No Transfers this week

No Transfers this week

I’ve decided not to make any transfers this week. I’ve debated every possible option over the international break and I simply can’t see an obvious route to take for more points. For me it would be a big gamble to take out one of the big guns – especially if there’s no route to getting them back in. I’m also not keen on blowing all three transfers before a ball is kicked for the month as we know how quickly things can change. As a result I’ve decided to give it a week and then make a decision. I’m fairly happy with the team I’ve got so I think it may just be change for change sake rather than a long term plan. I also want to have a look at if B. Silva starts this week and how much game time Pedro gets as I’ve got question marks next to both of them. I also want to look at Liverpool defensively against the bigger teams.

It’s worth noting that in some of my other teams I’m being less cautious. I’ve got another team on similar points and in that team I’ve taken out Kane and put in Lukaku and Hazard. So it’s worth noting that I can see the case for going for it but I can also see the value in holding the transfers.

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      1. I hate this game sometimes but I didn’t say there was no chance of this happening. I just couldn’t decide if it was going to be Kane, Salah, Lukaku, Hazard or Aguero who did well over the game week so I left things as they were. Obviously it’s backfired and I really can’t stand losing at anything.

  1. My team


    Thinking of swapping hazard for arnautovic. Any thoughts on this or my team guys???

  2. My other team is


    Thinking of swapping Richarlison and B.Silva for Hazard and Maddison. Any thoughts guys???

  3. Guys what do you think would be the better pair for September?

    Mane & Gomez (who i have at the moment)


    Lukaku and Pedro (who i will swap them too?)

    Thinking of using these two transfers now. If it doesnt go to plan could always change lukaku back to Mane – ive got Salah to cover liverpool as well as robertson from a defensive perspective.

    Let me know your thoughts as trying to do this before lunchtime kick off.


      1. Thanks DTT,

        In the end i swaped Mane and Richardson for Pedro and Lukaku.

        Pedro got nowt but was subbed so hopefully plays in the Europa League. Lukaku bagged, hopefully he gets another and starman

  4. Any thoughts on putting vorm is for spurs after the Liverpool game? Good price and will play for this month

  5. I’m lucky to of made that Hazard transfer! Has to in my mini league otherwise the guy above would be racing away!

  6. Aguero gone off with a jarred knee… Have to keep an eye on that. Ryan Fraser looking like a decent bargain prospect this season. I kept Richarlison in for now though.

  7. Kept umming and ahhing whether to keep Zaha for this week in the hope he’d be fit vs Moura’s two (albeit tougher) games. Made the sub right before Spurs kick off which in hindsight was the wrong decision – but hopefully that levels out over the month.

    As expected, Hazard’s had a blinder (vs Arnautovic sub) so hope Lukaku does the same (vs Kane sub) and it’s a good start to the game week.

    1. I’d be more than happy with that as a start to the month. I’m absolutely gutted that Hazard got that hat trick. I couldn’t decide if I was going to bring him in or not and decided not to do anything this week as I couldn’t decide. It’s been a major set back.

      1. Yeah, I’ve had that happen before and it’s a proper sickener BUT it’s still so early on in the game so at least there’s still plenty of time to claw it back. Think you’ll try bring him in next week or?

        I got lucky so far this week to be fair, with my 3 subs getting 36 points vs 7 points (although Arnautovic still to play) – just wished I’d kept Zaha in and maybe held that one transfer. Especially with this potential Aguero injury as I’d also contemplated bringing in Sterling.

        Oddly enough my other ‘practice’ team for moving around subs and plan ahead has ended up potentially slightly stronger with;

        Mendy – Robertson – Daniels (massive weak link granted)
        Sterling – Mane – Hazard – Maddison
        Aguero – Lukaku – Salah

        Wish I’d submitted that team in all my money leagues now as it’s only 1 point behind my current on 281!

        1. That’s exactly how things go. I’ve got a team which I’ve put very little thought into – picked in 5 minutes, make transfers at the last minute without any real consideration to what might happen and it’s got 325 points. It’s not in any mini leagues. I’d rather they just limit everyone to having only one team to be honest.

          1. 325?! I would find that so frustrating after seeing that and it not being used for anything (minus the overall leaderboard). So I agree. I only make one to use and concentrate on and hope that one pans out. Any other teams I have I’ve made after this were to juggle/plan for my main team essentially.

            However, I’ve probably got that view because I never go into this seriously attempting to win the contest overall whatsoever. Just my own mini cash leagues I’m in.

            1. Yeah I’m with you on that one. There’s no point in even thinking about winning the whole thing overall in my opinion. The only way that is possible is with a huge slice of good fortune alongside some good tactical changes. With over 1m teams entered I think it’s a very slim chance of finishing first overall.

  8. Ive had Hazard in from the start and I guess we are always wiser after the event, but that was only his second ever hattrick for Chelsea. never usually on the cards I guess. Its always harder to get these £6m+ players in once the dream team has started due to lack of transfers.

    But the way its looking he could become essential this season. Free role, attacking side and he is also a starman magnet.

    The issue with him is will he get the goals/assists consistently and will he play in the Europa league? Probably not in the first few rounds but after January I am sure he will be involved dependent on chelseas league position. Should they remain in the top 4 i don’t see him playing in there too much, but in some ways it can play in our favour as he will be guaranteed starter in the premier unlike city’s midfield/attack merry go round.

    1. Add to that their defence too! Mendy……😡

      The Hazard transfer has given me a boost though. Just have to prey for the rest of the month that injuries and suspensions don’t effect my team. 🤞

    2. I was surprised that he got a hat trick. As you say, he’s only ever had one before for them. I thought maybe he will get a goal and then not play mid week. I was hoping Kane or Salah would score today and maybe get another each during the week to outweigh not having Hazard. However there’s no chance now that either will get anywhere near his weekly score.

  9. Hazard & Lukaku to a lesser degree paid off today, also put in Alonso didn’t come up trumps today, but his quality will shine through, hoping to get through month with minimal injuries/suspensions, constant rotation etc, 2.2 million in bank, player’s to look at next in my team, B. silva, Shaw, Pedro, hoping they can contribute pts wise till October transfers come around.

    1. I think anyone without Hazard will have paid massively for that today. This is why I can’t stand this game sometimes. Granted it was always on the cards but to go as far as getting a hat trick was unexpected. A late goal for Spurs did me no favours either. All in all it’s probably been the worst game week I’ve ever had playing the game.

      1. It worked in my favour this week, next week could be entirely different, European games midweek, see what that brings, did gamble aswell using all 3 transfers.

        1. Yeah I’d have taken the gamble for a hat trick but didn’t see it coming. I expected a goal, maybe two but not three.

    1. Annoying – although could work in my favour if it is weeks and others have used all three transfers.

    2. Might be wishful thinking on my part, but my gut instinct tells me it doesn’t sound too serious. I base this on Mendy’s tweet apologising to all the Fantasy Football managers (whom have him in their team) for his absence. Very light hearted and jokey. If it would have been something more serious I’m guessing he wouldn’t have been so jovial?

      Time will tell I guess…

    1. Haha I’m practically ready to give up to be honest. Had enough of it already. But to answer your question, let’s see if he plays in the week. Think that’d his easiest game of the month out the way and only the second hat trick he’s scored for Chelsea so still not 100% sure. Did you bring him in? I put him in my best team – but that means very little to me as it isn’t in any cash leagues.

      1. I am in a worst position than you and I am not ready to give up. Anyway, you can’t give up till next May as you have a blog to continue. You will experience many highs and lows in this game. Thinking it might be over already as many of the higher teams started off as a Liverpool block and would have gained multiple 0.3 price rises and will be worth close around 55m right now. Also if they diverted into Man City blocks they would be in better shape.

        I didn’t bring in Hazard. My team value is really low so I would have needed to do three transfers to bring in Hazard. I didn’t go ahead as I was bringing in two players which I wasn’t sure about to accommodate Hazard so left it. My team that I posted before on the previous blog entry got me 48 points so far so I am pretty happy with that even though I have no Hazard.

        1. I wouldn’t actually give up, that was a bit tongue in cheek. I just can’t stand the low points such as the hat trick for Hazard yesterday. I like to win at everything I do, if I’m not winning, I don’t tend to enjoy it. Think you’ll move for Hazard?

          1. No, that ship has sailed. Plus I prefer to have s big name that plays in Europe. So will look elsewhere.

            1. I agree, which is why I left him out. In hindsight it looked like a bad decision when he scored as well as he did at the weekend but at least he won’t be playing tonight. You’re not concerned that he’s going to be one of if not the top point scorer across the season?

              1. I think I rather have a player that will play in Europe. Hazard may play only league games. Don’t know many players that have been top scorers without Europe. Hazard essential in TFF, Sky and Fpl games as only the league competition counts but Sun is different. Also I am stubborn, I think the right time to bring Hazard in was last week. I won’t get his hat trick points. Plus I don’t follow the herd, I play my way. I rarely if ever ask for advice.

                1. Neither do I to be honest. I discuss the topic because that’s what this site is all about and I’ll ask what other people are doing but I tend to do what I want to do. Such as not putting Hazard in last week, maybe I should listen more to others. I think for me it comes down to who is going to collect more points. If Mendy and Pedro don’t play at the weekend I can take them out alongside Van Dijk and replace with Laporte, Hazard and Maddison. On paper that would mean the three players who come in would be competing only against Van Dijk for points over the weekend to make a positive points difference.

                  1. I might go with Willian or Pogba, two players that scored well this week but have slipped under the radar.

  10. Another poor showing from Kane again yesterday (although I wasn’t too bothered tbh as I had two Liverpool defenders, that injury time consolation really pissed me off! 🤦‍♂️).

    Looking ahead though, from now until GW10 Spurs have some very kind fixtures (in the league at least). Brighton, Huddersfield, Cardiff, West Ham. Could there be light at the end of the tunnel for us Kane owners?

    1. He will pick up some points for sure but not enough when compared to Aguero, Lukaku, Hazard, Salah, David Silva and Mane all of which offer better value.

      I could even see the likes of Vardy and Mitrovic outscoring Kane on current form and they are a fraction of the price.

    2. I hope so, tried to hold onto him in the hope that others won’t have and will pay for it when he comes good but it’s not looking likely.

  11. To put things into perspective. Hazard’s hat-trick yesterday was only his second hat-trick in his Chelsea career (first was in in Feb 2014). Any body who predicted that he would score 3 yesterday, if they could send me the lottery numbers for Tuesday night, I will willingly share the jackpot!

    To accomodate Hazard would have mean losing one of Kane, Aguero or Salah. For comparison’s sake, Aguero and Kane have scored 9 and 8 Premier League hat tricks respectively. Salah only has one to his name, but also a lot less games than the others. If we are just comparing goalscoring stats, then regardless of what happened yesterday, it does not make sense to take out one of those front 3 for Hazard. Aguero and Kane are playing Cardiff and Brighton next week, then league games against Brighton and Huddersfield… I dont think it would surprise anyone if they bagged 2 or more in each game.

    Admittedly goals are not everything, and Hazard is a Star Man machine. However, the other 3 get their fair share of Star Man awards!

    Only downside, coming off the back of a hat-trick does Sarri still rest Hazard for Thursday nights game in Greece? Most people were thinking that he would be benched for this game, but given the fact he has had a gradual start to the season after the World Cup anyway, do we think that Sarri and Hazard would want to keep the momentum?

    Yesterday was a kick in the teeth, but we’ll have these weeks! Everyone does! I am confident in the team and the upcoming fixtures.

    **All of this assumes that Pep is telling the truth and the injury to Aguero isnt too bad… otherwise forget all the above and lets get Hazard in now! 🙂

    1. I predicted it and bet on it at 28-1! Perfect mix of form and fixtures and used all 3 transfers to accommodate him – wish I bet more than £2 now!

      Think he will play 60 minutes on Thursday too and score more points.

      He is the best form player in the league right now and Kane is flat as a pancake so you should switch immediately to avoid falling further back – just compare their international performances mid week.

      With Son back I could see Kane getting a rest next week anyway.

    2. The problem with this game is that I think if you’re going to have an exceptional season then slip ups like this can’t happen. I think I lost 80,000 places on the leaderboard because of Hazard, which is an incredible loss of position. I didn’t expect to fall that far even with his hat trick. I’d never throw in the towel but it’s incredibly frustrating when you invest a lot of time trying to make a measured decision and it backfires so badly.

      1. Wow I feel for you that is savage.

        Hazard is going to be this years Salah

        You will claw it all back over time. A lot of set and forget teams will have Hazard in and will fall away.

        1. Yeah I think he could have a great season. Probably lining up a big move for the summer. I’d imagine I’ll have to bring him in.

          1. It’s funny because I had Hazard a few years back (when he had a rare awful season). We got to October/November and he had done nothing.

            I decided to stick with him until Xmas thinking he would come good… then January rolled on!! I think in the end, I lost patience and got rid of him in February and he still did virtually nothing (by his standards) for the whole season!!

            I’ve never known a usually consistent player to swing to the other end of the spectrum as much as he did that year!

            1. It’s a tough one when it’s a player who has usually been so consistent. I’m not of the opinion that this will happen to Salah or Kane this year just yet but it’s a frustrating wait at the moment for the points to start kicking in.

        1. Haha I said it was a slip up and that’s about as close as you’ll get to me admitting a mistake. Only his second ever hat trick for Chelsea – I expected a goal or at worst two but not a hat trick.

  12. Something I can’t quite get my head around is why so many folks are saying you have to lose Kane, Salah or Aguero (or Mane for that matter) to accommodate Hazard. There are other ways, granted you may have to use two transfers to do it but it can be done. The likes of Maddison and Wan-Bissaka can be utilised to great effect to bring Hazard in.

    Go get him in gents (or gals if there are any playing).

    1. That’s a great point Chris, did sacrifice Mane myself, can’t find much info on Mendy, physioroom not even got him down as injured, hoping OK for Europe, frozen out of transfers till October, got ur eye on any hidden gems for future transfers.

      1. I may look to someone like Wan-Bissaka to replace Madison when Leicester’s fixtures get a bit sticky. Also need to look at moving Hart on around GW9 as Burnley’s fixtures intensify also. I think I’m going to be in the budget market all season for keepers if I’m honest. I still think Dyche will steady the ship for Burnley over the next few weeks. May need to start looking at some of the Bournemouth lads eventually too if they can keep up this form.

    2. Yeah the transfer I was considering was Van Dijk and B. Silva out for Maddison and Hazard. I wouldn’t be looking to take out any of the big three up front unless it was for Lukaku.

  13. I have a 3 man defense, this is my current hinderance in my mini league. Only because Kane is so expensive and not hitting the points thus far. Who could I change to obtain more points? I’m thinking of either stones to Laporte why he’s still reasonable? Seems to get more starts. I also have Robertson and Shaw who I think are starters to.

    1. Have you considered Gomez? Seems to be making the centre-back spot his own alongside VVD whom he compliments well. Good price too. Yes they have some tough fixtures the horizon but I reckon this Liverpool defence is capable of shutting any team out on their day. Can also play right-back, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as one of the mainstays for Liverpool this season. One thing I’ve noticed so far, even if Liverpool do concede a goal, more often than not his player rating is over 7. Nice to know he can still pick up 3 points minimum even when they concede.

      1. Yeah I looked at Gomez, do you think he will rise? On the fence whether Liverpool will keep a clean sheet against PSG therefore no clean sheets when Friday comes. Or get Laporte in who potentially will get more clean sheets this month? Guess I will get my answers mid week. I’m praying Kane has a good match against inter or I will have to look at Lukaku potentially.

        1. Laporte has done well thus far no doubt. I just never know where most of the City players stand with Pep’s rotation policy. Good luck with whatever you decide Marc. 👍🏻

    2. I think that’s a decent balance. I’d imagine Stones will play in the week. I’m considering bringing Laporte in myself though.

  14. Hold my hands up, I went with DTT and made no transfers. However only 26 points off top team in my league and with 3 transfers left and still feel I have a good team so not panicking , now determined to act before Friday

    Current team

    Hennessey – happy with

    Shaw – leave in
    VVD — poss transfer out
    Gomez leave in
    Mendy – have to come out

    Moura – unsure
    B Silva unsure
    Mane – leave in

    Kane – unsure
    Salah – leave
    Aguero leave

    0 in the bank

    Was thinking 2 options

    1 VVD and Mendy out for hazard and Doherty ( seems to be doing great at wolves ) sets me up with very strong front 7 but weaker defence and 0.8 in bank and 1 transfer spare

    2 kane and Mendy for lukaku and hazard again very strong front 7 but 0 in bank to get kane back in if needed when he starts to fire but stronger back 3 than option 1
    And again 1 transfer spare

    Which option please or any other scenario possible


    1. It’s only being reported as a “knock” so I wouldn’t have thought anything too long term. Would expect him to miss the European game though.

    2. I’d see how the week pans out and decide on Thursday. Hoping Mendy isn’t out injured for long, details seem a bit vague at the moment. Option one looks fairly decent though but again I’d want to see if Hazard plays in the Europa League first.

      1. Thanks

        Even if hazard doesn’t get involved on Thursday, I have to get him. Can’t risk a further price rise , therefore either Mendy or VVD has to go I think

  15. Hart

    All 3 transfers used and points total 271. Not a big overall score but a good weekend with Kane or Salah taken out! How did Pogba not get a 7 plus the way he played against Watford! Just keeping fingers crossed for the remainder of the month now that Salah and Kane don’t have a big game!

    Hoping Aumba steps up and starts banging in!

    P.s. loving the thread lads, proving a great read

  16. Absolutely horrific week for me which has seen me lose top spot on my mini league. Barring anything drastic (assuming Mendy not injured) these are my changes before.

    Keita (swap with Hazard)
    B. Silva (swap with Wan Bissaka)
    Salah (swap with Lukaku)

    I could stay 3-4-3 and move VVD or Mendy with Bissaka, depending on injuries / how Keita and B silva play. But that is the plan. Might seem a bit of a knee jerk reaction but I need to be bold.

    1. I completely agree with your first two swaps Dave, but I’d be a little bit wary of ditching Salah. He’s still getting himself into great positions and I feel it’s only a matter of time before he has one of those explosive weeks. I know Liverpool have tougher fixtures but that’s never stopped him before.

      Kane on the other hand is struggling to adapt to his new role alongside Moura. If I were Pochettino I would seriously be considering giving him a rest to get his head right. Having said that, Spurs have some juicy fixtures coming up so he may find his Mojo again. Is it worth hanging onto that last transfer for a while longer? Your team after those two transfers is very strong after all.

      Good luck with whatever you decide mate. 👍🏻

      1. Slept on it and woke up thinking exactly the same. Unfortunately one of the big guns needs to come out to fund the Hazard transfer. Other factor to consider is the severity of the Mendy injury.

        Unbelievable that my last thought before bed and first thought in the morning was my DT transfers. Think my Mrs is genuinely concerned 😂 haha

        1. Ha ha. Same here mate. Keeps us out of mischief though doesn’t it. It does get into your mind in deeper ways than I realised (this is my first season with a Fantasy Football team). Furiously googling ‘Mendy Injury’, studying fixtures, listening to podcasts…. I’m well and truely a FF nerd now. Really enjoying it to be honest.

    2. I feel the pain of having a bad weekend. Still pretty annoyed about it. I’d review again after we’ve seen how everyone gets on in Europe.

      1. DTT, whenever you feel that pain, just remember what happened to me two seasons ago when I took out Kane (with my last sub of the month) for Aguero only for him to score 17 goals (including 5 hatricks) in three months, making it impossible for me to buy him back.

        Aguero also got injured in his very first game for me, was subbed for Jesus and was out for 2 months….

        That’s enough to make anyone feel better!!… 😉

        Pretty sure nobody on this page can top that ‘bad beat’???…

        1. Haha I don’t think I could even trump that one but it’s incredibly frustrating when things just don’t go your way.

    3. Good swaps. Would hold Salah instead of Kane though. Southampton at home next for Liverpool which will be a massacre

  17. Hazard has to be considered golden boot contender this year, I’m not getting caught in the hype but if he can get the goals in the ‘bigger fixtures’ could be his year and is a must for dream team this season.

    My current position in my mini league seems to be flagging purely because of defence my nearest rivals have gone heavy with Liverpool and City players, both without Kane (which I have). Hopefully he can get back to scoring them goals soon 👍

    1. Need some goals from Kane. Starting to agree that Hazard could be essential – I’m not 100% convinced yet despite the hat trick at the weekend. Purely because he may miss the Europa League games. Regardless I may have to stick him in at the end of the week to block another big drop if he plays well again at the weekend.

      1. Even Sari is talking Hazard up now saying he is the best attacker in Europe and he doesn’t want him wasting energy tracking back!! Bite the bullet.

        1. I’ll have to bite the bullet I think. Will be interested to see if he makes the bench or plays on Thursday night. Either way the points he may get in the Premier League alone will probably be enough to justify it. Worst thing is one of my options for bringing him in (and probably what I’d go for still) was Van Dijk/B. Silva out and Maddison/Hazard in. Think they scored 36 points between them at the weekend so I’m currently 33 points worse off than I would have been had I just done it.

  18. Anyone considered Fraser for Bournemouth? Especially if they need to pick a cheaper midfielder? I put him in one of my teams and it payed off at the weekend!

    1. He’s had a tremendous start hasn’t he? We’d be foolish not to consider him. Can he keep it up though that’s the big question, but given how Bournemouth have started I can’t see why not at the moment. I may consider him in the next window and see how he gets on for the rest of this month.

      Do DT ever give out bonus transfers? Or are they quite stringent with the 3 transfer policy?

  19. Just the three transfers every month Chris, what’s the latest on Mendy injury, not sure if City had kept a clean sheet prior to weekend, then he picks up injury, out of transfers, hope thats not going to prove costly.

  20. Does anyone think Alli being injured has hindered Kane aswel? I know people keep mentioning fatigue etc. The inter game might make me think what to do with Kane, although I may just commit and keep the faith for September. Anyone thinking about changing him?

    1. He hasn’t really been firing on all cylinders with Alli in the side either though has he? Maybe once he bags a couple in this decent fixture period he’ll get his mojo back. I just want him to play more advanced and be that menace in and around the box which became his trademark. All this dropping deeper just doesn’t suit him at all. He needs to get back to what he does best.

  21. I will stick with Kane for September. I’m thinking with my last transfer I will get Laporte in for Stones as he seems to be making the more starts then aim to get Gomez for October. The team will look like,
    Hart, Robertson, Shaw/Gomez, Laporte, Hazard, Mane, Maddison, Richarlison, Kane, Aguero, Salah
    This is my aim to keep it balanced.

  22. Does anyone know any websites where they give expected/predicted line-ups for the European games? There are loads for the Premier League games but I’ve found just one for The Champions League but can’t find anything at all for Europa. Thanks in advance.

  23. Chris, is very good
    predicted arsenal line up already published..chelsea today/tommorow
    hope this helps

  24. Had a result bringing in Hazard and Maddison at the weekend, but starting to think it was a mistake using my 3rd and final sub bringing in Pedro, especially in light of the news that Mendy is injured after all…. that news took it’s time to filter through and wasn’t easily available anywhere on line when I see him missing from City’s line up!!!

    1. I’ve had similar thoughts myself Lee as those three transfers are identical to mine. However, if Mendy is only going to miss a couple of more games, would you have used up the transfer on him anyway? I think I’d have kept him in for now to see if he’s back in contention soon, which I honestly think he will be.

      I don’t see any reason why Pedro can’t continue his good form as his re-emergence into Chelsea’s team suggests Sarri likes him a lot. I think we do have to accept he’ll hardly ever play 90 minutes though. It’ll either be 60-70 minutes or 20-30 minutes off the bench. As daft as it sounds he may well score just as well in the sub appearances as starting games (running at tired defenders etc). I think the attacking players of Chelsea are enjoying playing under Sarri, they do need that talismanic striker up front though still in my opinion. Imagine if Costa was still there? He’d be having a field day.

      I’m determined not to blow all three transfers next month though to have some back up for injuries etc as we get deeper into the season. It is easier said than done though! I’d be interested to see your team Lee?

      Here’s mine currently:

      Mendy Robertson Gomez
      Mane Maddison Hazard Pedro
      Kane Aguero Salah

      1. Hi Chris,

        Hard to say really. If he is only out for a week or two, you’re right. I’d have probably kept him, but if it was going to run into the next sub period, I may well have taken him out.

        Either way, it’s done now. I’m not convinced on Pedro to be honest. I put him in for Richarlison. I realise that he was only suspended for one more game, which is why I was reluctant but figured I may benefit from Chelsea’s extra fixtures.

        My team is identical to yours except I have Shaw instead of Gomez.

        Had a bit of a disappointing start, sitting on just 266 points and in 6th in my main mini league (for the most prize money), but there’s a long way to go yet….if only Salah and Kane would wake up!!!!

        1. Yeah I know mate, the two main threats I can see in my mini league (ie players I don’t have but my opponents teams do) are Lukaku and D.Silva. The teams closest to me (I’m top) don’t have the likes of Fraser, Mitrovic etc so I’m not too concerned about those at the minute.

          It is concerning that our two most expensive players are giving such paltry returns. I can see it coming for Salah soon and I’m hoping Kane’s fixtures give him the opportunity to get amongst the goals again. If it continues into next month though I’ll be considering the likes of Lukaku, Firmino and D.Silva.

          1. Lukaku, yes, but I’m not convinced on Silva and Firmino.

            They have good games here and there, but aren’t consistent throughout the season, much like Eriksen of spurs.

  25. Have finally decided to make the essential changes

    Out Kane / Keita / Mahrez
    In Lukaku / Maddison / Hazard



  26. Liked Marc’s possible midfield for October, with the inclusion of Maddison & Richarlison, league fixtures not to bad, also possibility of getting through in League Cup, would leave me only one big hitter in midfield, Hazard. funds in bank if Kane finds form, D. Silva hitting form also, one of few players immune to guardiola’s rotation.

    1. If we really have to go for Hazard then I’m thinking Maddison is the obvious cheap player to bring in.

  27. 6.1 rating for Kane so far. Was hoping for a big performance from him today. Confirmed my decision to retain Salah and drop Kane for Lukaku plus the funds for a Hazard.

    1. In exactly the same situation. Hoping to make a long term gain on this if people take them out too soon and they both come good. It’s not looking likely at the moment though.

  28. Costing me as well. They really need to step it up. One thing I was happier with Kane is he’s getting back into the positions he needs to be. Should have scored tonight, it’s coming.

    Salah is going more under the radar but he is worrying me for the price. People with mitrovic are gaining more in my mini league.

  29. Mikel Arteta on Aguero and Mendy injuries: “We will have the training session now and see how they react in the next 24 hours – and then make a decision.”

    Apparently Mendy missed the session and remains doubtful for Lyon.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he missed tonight’s game. Really annoying because had I known it was an injury I’d have almost certainly swapped him for Laporte at the weekend. Being 8 points down already is bad enough, if it becomes 16 tonight I’ll be fairly annoyed because it’s only from a lack of information.

      1. I understand your frustration mate. I’d like to know exactly when Mendy exactly picked up this injury and why there was a delay in getting this info out into the public domain. Seems quite a strange situation to report the injury after the game. Even when you hear about a player getting injured in the pre-match warm-up, you usually hear about it before kick-off.

        Don’t these Premiership managers realise they have Fantasy Football Managers to consider?! 😉

        1. Here here!!

          Like you Chris, I used my last sub on Pedro! Too early to call it a waste, but had I been aware of a Mendy injury (and I do my research), I would have taken him instead of Arnie.. and been at least 15 points better off for it too!!…

  30. I think I will stick for this month (Salah and Kane) and put Laporte in for Stones, especially if he’s again favoured tonight.

    1. Yeah, I’m going to monitor Kane for the next three game weeks and if I see no improvement I’ll seriously consider changing things. I’m more patient and optimistic about Salah though as he’s playing in a team who are performing well. Spurs as a whole though (barring the United game) have looked a little limp overall and Pochettino is showing the first signs that all is not well (who knew cows were ignorant of trains?) 😂

      1. More signs that all is not well at Spurs, talent from FFS:

        Pochettino was uncharacteristically animated in his post-match press conference, mounting a defence of his team selection:

        Why disrespect the players that aren’t on the pitch? You can blame me and say ‘gaffer, you were so rubbish in your selection of the starting XI.

        But please don’t disrespect the players who were playing, because it’s my decision. Kieran Trippier, Toby Alderweireld, we have 25 players. And you believe that and sometimes you behave like you ask me with your question, that you can play only 11 and the other 13 or 14 players are rubbish, are s**t.

        It’s so easy, it’s so easy I don’t know. Sorry, but I am so disappointed because I am a person that respect you a lot and the players. When my decision is to play with XI, you must respect my decision because I am the manager. You cannot disrespect.

  31. Has anyone else given consideration to getting James Milner in moving forward? I’ve been very impressed with him thus far and he’s recorded points returns for every gameweek so far. Add the fact that he appears the nailed on penalty taker for Liverpool and his appeal rises even more. Pretty cheap too compared to some other midfielders out there playing for the top sides.

    1. If he keeps getting starts and maintains the pen duties, he is definitely worthy of consideration at 3.3m.

      1. Yes I did look at Milner early doors when picking my team for my mini league. I believe he is in one of my sides. Defiently worth considering if Liverpool go the distance in the champions league.

  32. Hazard not in squad for game against POAK! Was hoping he would play but expected him to miss out.

    Very annoying about Mendy and Aguero on the bench. Hopefully he comes on and causes some damage.

  33. I suppose at least it guarantees his return at the weekend. This result might also get Mendy back involved sooner rather than later.

  34. Anyone who hasn’t put hazard in yet thinking of waiting or putting him in tonight before price rises? Can he keep it up or is it worth holding nerve?

    driving myself mad by thinking do i need to get him in. I was 25 points clear 10 days ago – left hazard out and now everyone around me has him in and I am in a pack of 7 or 8 with 25 points between us all – current team

    Hennessey – Gomes, VVD, Shaw , Mendy –
    Mane, B Silva , Moura –
    Aguero, Kane, Salah –

    3 transfers left 0 in bank 274 points.

    Was going to take Mendy out(uncertain due to injury) & sacrifice VVD for hazard & either doherty(wolves)/lindelof or Wan Bissaka and go 3-4-3 leaving 700-800k in bank to utilise last transfer when and if needed with thoughts of last transfer being swap kane for lukaku if kane persists with his drought and free even more cash up for october. (it’s worth noting that everyone bar 1 around me hasn’t got kane in their team, which also made me think of dropping kane and mendy for hazard & lukaku instead of the above.

    In need of a good therapist and advice – anyone?

    1. I’m in exactly the same situation. Instantly regretted not putting Hazard and Maddison in at the weekend. But now looking at it again for the weekend, I’m still not convinced it would be the right thing to do. Liverpool and Man City could get a clean sheet at the weekend so taking out Mendy or Van Dijk is a risk. I also wouldn’t want to take out Kane or Salah given their fixtures. It’s worth keeping in mind that that’s only the second hat trick Hazard has scored for Chelsea. Would it surprise me if he does it again at the weekend against West Ham? Absolutely not but it’s probably not likely. So it’s the same choice as last week. Who scores more during the next week of fixtures:

      B. Silva (Cardiff)/ Van Dijk (Southampton)
      Hazard (West Ham)/ Maddison (Huddersfield) – burning 2 transfers as well.

      Ignoring the lottery of the EFL cup games, I think you could make a case for either to be honest. I’m still undecided myself but think it probably needs to be done tonight to as we know Hazard and Maddison are likely to rise in value.

      1. Personally, I would sway towards Hazard/Maddison.

        Yes Silva scored yesterday, but he doesn’t get on the score sheet as regularly as Hazard and VVD is likely to get a clean sheet against Soton, but Maddison has easy opposition too.

        If I were to guess (which obviously holds no water whatsoever in this game), I’d predict:

        B.Silva – 5 points, VVD – 8 points = 13 points
        Hazard – 13 points, Maddison 8 points = 21 points

        1. I’m leaning towards that as an option now but I’d thinking Pedro may need to go as well. Unfortunately I haven’t got the funds to do Hazard/Maddison in for Van Dijk/Pedro.

    2. I like the idea of Doherty and Wan-Bissaka but not sure Lindelof has shown enough yet. I can see Wan-Bissaka and Doherty getting some attacking returns throughout the season too. Lindelof does have be potential of extra games though with Europe so it’s a tough call. You’re certainly much more patient than Ive been when it comes to transfers! Something I definitely need to work on!

      1. In my Telegraph team (where you get sub allocation for the season, not the month), I’m 9 subs deep already, just 5 weeks into the season!!

        Last year, I was more sparring with them, but this year I’m struggling to find a balance.

        I should probably try to get through October using just 1 or 2, to level it off a bit!!…

      2. hi chris

        appreciate your comments – having a palace keeper i probably won’t double up on a defender as well so will bite the bullet and take mendy and VVD out and put doherty and hazard in and go 3-4-3 and a bit gung ho , keep the midfield and attack strong and hold 1 transfer and 800k back although even now i am doubting myself as the back 3 in front of hennessey will be gomez, shaw & doherty – no big hitters in there !!!

  35. Need to consider Hazard for the weekend. With him actually getting that rest tonight for the West ham game will have him raring to go. I can easily see him nabbing a goal or assist and picking up another star man. I had to get Hazard in sooner to stay with my mini league competition.

    1. Might have to wait until the weekend to decide on this one with Mendy and Pedro now looking like injury doubts.

  36. I have 1 sub left this month, any value in bringing in Maddison or Pedro for Mahrez ?
    I’m anxious about his value falling but it looks like he’ll get some game time before October.

  37. I was very tempted to go for Hazard and Maddison for B. Silva and Van Dijk this evening. However with injury doubts now next to Pedro and Mendy for the weekend I’ve decided to hold fire. We know Hazard and Maddison should go up in value tomorrow, however as long as B. Silva or Van Dijk don’t drop in value this should be fine. The only problem could be if they both drop but I’m hoping this is unlikely. This will give us chance to check line ups on Saturday.

  38. Some lucky player in my league had Pogba and Auba! Raced right in front. If Salah and Kane don’t do anything this weekend could be already miles behind.

    1. Yeah it’s not going overly well so far. I’m hoping keeping the faith in Kane and Salah will pay off if they come good and others can’t get them in. You would like to think it’s a matter of time but it’s looking like it’s never going to happen at the moment.

      1. I’m beginning to feel the pressure from the chasing pack as they bunch up behind me in my mini-league. Really need my front three to start banging them in to relieve the pressure. Thank god for Hazard!

        Injuries to Mendy and now Pedro (having no transfers left) have only made things tougher for this month. There’s a lot to be said for having 11 players in your team who will play and I’m realising some mistakes I’ve made being too trigger happy with my transfers.

        On a positive note though, the fit players in my team have decent fixtures this weekend so I’m hoping to limit the damage somewhat:

        Hart (Bournemouth)
        Robertson (Southampton)
        Mendy if involved (Cardiff)
        Gomez (Southampton)
        Mane (Southampton)
        Maddison (Huddersfield)
        Pedro if involved (West Ham)
        Hazard (West Ham)
        Salah (Southampton)
        Aguero (Cardiff)
        Kane (Brighton)

        I’d like to think I could have some decent returns amongst that lot.

        1. Very similar to my team – I wish I’d have gone for Hazard last week now even if it meant being low on transfers to be honest. I’d rather have the points of the board.

  39. DTT,
    Just to confirm, no transfer tonight before the price changes tomorrow.

    We’ll assess the situation before kick off on Saturday 💪😎

    I agree with sticking with Kane and Salah, hardly anyone has them in their teams at the moment in my league. As soon as they come good it will be hard for them to get them back in.

    1. No transfers tonight. If Mendy is out and B. Silva starts against Cardiff then it’s likely to be:

      Mendy out, Laporte in
      Van Dijk out, Maddison in
      Pedro out, Hazard in

      But I’ll wait until Saturday to confirm.

  40. Such a headache with transfers at the moment, as I’m sure most of you have! The Pedro and Mendy injuries could with Silva scoring yesterday have given me such dilemmas.

    Of course, I won’t know how severe the injuries will be before price changes tomorrow morning and ideally I wanted my transfers done by then. The plan was to take Kane out for Lukaku or Auba. This may have to go on the back burner for now.

    Fraser for Bournemouth has gone under the radar. Certain to rise in price, and Bournemouth have some decent fixtures coming up. Well worth considering.

    Still looking at putting Wan Bissaka in the defence, good cheap source of points.

    1. For me, if Mendy is out and B. Silva starts then it’s likely to be:

      Mendy out, Laporte in
      Van Dijk out, Maddison in
      Pedro out, Hazard in

      Less risky using all three transfers now we are a week into the month and I’d be happy taking that team into October anyway. Unless there are any further injuries.

      1. Agree with all of them in fairness. Only difference between your team and mine is I’m carrying Keita instead of Shaw, and he’s a real weak point in my team.

        Could be Mendy, VVD and Keita out, hoping Pedro isn’t as bad as first feared

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