May Transfers

May Transfers

As documented in previous posts, I find myself in a position where I’ve got 39 points to make up to catch the leader of a mini league I’d like to win. As our teams are so similar I’m being forced into making a move for some different players. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone follows these transfers if you’re winning your mini league. I’ve decided to go gung ho and use all of my transfers straight away – simply because I can’t accommodate the players I want without taking others out.

With Liverpool looking likely to go out of the Champions League, I don’t need two of their strikers. As a result I’m taking Firmino out, who is an injury concern anyway. I want to bring in Lacazette with his potential for goals in the Europa League and against Brighton this weekend.

I also need to remove Rudiger but this doesn’t leave me with much in the bank. Looking at the rest of my team – I don’t want to take out Man City players as they have the FA Cup final to play and I want to keep Hazard. This basically leaves Van Dijk or Robertson. As Liverpool need goals against Barcelona it’s hard to imagine that they won’t be caught on the counter attack at some point. Van Dijk is worth the most so I’m going to take him out. Huge risk considering I can’t see Newcastle scoring against them but I can’t simply have the same players as my rival.

As a result my transfers are:

Firmino out, Lacazette in
Rudiger out, Azpilicueta in
Van Dijk, Zinchenko in

Basically I’m relying on a couple of factors. Clean sheets for Man City (which I don’t think are a certainty with Leicester and a cup final to play) and goals from Lacazette (again he’s not a player that I’ve owned this season and that’s probably for a reason). I can’t see any other real route to go down – no midfielders stand out which are affordable and I don’t want to risk taking Salah out as well to double up with Lacazette and Aubameyang. In simple terms – points on the board. I can’t say that I see these transfers as an improvement. I think it’s just going to be a case of hoping to get a big slice of luck. As the players I’m taking out play today and the players coming in play tomorrow I’m just going to make these transfers now. If any injury news comes in, then I’ll be reversing them.

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  1. I like the Laca and Azpi moves this week. I’ve got KDB and VVD out seems sensible as I’ve already got Trent and Robbo

    I’ve still got Coady aswell. . . Who probs needs to go. He certainly needs to go before the Liverpool game but do i move him out before Fulham?

    I’ve got 4.6 m for a replacement . . .would you think it’s better spent on Walker or B.Silva?

    1. Who did you go for? It really depends on your position in your mini league at this stage of the season.

    2. When transferring a player out, is it the player (directly) or his team that have played which cannot be then taken out?

  2. Hi DTT,

    I think you’re set in what you are doing, but have you considered B.Silva?

    I was thinking instead of Zinchenko, but not sure you’d have the money in the bank for that?

    If not, then instead of Azp and go heavy on city.

    B.Silva is always close to Star Man. Do you think clean sheets will outweigh B.Silvas higher potential to get goals, assists and star men awards?

    I suppose Chelsea have potentially one extra game in the final if they make it, but can’t help but feel B.Silva will still outscore Azp?

    Azp – last 3 average – 2.3
    – last 5 average – 0.6
    – season average – 3.8

    B.Silva – last 3 average – 8.0
    – last 5 average – 6.4
    – season average – 4.5

    The only caveat to that, is that your opponent has KDB and B.Silva is the obvious choice for him also.

    1. I must admit . . . I was questioning B.Silva and his point scoring potential myself.

      That was until I realised only one defender in VVD has outscored him all season and he’s the 4th top points scoring midfielder with 212 pts

      In addition to this he’s seemingly nailed in Peps midfield no matter what.

      Id expect him back in more advanced positions with the return of a couple of midfield injuries.

      He’s litterally been one of City’s players this season

    2. Yeah I guess I went for something different to my opponent. If he goes for B. Silva to replace De Bruyne then I simply need something he hasn’t got. If it was for longer term gain I’d have probably gone for B. Silva but he’s capable of having quiet patches.

  3. Hi guys love the chat as always , helped me a lot throughout the season
    Need some more advise I’m up to third in my league and 20 points behind second

    His. Mine
    Alison. Ed
    Vvd. Az
    Az. Rob
    Ster. Stones
    Haz. Mane
    Mane. Ster
    B Silva. Kdb
    Kun. Kun
    Jesus. Fir
    Rash. Salah

    I’ve got .600 left ?

    1. Hi Steve,

      With the gap only 20 points I’d be tempted to leave it and see what moves your opponent makes first.

      I’d say that they were more keen to make transfers than you with Jesus and rashford in their team.

      Even if they don’t make any transfers, you have Salah and Firmino over them who could claw back 20 points between them easily.

      I notice you have missed out a defender I think. There’s only 10 players listed for each team?

      The big concern for you I think is Hazard. However, I think he is unattainable for you now at the price without getting rid out Salah, and that doesn’t make sense to me when your opponent doesn’t have Salah.

      B.Silva has been in great form of late as well, and I’d be tempted to block the threat of him by putting him in also. Then you would have the top 2 to try and beat Hazard really. I wouldn’t be threatened by Jesus. Rashford could feasibly do well against the 2 teams united have got left, but they haven’t been great again of late.

      Good luck with whatever you decide!

      1. Yeah sorry Chris he’s got Laporte and I have taa
        What do you think of taa to zinchenko then firmino to laca then leaves hazard for kdb ?
        Or like you said leave it

        1. Hi Steve,

          It’s tough because I would advise not to get Hazard in and hope you have enough other differentials to outscore Hazard. But then, if Hazard is on it, then he scores big points and will probably mean you can’t catch second.

          If you were looking at this last month, I’d say put Hazard in. But I think doing it now gives you less of a chance really. That’s because you would have no transfers left, and also your opponent could then see who you have and block you as much as they can.

          Another couple of problems you may have is that his defenders are more certain starters than yours. Alison, VVD and Laporte almost always play. Stones and TAA don’t. TAA has been, but with Gomez back, you just don’t know. Again, it’s wasted using your transfers on these though, and you’ll have to hope for a bit of luck there really.

          In your position, I would swap KDB for B.Silva to block the threat. Then, providing Stones and TAA do get starting births, you are looking at more or less an extra Man City clean sheet, Firmino and Salah against his Hazard, Rashford and Jesus. That’s not a bad shout for trying to claw back 20 points. But, as I say, Hazard could take that away from you in a heartbeat!

          You then have 2 transfers to keep. You can see what your opponent does. If they do nothing, then you have a chance in my eyes. If they use there transfers, then you can see what they have done and look for opportunities again.

          Don’t let me talk you out of putting Hazard in though if you really want him, it’s just why I would do.

  4. I am really torn on this one. Been with you all season. Guy ahead of me in my ML doesn’t have Van Dijk but has Zinchenko, he also doesn’t have Firmino, but I do really like the Laca move. My guy has a City block at the back… Ederson, Walker, Zinchenko and Otamendi…. think I will go for the same as you, but Laporte instead of Zinchenko. Still gives me the City cover but a player he doesn’t have. Good luck DTT despite the disappointment of the last month it has been a great season… lets hope these moves pay off and we can both regain top spot!

    1. Yeah it’s been a fairly solid season so I’m not too unhappy. Although yesterday’s fixtures have resulted in a drop down to 4,000 on the leaderboard. If City don’t get that clean sheet it could be all over. How far off the top are you?

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the blog this season, top class. Keep up the good work next season.

      1. I have 2 teams, I did put Son in my weaker team with Laca in my better side,

  6. Is Kompany worth a punt at his price & do you lot think he will play last 3 games as he is fit & training.
    Cheers guy’s

  7. Guys I’m after some advice. 2nd in my mini league 40 points behind.
    My Team His Team
    Robertson Robertson
    Van Dijk Van Dijk
    Hazard Hazard
    Mane Mane
    Sterling Sterling
    Salah Salah
    Aguero Aguero

    I have 0.3M in the bank so am thinking of doing Firmino to Lacazette (assuming he won’t be rested for the Brighton game??) which leaves me 0 in the bank. I can then either swap Van Dijk for Walker now or wait until next week as Liverpool have 2 games with Newcastle and Barcelona and Man City only have Leicester although I’m aware I need some different players to my mini league leader asap. In swapping VVD for Walker it will allow me to next week swap Moura for B.Silva as Spurs have 2 games this game week and City just one. Thoughts please!!??

    1. My main concern with my plan is that I would be using 2 of my transfers to take out players who are already differentials for me which I’m not sure will give me enough to close the 40 point gap..

      1. Sh4d0w,

        You have way too many of the same players as your opponent to catch them as it stands.

        You can’t mess with Sterling, Mane, Hazard, Salah or Aguero.

        Azp is better than Doherty, Moura against KDB doesn’t have much in it on form. Firmino will probably more likely do better than Jiminez. These 3 combined though will not claw back enough.

        In your position, I would definitely swap VVD and Robertson for 2 city defenders. Probably Laporte and Walker as they seem the most likely two to start all remaining games. A Liverpool clean sheet only hurts you anyway as your opponent has an extra one in Alison. You’re better going the complete other way, and hoping Man City keep more clean sheets than Liverpool. It could go the other way of course, but you are the one that has to take risks being behind.

        I keep saying this player, but I’d also have swapped Moura for B.Silva, but Moura is locked in now. Maybe something to do next week depending on how Tottenham do in the week.

        I’d use the two on the defenders, and keep one so you can wait and see what your opponent does. My guess is that they will keep their Liverpool block which at least gives you a chance. Keeping them the same really doesn’t give you much chance at all, albeit you may end up higher on the overall leaderboard possibly.

  8. After some advice, 2nd in my mini league only 8 points behind.
    My Team His Team
    Van Dijk Van Dijk
    Robertson Robertson
    Hazard Hazard
    Mane Mane
    Sterling Sterling
    Aguero Aguero

    Not many differentials not sure what to do…

    1. Hi ARB90,

      I would leave it for now. 8 points is nothing. My guess is the person who saves their transfers to use for fa cup final and Europa/Champions league finals will win it, which is what I would do.

      You cover walker with Ederson, Azp is in a much better position than lloris after that early game and son got sent off! Salah is a big bonus for you. No need to panic yet.

      B.Silva is the only really threat, but you’re priced out of a straight swap from Moura (and he’s locked in) so I would definitely hold tight and hopefully your opponent will show their hand first.

  9. *Reposted the last thread.

    Been a fairly average week, and fairly average month for me. Injuries have stung me on my final transfers. Stones last month, KDB this month. At the end of Feb I was in the top 600, as it stands now I’m out to 2,021st place on 2,358 points.

    Absolutely steamrolled my mini league, 200 points clear there so not interested in blocking. Just want as many points as possible for my strongest finish. Only my second season doing DT so quite pleased with how it has gone!

    KDB *
    Rashford *
    £3.3m ITB

    KDB is injured and I have no idea when he’ll be back. Anybody any ideas? Likely I’ll replace him B Silva, or potentially a City defender.

    Rashford also likely to come out. Whilst Huddersfield and Cardiff should be attractive fixtures for any striker, I don’t have any faith in Man Utd getting a result at the moment. IF I replace him, it’ll like be with Firminho or Laca/Auba, with the latter two potentially having 4 games remaining.

    Most likely thoughts right now are KDB to B Silva and Rashford to Laca. Appreciate your thoughts guys

    1. Hi Dave,

      Depends on how long you have had this team, but mine is very similar and is sitting around 600th on the overall leaderboard. A couple of months ago I was around 2000-3000th so it is clearly very small margins.

      Perhaps your insistence on having a third striker has cost you? If you took out the two you want to take out, and put in B.Silva and Laporte, you would have the exact same team as me. I made two transfers at the start of April to get that team, and haven’t looked back. I wasted my third transfer as I really couldn’t see a way to improve it.

      On form, KDB to B.Silva is a no-brainer. That just leaves you with a choice of what to do with Rashford then I suppose. It could swing either way but you’d get three games instead of two out of any other top 6 team than United.

      I’ve got Laporte, so I can’t really say I’d advise anything else, but it’s who you fancy to do best from their final 3 games out of a city defender, Chelsea defender (Luiz most guaranteed after Azp) or an arsenal attacker (but which one?).

      You then have one transfer to hold back for either the game cup final or European finals when some teams may no longer have any more games.

      Good luck with your decision!

  10. Argh! After a 12 hour shift at work and then putting the kids to bed I ran out of time to get Firmino out! Should have done it earlier in the day as Ben Dinnery did allude this might happen. School boy error! Thank god for the big gap in my ML…

  11. I took Firmino out and put in Rashford. I feel the popular choices for May transfers will be Man City defenders and the Arsenal strikers.

    1. What a crap performance from Utd. Expected a comfortable win. Never expected Huddersfield player to get star man. My season ends on a whimper with Rashford and a load of spurs players. Feel like it was the best strategy as a big bunch of Liverpool and city players above me.

      Next season the best strategy might be fitting as many pool and city players in team as possible.

  12. I also took Firmino out last weekend……….. for Son!!! Typical!!

    Fortunately for me, my only real threat in 2nd (3rd is now 60 points adrift) brought him in too, so not all bad, but I still can’t believe that just ONE differential – His TAA to my Azpilicueta) has managed to chop away 40 points in just 3 weeks!!

    Thank goodness for the Chelsea sheet at the weekend! That has to be the most critical points earned so far, pushing my lead from a very slender 12 to now 20.

    TAA was benched against Barca which is infuriating for me, especially as they conceded 3, however I wouldn’t mind him being benched again in the home leg because he seems to still pick up points from assists, even when Liverpool concede!

    Am I right in thinking that Son will play in the CL, but will not play another prem game? If so, I’m hoping he can get me some points and then I will l take him out this weekend for an Arsenal striker. Not too sure what to do with my last sub? Probably a block if possible….

    1. That’s right Lee. He’ll also be suspended for the first two PL fixtures of the new season.

  13. Is it the player or the team that doesn’t allow you to then transfer them out??

  14. Hence, can I take Salah (not playing tonight but Liverpool are) on Thursday when I see the Chelsea line up?

  15. I’m so done with TAA. He is ruining me!!

    76 points and 8 assists from his last 8 games when he is the ONLY differential between me and 2nd!!

    My lead of 70 is now just 10 points from one player!! Totally defying probability and why this game does my head in!!

    I thought I was safe going into last night’s game with a 20 lead and Liverpool likely to have just one game left. Royally screwed now and need a piece of the luck that 2nd has had!!

  16. Another fantastic match last night! Premier league teams doing the bizz! Just need chelsea arsenal to join them for all English clubs European finals! Moura gets me 28 points hat trick hero 👍🏿! 12 points of the leader now in my ml!

    1. Nice one Gurdip.

      I wish I had gone for Moura instead of Son!!

      Son was scoring for fun when Kane was out previously, but since I’ve had him he’s been sent off and hit a blank!! ha ha!!

  17. Cheers lee went Kane got injured all the others in my ml went for son as well! I thought try the differential route (I did mention him on here ) he had jus scored a hat trick v Huddersfield! Classed as a mid cheap playing as a striker, didn’t do anything for about 3 odd weeks (3 points) kept with him got lucky, sometimes it can reap rewards.

    1. Great differential there in Moura, Gurdip. Your comment about him inspired me to dig a bit deeper into Moura as I do like doing through the differential route myself. My research gave a positive vibe – his finishing is quite strong leading to the fact his goal conversion rate is much higher than all the other spurs players in his position. Also like the fact that he is a midfielder, cheap and as you say playing as striker (which from a tactical side of things makes it much easier to fit into side than Son). I made the move from Rudiger to Moura. Also noticed that Moura is a good runner into space, he needs a target man (Kane, Llorente) who keep the defenders busy so Moura can run from deep and harder to mark.

      Moura was quite high on my explosive list – players I deliberately targeted this month as they can either score big or blank. So my strategy this month was to target these players (midfielders and strikers) rather than defenders who tend to be consistent (not a bad thing but when chasing I thought why not go all out attack (also utilising the 343 formation) and hope for some double digit hauls or hat trick opportunities.

      Some great differentials suggested on this blog – earlier in January someone suggested Jesus before a massive points boom and now Moura. The DTT community looking to get better in the future.

  18. This may have already been covered , but as the champions league final is on the 1st (sat), we’ll be able to do three more transfers for it won’t we? Could actually make a difference in tight mini leagues etc

    1. Ianb the website states the may transfers run out 7.44pm on Saturday 1st June and no transfers after that unless they throw out a bonus transfer to everyone

  19. Cheers RR! Instead of putting in son I went for auba and that came up trumps last night with his hat trick had a really good game week 115 points odd upwards and onwards now hopefully to win my m/l.

  20. Regarding transfers think it wud b the 1st Friday of the month that wud b fri 7th June I think! So wouldn’t get any extra transfers!

  21. Advice please , 32 points clear at top of my ML , reduced from 64 after aubameyang exploits last night the swine. The crux is my rival has used all his subs and I have all 3 left . The difference between the 2 teams is I have TAA , sterling , aguero and firmino he has VVD , Erickson,aubameyang and Son. I have no cash.
    Do I go into blocking mode this weekend and swap aguero and firmino for Aubameyang and VVD and hold a transfer back or is it worth giving aguero and sterling the Brighton and FA Cuo final and then swapping , will those 2 outscore Erickson and auba both who have only 1 game this week?

  22. Hey DTT Crew,
    Need some help please after leading my ML all season long, it’s come down to the wire with the no.2 only 13 points behind!

    Lindelof, Robertson, Schlupp
    Hazard, KDB, Sane, Sterling
    Aguero, Sarah, Firmino

    My opponent has Alisson, Azp, Bennett, Silva so not that different up front. I’ve got all 3 transfers to use but no spare budget what blocking moves can I do? I have no idea how many transfers he hasn’t left.

    1. Might struggle to do blocks but KDB, firmino and schlupp have to come out for moura, aubameyang and can you get Luiz in or matip?

    2. There’s a website called – for me it slightly bends the rules in terms of sportsmanship but you can search for him on there and potentially view his transfers. I’d then let your transfers be dictated from there.

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