Mini League PIN

I’ve just set up a mini league for the forthcoming season. It will just be for fun.

If we could all stick to entering only ONE TEAM. The code is:


If you’re looking for paid for leagues, search for “Inter Fantasy Football” on Facebook and join the group. I’m not an admin of the group, just a member so I get nothing from recommending the group. For me, it’s the only group I use for paid league entries.

11 thoughts on “Mini League PIN

  1. are we still able to make changes saturday and sunday before the fixtures Kick Off – exceptions of course being Man Utd & leicester players as they will be locked out for the week . So for example if I have stones but see laporte starting on sunday vs arsenal can I swap without it being considered a transfer? Anyone able to help please

    1. I don’t think so, I believe this would come out of your August transfer budget. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?

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