Dream Team Tips Mini League & Cash Leagues

I’ve recently set up a mini league for followers of the blog to join. This league is just for fun and anyone is welcome to join. I’ve entered my main team for the season, so the league could give you the opportunity to track progress against my team. The PIN for the league is: SGJ6RVA7

Why is this a free mini league?

I’ve made the league free to enter because it is not possible to set up cash leagues within the Dream Team website. This was a function of last season’s game but has been removed for this season. I decided against setting up my own cash league, as it’s too much admin having to handle people money.

Where can I find cash leagues to enter?

As I enjoyed the cash league option last year, I’d hoped to join a few more cash leagues this year. Unfortunately this isn’t possible within the Dream Team website. However I’ve recently come across a reputable Facebook group managed by @Dreamteamrating offering a number of options when it comes to cash leagues. If you search within Facebook for “Inter Fantasy Football”, you can then request to join the group and check out the options available. I would add that I’ve never used the group before, so take no responsibility of how the cash leagues are managed, however personally it’s the only cash league set up that I’ve come across that I’d be willing to participate in.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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