May Transfers Four and Five

May Transfers Four and Five

Firstly good luck to all of those in the running for winning their mini leagues today. Hopefully, you’ve found the blog a useful resource over the season.

I’m publishing my final two transfers now, as I’m likely to be out when line ups are announced. I’m following the theme of the season for me and playing it fairly safe:

Fernandes out, De Bruyne in
Kane out, Mahrez in

I’m not chasing top in any big mini leagues so I’m basically just looking to get as many points on the board as possible. If these two start, they’ve got a good chance of picking up some decent points tonight.

If one or neither of them start, I’ll switch to someone else based on who is starting.
If De Bruyne or Mahrez don’t make the starting 11, I’ll go for Sterling
If Sterling doesn’t start, I’ll go for Werner
If Werner, doesn’t start I’ll go for Cancelo

That should cover all bases as I’m sure two of those 5 will almost certainly start the game.

If you’re chasing down a small lead, you’ll be forced into trying something completely different to your opponent. You might as well put the names in a hat who might grab a few goals and pick one out as it will be a complete lottery tonight.

10 thoughts on “May Transfers Four and Five

  1. 74 points clear in my mini league going into this game. Surely nothing can go wrong. Lol. Cheers for the blog again this season. Been a big help. Currently 536th in the main game too. Highest position ever. Hopefully you continue on with the blog for next season.

    1. Glad you’ve found it useful Stewart, should be keeping it going for next season. Will see how the Euros go

  2. So by my calculation going on I think all City players got 0pts apart from Gundogan and Jesus who got yellows so -1pt for them both, James 8pts for CS and 7+ rating, all other Chelsea defenders and GK 5pts (whether starters or subs) apart from Rudiger 4pts who picked up a yellow, Kante 3pts for a 7+ rating, Mount 5pts for Assist and 7+ and Havertz 13 outs for Goal 7+ and Star Man. Any other Chelsea midfielders or attackers 0pts.

  3. Yep you have that spot on Brad! Harsh that more Chelsea players didn’t get. 7+. Frustrating time for the app to go down……..

    1. Yeah I’ll put something up. But it will probably be “finished on 2,400 points, had a half decent season, bring on the Euros” there’s not much else to say

      1. I have had a great season myself. The guest article I wrote here ‘The Inner Workings of a Fantasy Football Manager’ really defined what works for me and what doesn’t. It was a decent plan and I love it when a plan comes together.

  4. Alright guys. Just thought I’d pop in to say hi and hope that you all had decent seasons. Hoping to get stuck back into it all again as things get back to normal and I’m hoping to get back on here again for banter and discussion. It’s been one hell of an 18 months…

    I’m leaving the Euro SDT game and I’ll be hungry and raring to go for the new season. GL to all those playing that version of the game.

    Take care guys and all that’s left to say is….COME ON ENGLAND!!!

    1. Good to hear from you Chris and will look forward to seeing you back in the comments next season

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