtures.

    1. I didn’t make any but should have taken Wan-Bissaka out for De Bruyne

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