New WhatsApp Group

After recieving some feedback about how good it would be to have a WhatsApp group for the blog, I’ve decided to trial one until the end of the season. If it works well, I’ll include it as a benefit for next season.

The idea is that I’ll post my transfers in there, which is a more instant way for most people to get notifications when I make one. Especially useful for anyone who follows my team closely. I’m not promising I’ll remember to do it every time at this stage, it’s I’m just trialling the idea but I’ll do my best to remember. If it works well, I’ll use it for next season.

It’s a one way group, so only I can post. A WhatsApp group where everyone could post would be unmanageable and too busy. The idea is that it’s just a system to make quick notifications. It’s a member only group, so please don’t share with others who aren’t signed up.

To join, the link is:

18 thoughts on “New WhatsApp Group

  1. Great idea Paul.

    Iโ€™m quite partial to missing a transfer or two so hopefully this will help ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  2. I have Jesus and Walker. Was planning Jesus to rashford but his starting up top. Walker on bench. Ainโ€™t got clue what to do

  3. Excellent idea, i am ina one way football group for my little boy where the organiser gives details, postponements etc, so its really useful to see the important & urgent news straight away rather then having to trawl through the forest of messages. Good job.

    1. Thanks KC, can’t claim it was my idea but agreed that it should work well. Someone from the Facebook group has offered to post in there as well so you should see some injury updates

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