No Transfers this weekend

Just thought it would be useful to make it clear that I won’t be making any transfers for this weekend – just in case anyone is looking out for any.

There’s a few reasons for this. We’ve spent weeks planning our teams and we’ve only given them one week to accumulate points. I can’t see any major problems with my team going into the game week so I’m happy to stand by my initial choices. I may however make some changes before the prices change again next Friday (more on price changes below). I’d like another week to get some answers to questions from game week 1. Such as:

Will James start this week for Man Utd? Worth a punt at his value if he does but not sure I’d be keen on him if he doesn’t (despite the goal from the bench last week).

Can Rashford get on the score sheet again or will Martial start down the middle again?

Will Pogba put in another good performance?

Will Pepe start? Will he get anywhere near Aubameyang in terms of points?

Will Barkley start again and look more likely to get on the score sheet? 

Will Pulisic start and does he look good value for 3m?

Can Man Utd keep another clean sheet? Thought they were lucky to get one against Chelsea.

Can Liverpool get a clean sheet against Southampton? It was a concern that they leaked a goal against Norwich.

Does Mane start? And is he ‘essential’?

How do City and Spurs get on against each other? Worth considering another City defender if they can grab another clean sheet? Is it time to move Moura on or does he perform against Spurs? Does B. Silva start or get any game time? Is Walker-Peters worth a punt at 2m?

For me there’s too many questions that still remain unanswered. As a result I’m happy to wait this week out. I’m also tied up for most of Saturday so there’s next to no chance that I’ll have the opportunity to check line ups and publish a blog about transfer decisions. Either way it’s early days so after a steady start I’m going to sit tight for another week. This includes if the likes of Gomez or Silva are starting on the bench. I’ll still be leaving them in for this week at least.

Specifics on each player are as follows:

Patricio – keep but monitor how he gets on against Man Utd and Torino. If City keep another clean sheet consider going with Ederson.

Robertson – keep
Gomez – keep unless he starts to get dropped to the bench
Zinchenko – keep
Maitland-Niles – keep but if Arsenal fail to keep a clean sheet against Burnley he could be one to move on before their fixtures get tough. Potential replacement being Walker-Peters

Sterling – keep
Moura – consider moving on for Pepe, Barkley or James (need to be evaluated)
B. Silva – consider moving on if he’s benched again. This won’t be until after the weekend but players such as Mane, De Bruyne or Pogba could be an option.

Salah – keep
Kane – keep
Aubameyang – monitor against Burnley. If he doesn’t score well consider replacing with Rashford (if Rashford plays well against Wolves). This would free up funds to upgrade B. Silva.

A quick note on price changes. I was under the assumption that these would rise/fall by a maximum of 0.3m after game week 3. I’m fairly sure it worked like this last season but apparently price changes are happening straight away this season. This was news to me but I’m fairly sure this is what they will stick with.

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157 thoughts on “No Transfers this weekend

  1. Excellent analysis DTT, I concur with ur observations & future planning, sit tight for another week, then make some transfers.

    1. Just hoping for a good week despite not making any transfers. Hopefully will be worth the wait in the long run.

  2. Yes, strange that prices have risen this week already, although to be fair, most of your team DT have risen in value other than Robbo/Gomez/ B.Silva and Aubameyang.

    Mane has actually gone down in value, since the supercup didn’t count. Might be worth considering him depending on how this weekend goes and I think he will have a good season.

    Possible changes that I may consider soon are:
    Sell = Maitland-Niles + B.Silva/Moura + Aubameyang
    Buy = Rashford + Mane + Walker-Peters

    Too early to say yet though, and will see the outcome of this weekend before making any changes, but least we have a few options.

    1. They have but I still think it puts us as a disadvantage. I was hoping to wisely save my transfers to get an advantage over those who used them all quickly. Some of the players I picked were based around them being likely to rise in value after game week 3 as well. I kind of structured my initial team around this rule. Agree with your suggestions on transfers – it’s just a case of seeing what happens this week first though.

  3. The DT rules quite clearly stated players values would change end of week 3, I read it a couple of days ago when considering transfers, so was quite surprised to see the changes this morning.
    They’re quite rightly having a right go at them on Twitter, they may change them back!!

  4. I’m sure I read in the rules too it was after game week 3, but the rules now say after game week 1. It also says the promotor does not guarantee it will enter into any correspondence over variable player pricing.

    1. It was definitely originally in the rules that it would be game week 3 and I’m fairly sure that’s how it was last season.

  5. I’m going at this slightly differently. I’ll be making all 3 transfers now.

    Gomez out and boly in. Boly got an extra few fixtures in the next few weeks and not sure on gomez being in the xi.

    Barkley out and pulisic in. Hazard was a star man magnet last season and there is that gap to be filled. Nobody else really stands out for them. I’m hoping pulisic can take up this mantle. He’s also impressed me from what I’ve seen.

    Auba out and mane in. Arsenals fixtures turn for the worse after this weekend. I’d like to have auba at home to Burnley but I need to sell to fund the other transfers. Plus I think mane against his old club Southampton can do just as much damage and Liverpool’s fixtures are better. Was tempted by jiminez though

    1. Do you need to do the other transfers to get Mane in? Surely you could do a straight swap of Aubameyang to Mane and go 4-4-2? Or do you need those extra funds for Barkley to Pulisic?

      1. I don’t need the others to get mane in. I’m just very unsure on how often gomez will start and lampard seems to prefer mason mount. I’m just trying to filter out the potential dead wood. I think mane will become essential. My current team is Patricio zinchenko Doherty boly emerson de bruyne mane sterling pulisic Kane Salah. All involved in Europe too so I’m fairly happy

  6. I think Auba to Mane is an excellent move in the coming weeks. I’m keeping Auba this week and will look at things after this week.

    Good luck this weekend everyone, hoping Auba delivers and we get a value increase prior to moving him on.

    1. Mane is a difficult one – he’s priced the same as Aubameyang but generally gets 250-260 points per season. Aubameyang scored closer to 300 last season. B. Silva was only 40 points behind him last season but is 1.5m cheaper. It’s tough but I’ve been trying to get good value players this season to squeeze the most out of the available budget. Having said that I’m very nervous about Mane today – he will probably go and score 2-3 and B. Silva will probably end up on the bench after I’ve just said that but it’s very tough to cover all the big hitters this season.

  7. No Gomez for Liverpool today which is quite frustrating. Anyone planning on taking him out or sit tight? I am leaning towards sticking for now and hoping for him to come on as a last minute sub to collect clean sheet points!

    1. I also have Gomez, frustrating to see him on the bench & definitely one that ill be looking to replace. To be fair i knew he was always going to be one player in my team who would never be guaranteed game time.

      I’ll be keeping an eye on Digne today, with Everton’s fixtures over the next few weeks i think he might be worth a punt.

        1. Ha! Typical of dream team for Digne to deliver when you are thinking of taking him out 🙂 You are 100% right on Gomez, he is 3.5m for a reason, although perhaps it worked in our favour as Liverpool conceeded late.

          I know its early doors, but I am not sure liverpools defence looks sturdy enough to double on their defence…something to keep an eye out over the next few weeks.

          1. I think he has to come out for me. If they aren’t keeping clean sheets and he’s at risk of being benched it’s not worth having him considering the better options out there for a similar price.

      1. Digne could be a good replacement. I’m thinking about moving him on as well. There are better value players out there who are getting game time – Emerson, Shaw, Maguire, Wan-Bissaka. I felt like Gomez was worth a punt for the good early fixtures but I’ve lost patience already.

    2. I sat tight as I was at a wedding all day – disappointing in both respects, that Liverpool couldn’t keep a clean sheet again and that Gomez was left out. I think I’ll be moving him on.

  8. Mane with a goal on half time, will effect my league postioning… I potentially could have 3 non starters this weekend.
    B. Silva?

    1. Glad to see him come on and score. Had I been able to check line ups I may have taken him out.

  9. Maitland niles, & Gomez out, question marks over Moura on bench today, & Aubamayang fixtures stiffen up, a lot of pondering to do.

    1. I think Gomez and Moura are worth looking at in terms of taking out. I get that Maitland-Niles fixtures become more difficult but we can’t take a player out every time this happens. May have to ride these fixtures out as I’m sure he’s going to keep going up in value for the time being.

  10. Right, back in the saddle now after my Cornwall trip and Festival outing today. Work needed on my team and the two I have my eye on ousting are Aubameyang (bad fixtures upcoming) and Moura (benching imminent with Son back?)

    I must admit though there are a few other areas of my team I’m unhappy with also but I’m going to have to suck it up for now I think…

    Kepa – happy to keep with nice fixtures upcoming
    TAA – Liverpool’s defence worries me now with Alison missing but I’ll I’m going to ride it out
    Robbo – as above
    Maitland-Niles – good source of 7+ ratings I reckon even if CS’s are hard to come by.
    Sterling – currently essential
    Moura – worried about starts now, happy to see him score today though.
    Fraser – really disappointing to have two blanks and City up next, may be persuaded to ditch…
    Salah – dissatisfying to have the blank today but will keep for now
    Vardy – willing to give more time as I like that Leicester midfield so j hope they can provide for him
    Auba – bad fixtures, should I move on even though he’s two in two?

    All in all I’m not happy with my team and I have nobody else to blame but myself. KDB and Mane are two players I really want now but I think I need to shift Auba and Moura which leave me short on funds, even though I have £1m ITB.

    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated guys. 👍🏻

    1. Moura is a worry for me as well but they do play Newcastle at the weekend. If he gets game time after his goal he could score some more points? I’m fairly sure he will rise in value again and I’m not sure I want to be taking someone out who is on the up. I’d be tempted to ditch Fraser and even maybe Vardy. Aubameyang is a tough one as he’s score two in two but I agree his fixtures become more difficult now. I think I also need De Bruyne or Mane so I’m in a similar position.

  11. Chris I think you need to get rid of one of the liverpool defenders and Fraser and try to find a way to get mane or KDB in , how about mane and mina for fraser and TAA?

    1. Yeah I get your point AJF but I think I’m going to ride it out with the Liverpool defenders. If I was happy with the rest of my team I might consider it but I think attention is needed elsewhere. I really want to get KDB in now I’ve seen him back to his best. If James gets another 25-30 minute run out today I’m tempted to get him in as an enabler (and hopefully see his price rise for a while with him starting at £1m).

      The moves I’m considering are:

      Moura, Fraser, Aubameyang OUT

      James, KDB, Son IN

      The hope would be that KDB & James would outscore Moura & Fraser which I think looks pretty probable now moving forwards. Kane would be just out of reach so I was thinking Son for Spurs coverage and hopefully he’d be daring to go this season after sitting out those initial two games.

      I could however just stick with Aubameyang and bank that final transfer for a rainy day but he’d be facing two tough games.

      1. After looking at some more of those cheap enablers again and after watching Chelsea today, I think I’m going to take a punt on Mount. He played well today and got forwards really well, getting off a few shots and taking his goal really well from his own endeavour. He’s started the last two games too which appeals to me a little more maybe than James at United.

        I’m now thinking of going Moura & Fraser out, Mount & KDB in. Would leave me with the following team:


        £0 ITB
        1 transfer remaining

        Was always going to give Vardy the next two PL games (Sheff U & Bournemouth). Aubameyang does have two tough fixtures but I’ll ride these out I think. I’ll probably move Vardy on after these games. Hopefully Liverpool tighten up at the back soon as that’s been hurting me. Thoughts always welcome, but I’d say for those looking for a cheap enabler, cast your eye over Mount’s stats (only two games granted) and overall play. Very positive attacking midfielder who likes a shot. Perfect for FF. 👍🏻

        1. I hadn’t noticed Vardy’s upcoming fixtures so you’re probably right to hold onto him. I think the changes you’ve suggested would certainly strengthen your team. I’m tempted by De Bruyne myself as Man City’s fixtures are too tempting to ignore.

  12. Personally I think aubameyang is going to be a goal machine this season, he could say get a goal a game and I think arsenal are in better position to deal with these next 2 tough games. I can see your logic on the other 2, I’m in a similar boat with trying to get Mane in, what you think?


    Walker Peter’s



    0 in bank , thinking Barkley needs to go so planning
    Firmino in for salah( keeps liverpool coverage up front)
    James for Moura
    Mane for berkley

    And bank 600k for september

    What do you think?

    1. I think Mane could give you nice cover of the Liverpool attacking players so not sure about Firmino long term, although he’s started well to be fair. Barkley and Moura need to go i agree. I guess the Salah out move is needed to fund the moves you want though I guess. Could work out well.

    2. I’m not sure if I’d want to lose Salah myself. I’d personally probably just swap Barkley and Moura for some like for like players who’ve started well and I’m not even sure I’d swap Moura just yet.

  13. Mane seemed a very good option after this game week. Looking forward to your advice on how to move into the next week

    1. De Bruyne interests me a little bit more with Liverpool playing Arsenal at the weekend.

  14. 0.5 bank
    GK Caballero
    CB Robertson
    CB Zinch
    CB TAA
    CM Sterling
    CM Moura
    CM B.Silva
    CM McNeill
    ST Salah
    ST Kane
    ST Aub

    Aub -> Pukki
    McNeil-> Mane
    TAA -> Walker

    Liverpool look shaky @ the back and don’t want to double up on defence. I think Pukki will out score Aub in the coming game weeks and Mane is a MUST imo. Liverpool’s main man is Mane.

    Thoughts appreciated 🙂

    1. I’m personally hoping Alisson is back fairly soon so I’m keeping faith with TAA and Robbo for now. Mane is a great option but I’m going for KDB personally as the fixture run for City looks sublime.

      Pukki has looked a real handful for Norwich and could be one of those fixture proof striker options as Norwich will attack against anyone.

    2. I like McNeil to Mane but I’m not sure about the other two. I think Liverpool will come good at the back and I’m not sure about Pukki. Hard to say that after he bagged a hat trick at the weekend but for me it’s a bit of the unknown. Hard to tell at this stage if he’s just had a great start and will go quiet or if he will continue to score well throughout the season.

    3. I think De Bruyne is essential this season, especially given City’s upcoming fixtures. Looks back to his best, and playing alongside Rodri is back in the position he flourishes where he can get more assists and goals. I think he will be a Star Man Machine this season. I would sacrifice one of the front 3 to get him in if you had to, I genuinely believe he could be the top points scorer this season.

      I have also been impressed with Daniel James and Mason Mount , they are the standout enablers. Moura/B. Silva OUT, KDB/Mount or James in looks like a good move to me

      1. What’s your thoughts on holding onto Moura until after the Newcastle game? He’s almost certain to rise but appreciate he might be benched.

  15. Fairly steady week, just a few points behind top place in my ML but they do have Wan Bissaka and Rashford to play tonight.

    I’ve got the same team as you at the moment DTT, couple of early thoughts for me below.

    Not feeling Gomez at the moment, rotated at the weekend and Liverpool conceded again. Options to replace Gomez at the moment include Mina for Everton (£2.1m) or Mount for Chelsea (£1.5m) – both considerable cost savings, but will Mina’s points continue, and will Mount be a guaranteed starter?

    B Silva is obviously a rotation concern, as is Moura with Son returning. I like the look of both Mane and KDB, but would need to make more savings to bring them in. Auba to Rashford is a move that I’m keeping my eyes on for the short term. Pukki would be a good early shout, more of an unknown in DT but Norwich play very attacking football regardless of opposition.

    1. Digne could be another good option as a replacement for Gomez or Emerson at Chelsea if they start to improve. I must admit I’m tempted by Mount as well after Chris mentioned him.

    2. As a Chelsea fan myself it seems like Lamps really fancies Mount as a player and it was the same when he was at Derby last season. I know it’s early days however Mount as been one of our standout players and I can only see him getting better as the season goes on. I like the look of Chelseas upcoming fixtures and although they have struggled in front of goal, Norwich & Sheff Utd will be good opurtunities to put this right

  16. Hi Guys,

    Typically I took out Moura when I see that he was benched against City, but then he comes on and scores with his first touch (of course)….

    Fortunately I still have two subs left and am looking to move on Barkley and B.Silva. I’m sure these two will also get points eventually, but I don’t like the uncertainty of their starting position.

    1. I’d have probably done the same if I was around to spot that Moura wasn’t starting. Tempted to move B. Silva on myself if I can upgrade to Mane or De Bruyne.

  17. I’m extremely tempted to transfer out Bernardo silva for de bruyne and auba to rashford, if rashford looks to continue scoring. Anyone else thinking the same

    1. I was tempted by Rashford but Martial seems to be playing down the middle and he’s cheaper. Tempted by him at all?

      1. I am after tonight, but now with pogba missing penalty I think rash will be on them. United seem to get a few pens aswell

        1. Yeah it’s a tough one. I’m wondering if Martial will play down the middle for most of the season. If so he appeals to me over Rashford still but it’s difficult to tell how good they are going to be this season.

  18. Coming towards the end of the Wolves United game. United deserved to lead at HT, Wolves deserved the equaliser, draw will probably be fair.

    Anyway, I’ve been scouting James who started for United tonight and I have to say I’ve not seen anything to make me want to rush out and get him in as an enabler just yet. Maybe he’s best used as an impact sub at this stage?

    Mason Mount on the other hand… 👀

    1. Mount is Lampards blue eyed boy it seems (excuse the pun)… I have Barkely and fully regret putting him in 😒

      Going to need some planning, especially if Gomez is in, doubt. Looking like Mane or De Bruyne to come in… Potentially losing Auba. Nothing certain yet.

      1. Right now, I don’t fancy the Chelsea team at all. I think I mentioned here in pre season that will struggle to score goals and won’t be able to keep them out of the other end (I didn’t even take account of David Luiz). Watching Chelsea in the last three games, their best game was when they utilised the 433 formation against Liverpool rather than 4231 formation vs Man Utd and Leicester so Mount may find difficultly in playing 433 as not really in a winger and Kovacic may be more suited in the 433 sitting with Kante and Jorginho as he is more experienced than Mount. Experience does count as we seen Giroud looks to be number one choice over Abraham and I bet Lampard can’t wait to get the experienced Rudiger back.

        1. I think the fact that Chelsea are light up front is why Lampard will favour Mount getting forward in support at every opportunity though. Willian has looked terrible so far this season and he looks dejected in his body language too. Pedro still looks bright at times but can fade out of games.

          I reckon until the likes of RLC and CHO return, Mount will get the nod to play that no. 10 role. At £1.5m he has to be considered for me.

          1. I must admit I’m tempted by Mount as well now. My concern is that Moura might play against Newcastle though. What’s your thoughts on this? Tempted to hold fire or just stick Mount in if he’s starting against Norwich?

            1. Lamela replaced him at the weekend and Son will probably return so there’s two players who could bench him right there. My gut says Moura’s benched so I think I’m going to move on. Pretty sure I’m going Fraser and Moura to Mount and KDB this week.

              1. My gut says he will be benched as well but my head says surely not – considering he came on and got a goal? Son surely won’t come straight into the starting line up either? Even if we just held on for another week.

    2. I’m tempted by Mount as well since you pointed him out yesterday. On a slight side note – what does it take for Patricio to get a 7+ rating. Surely saving a penalty is like the holy grail for a keeper?

      1. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t chose Patricio as my goalkeeper – WhoScored does not like him at all for some reason. So no chance of a 7+ rating. Hence why he got only around 35 points last season and that is when Wolves had a great season. Imagine if they have a bad one which is still possible with Europa to contend with and a very small squad.

        1. Yeah it’s an odd one. 35 points was a very poor return last season but I took a punt on him this time around. I guess if it looks like it’s not going to pay off it will be easy enough to replace him though. Aubameyang out for Martial and then Patricio out for Ederson would be easy enough or simply swap him for someone like Pickford.

          1. Martial is no more fun to own!!! Martial had star man the first week, his rating went down to the same as Rashford after the Final whistle and he lost it to Rashford, this week Moutinho was star man, his rating went down to joint with martial and yet Moutinho kept star man? It’s the inconsistency that’s most annoying

            1. Yeah, being a Martial is frustrating, I wouldn’t recommend him that’s why I am eyeing up Pukki as a replacement.

              1. I think swapping martial for Pukki would be a mistake, both in good form but the fixtures are massively in martials favour

                1. I’d be happy with 15 points in 2 games for a 3m striker in Martial? Surely he’s only going to rise in value as well?

    1. Had another fall out with pep when he was pulled. Need to keep an eye if jesus will be preferred??

      1. I know mentioned it before on here, but anyone having trouble with the phone app? Keeps throwing me out and I can’t select any of my teams?

        1. I think they’ve been having some problems with it. I’ve been using the website for the time being.

  19. Hi ddt what are your thoughts on swapping your team to a 343, swapping:
    Gomez to mane,
    B.Silva to De Bruyne,
    Salah to Jesus…
    Do you think the 3 swaps would outscore the original 3 ?

    1. Ok, let’s start with Salah to Jesus because that is the only way to enable the other moves as presumably but not surprisingly you got the same team as DTT with only 0.5m in the bank.

      So first off you want to take out Salah who plays 90 minutes each game for Jesus who plays 60 or 30 minutes at most. Salah who is on pens and history of scoring 400 points so proven track record. So a brave move, could pay off but risky considering Salah’s high ownership but some people like it to risk or play safe. You have to decide which group you belong to.

      Next, we done that move in comes DeBruyne for B. Silva. Myself I never tend do these sideway moves were I swapping two players of the same team in the same position unless injury or to raise money. Maybe other people do this. E For example, I got Martial in my team but not thinking of changing to Rashford, Aubamenyang to Lacazette or changing Kane to Son. Anyway, back to DeBruyne yes he had a fine game vs Spurs but did he have many chances to score? Is he going to score more goals that advanced B. Silva and therefore a lot more points? Was DeBruyne creativity increased due to the absence of David Silva? Are DeBruyne injuries behind him? Last season my mate kept on transferring him in and out of his team. So again too many doubts for me not over DeBruyne quality but at the expense of B.Silva who is one of the most consistent players in the game.

      Next, Mane for Gomez is a no brainier but without the funds in place by not doing the first move and no money in the bank it really is a non goer.

      These are my thoughts but then again I don’t have the same team as DTT so he might agree with the moves.

      1. I’d agree with your analysis. I personally can’t justify taking Salah out at the moment. Like you say he gets 90 minutes.

    2. I like the moves but I’d be looking at Martial or Rashford over Jesus. Mane should give you some protection over Salah.

      I’m looking getting KDB too I reckon, as if he can stay injury free, he could be one of the top points scorers imo.

    3. It’s an interesting one but I think it comes with a big risk. Salah is very highly owned and if you break it down into expected points having him over Jesus would probably pay off:

      Salah (350), B. Silva (220), Gomez (100) = 670
      Mane (250), De Bruyne (250), Jesus (150) = 650

      It works out very similar in the comparison. However we know Salah is capable of having a big season. I’d rather have:

      Salah (350), De Bruyne or Mane (250), Mount (100) = 700

      I think whichever way you look at it the calculation all come out very similar. It’s just whichever route turns out to be the most lucky.

        1. I think if we said we were happy with 50 points per million spent then it would only be 100 points across the season. It’s hard to imagine that he won’t hit that target now but for me he’s a bit of the unknown – he’s obviously not going to score a hat trick each week but will he get a goal a game, a goal every other game or one a month going forward? It’s hard to tell at this stage. Looks great value for money though but I do like to hold my striker position for the big point scorers.

  20. Cant make my mind up between C. Wilson to Martial, Rashford or Jesus. I know Jesus game time might be limited but he even looks like scoring more than most strikers from the bench. Thoughts welcome.

    1. I like the look of Martial – cheapest and playing through the middle. It’s just hard to see how Man Utd are going to perform in the long term.

  21. Hi chaps

    My team as it stands is:

    Robbo Zinc M.Niles Gomez
    Sterling B.Silva Moura
    Salah Kane Aubameyang

    I’ve been thinking long and hard over these 3 transfers, and cannot for the life of me decide which would be better. Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Option A
    Moura to KDB
    Gomez to Mina
    Salah to Mane

    Option B
    Moura to KDB
    Gomez to Digne
    B.Silva to Mason Mount

    Thank you in advance

    1. I’m in the same boat with a similar team. I think I’m personally favouring option B. That way we can keep Salah but also accommodate either KDB or Mane. I’m still tempted to hold onto Moura for the time being though. I know he was benched but 5 points and 8 points over the two game weeks – could we have wanted much more? And they play Newcastle this week?

      1. Seems a crazy idea to me to be getting rid of Moura just before they play Newcastle at home and I am saying that as a Newcastle fan. We are the whipping boys this season as Pukki showed.

        Moura in top form now and ready to explode.

        1. Agree completely – I guess most people are worried that he will be benched again and that’s my concern as well but if he starts could be a decent point scoring game for him.

  22. I haven’t published this yet as I’m still considering my options but I think transfers are all about timings and checking starting line ups. My current team is:

    Patricio – keep
    Robertson – keep
    Zinchenko – keep
    Maitland-Niles – unsure about but I think worth keeping as he should rise in value again
    Gomez – take out

    Sterling – keep
    B. Silva – unsure
    Moura – unsure

    Kane – keep
    Salah – keep
    Aubameyang – unsure

    I think the priorities for coming out are Gomez and Moura. However I’m not sure the timings are quite right. Ultimately I was thinking about doing this:

    Gomez out, Mina/Digne in
    Moura out, Mount in
    B. Silva out, De Bruyne in

    However, here are my concerns:

    – Why take Moura out now? He’s picked up 5 and 8 points (couldn’t have asked for much more) and they play Newcastle on Sunday. If he starts this should be a good fixture for him. On the other hand if he’s benched it’s an opportunity missed, unless he comes on and scores.
    – Why take B. Silva out? If he’s starting against Bournemouth surely we might as well just keep hold of him.
    – Gomez, being benched has made me think he might as well come out. Liverpool are also yet to keep a clean sheet and play Arsenal at the weekend.

    The problem is, I can’t bring in an Everton defender before checking to see if Gomez starts. So here’s my proposition:

    Transfer 1: Gomez out and go 3-4-3 if Mount is starting against Norwich.
    Transfer 2: B. Silva out for De Bruyne is B. Silva is benched against Bournemouth

    This means transfer 3 is locked out and we would be stuck with Moura even if he’s benched. But it would leave around 4m to replace him the week after. To me it seems like the only option but I’d be interested in how others see this?

    1. Personally I think we should stick with Moura until the Newcastle game has been played. As you have said, he has scored well considering and there is no reason he shouldn’t see game time in the form that he’s in. The only concern however is that if we do intend to transfer him out in the future (and he doesn’t see game time) then we are at risk of the player price changes working against us (possibly limiting our options).

      I think the one obvious change is for Gomez to be transferred out. Liverpool are not as strong at the back without Alisson and Gomez is not a consistent starter. Everton’s fixture over the coming weeks aren’t too bad (Wolves and eventually City) being the hardest. That leaves the possibility of going 3-4-3 and taking on Mount which will free up funds in preparation or bringing in someone like Mina to take advantage of Everton’s fixtures.

      Personally I see value in B.Silva eventually. He was the golden boy last season and Pep’s 1st pick. I would be surprised if he wasn’t in his long term plans. De Bruyne is a great player but has he really proven himself to be on great form? It has been two games and he is expensive and holds the risk of playing less forward that we’ve seen in past seasons.

      Personally I am happy with your forwards. I think it’s the strongest combination, especially long term. It’s easy to doubt Auba especially with the threat of Lacazette but the same questions were raised last season and Auba ended up scoring well, even when playing on the left. The one possible option I will consider is Martial (and not Rashford). Martial has always been a great player imo and has needed time to adjust in the PL and needed opportunity for which Solskjær is giving him. The question mark isn’t on Martial but United going the distance of the season.

      Overall I would make the following changes:
      Gomez out – Mina in

      And leave it as that for now. I would keep a very close eye on Mane and De Bruyne and consider options of taking Moura out to get at least one of them in eventually (but also bear in mind Everton’s easy fixtures will come to an end). I would also monitor (not change) B.Silva for now and make a decision once we know more.

      1. I agree that it would make sense to keep Moura for now. Even off the bench against a top defence he scored at the weekend.

        Im regretting selecting Barkley over Moura before the season started, now Im looking to move on Barkley and Gomez. This will likely mean I need to sacrifice Auba with 2 in 2 games which I would rather avoid!
        Wondering whether to bring in Mina for Gomez or if Wolves play a strong defence on Thursday, I may opt for a Wolves defender for the extra fixture ahead of the international break.

        1. I think my upcoming potential move will be,
          Gomez – Mina/Digne
          Barkely – Mount (especially him now being behind Willain in the pecking order?)
          Then it’s looking at B. Silva and see if he stills gets a game under pep, and isn’t dropped.

        2. I’m tempted by Mina – I’m not convinced by Wolves at the back myself. Especially with their tough draw in the Europa League play off game.

      2. I agree – favouring holding Moura for now and he’s likely to rise in value this week anyway and if he doesn’t score well against Newcastle we can always move him on before the next price changes. If B. Silva starts then I agree he can stay. Mina is a decent option but I worry about this potential ban that could be coming his way. Did anyone hear any more about what might be happening with this?

    2. Just a word of warning for those considering Digne, he had a slight thigh injury so he could miss the weekend’s game. Dinnery has him at 50% chance at the moment.

      1. Thanks for the heads-up. Digne not playing really weakens Everton’s defense so that may cause me to reconsider Mina. Having said that, if he is 50/50 then he will only be out one game.

      2. Cheers Chris – I hadn’t noticed this. Maybe Mina might be a better and cheaper option.

    3. Great to be back with you all guys.

      Liking the sound of the transfers DTT. I think Moura Stewart was only benched as it was against Man City away from home. If he starts home/easier games then hes likely worth keeping. If hes on the bench in easier games then maybe move him on.

      Historically Gomez was always good to come off the bench in the 90th minute and get a CS, but Liverpool aren’t massively passing the eye test, and with Allison out they seem more shaky so yes let’s get rid and maybe give Mount a whirl. At least the unknown of Chelsea will create a bit of excitement for us all.

      1. Yeah I think Gomez needs to go but I’m not sure about moving Moura on just yet.

    4. I’d keep Moura.!He scored both weeks running. He’ll go up in value. B Silva I’d be concerned for. 3 pts picked up. It’s a difficult one really. Take him out, Bournemouth coming up. May pick up an assist or score. Pepe does favour him. On the other hand, he could drop in price this week, KDB will definitely go up.

      1. Yeah it’s a tough one – I’m happy to wait that one out though. If B. Silva doesn’t start I’ll probably move him on but given his value I’ll want to keep him if he’s starting.

  23. Hi Lads,

    Great work as always, similar position to quiet a few of you regarding my transfer situation.

    Current team / transfer option


    Gomez — Dawson

    Moura — De Bruyne
    Pulisic — Mount


    I see KDB as being essential moving forward, not ideal getting Dawson but only other way to get him in would be to downgrade Augero which i dont really want to do despite him having reduced palying time, still see him getting alot of goals and being first choice.

    Only other options are Rashford or Firmino for Augero

      1. Yes it would but then I wouldn’t have enough transfers or money left to do the other changes and get KDB in

        Did consider augero to rashford / martial and leave moura in but really want to keep augero as none of main contenders in my mini league have him and he’s potentially got a hat trick in him any game – know he’s rotating risk but which city player isn’t??

        1. Yeah I’d be the same if I owned Aguero from the start I’d probably not want to take him out.

  24. I would save the mount to pulisic move if you can for the time being, Feels a sideaways move unless you need to free up the cash.

    1. Need the cash and if i dont make it this week think Mount will rise .1 and Pulisic will drop .1 so i will in effect lose 0.2 mil if i dont make the change now.

      Also agree with some of the comments above about mount being lampards favourite and also getting alot of shots off and into advanced psotions

  25. I watched Wolves vs Man utd last night, apart from a great goal from Neves, the utd defence looked solid, much better than they did against Chelsea, even if Man utd concede Wan bissaka & Maguire look like getting 7+ ratings most games, Man City next few fixtures look great, but Walker & Laporte pricey.

    1. Not fancy any of the Everton defenders? They’ve made a decent start and have good fixtures coming up.

  26. Hi dtt just wondering why you want to bring in de bruyne before mane? Surely mane is becoming essential?

    1. It’s a hard one. I want both but have to choose between one or the other without weakening my overall squad.

      Mane look sharp and a goal threat and will play. I already have Salah so I’m also wondering whether having both Mane and Salah in the same squad is a good move. ..

      DeBryune on the otherhand also looks sharp and we know from previous seasons that when he is on form he is a points machine. He seems first in the pecking order when Pepe chooses his midfielders. At £6m he is also expensive and we have the added threat that he may play deeper (we know Pepe loves tinkering with his squad). Will he really outscore B.Sliva to justify the extra cost…

      Out of the two, I’m verging toward Mane. Will Mane overshadow Salah though? Hmm that’s the question.

      Currently I have Auba/Salah/Kane as my front free. That’s an expensive combo but I’m also unable to think of a stronger 3 that aren’t a rotation risk and that can score goals and achieve points long term.

      It sure is hard this year. Still early days though and 2 game weeks shouldn’t cause anyone to make drastic moves.

    2. I’m not sure I really believe anyone is essential anymore. Last season’s winner didn’t have Kane for most of the season and he’s always been seen as essential. Mane scored well at the weekend but Man City’s fixtures are good and De Bruyne has made a decent start. To be honest if B. Silva starts then I’ll probably stick with him anyway.

  27. Hi lads,
    Thinking of riding the wave this week and not making any transfers. I’ve still 3 left and 0.5 itb.


    Maitland niles
    Matip (forgot to swap him before norwich)

    B Silva



    Pepe/moura > mount. I do think pepe will be good later in the season, looks a good player. But moura looks good against Newcastle if played.

    B silva> mane? Mane more game time.

    Matip > digne?

    Any thoughts?

    1. The transfers make sense – I’d probably move Matip on for the same reason that I want to move Gomez on. I like Pepe as an option but Arsenal do have two tough fixtures and do you need him with Aubameyang? I’m tempted to hold onto Moura for one more week given the Newcastle fixture.

    2. I like the B.Silva to Mane move.

      Digne has an injury concern but I’m led to believe he’ll be ready for the weekend.

      It looks like I’m in the minority with moving Moura this weekend. I just can’t see him starting with Son chomping at the bit to start, I could be wrong though. I probably have different reasons though to be fair as he’ll be part of a double move; Moura and Fraser our for Mount and KDB.

      Norwich are pretty generous defensively so Mount could do well. Statistically, Bournemouth should have conceded more goals so far this season (big chances conceded, shots conceded etc) so I like the thought of KDB against them also. I’m also pretty happy with Mount and KDB longer-term too.

      The two players I’m uncomfortable at not owning presently are Kane and Mane. Especially with Spur’s fixtures excluding the Arsenal game. Kane against a poor Newcastle will have me hiding behind the sofa…😬

  28. Hi DTT,

    Loving the blog as always! Just wanted to see if you were going to do a review for game Week and most likely transfer if any?


    1. Hi Joe – will absolutely do a blog but need to wait for the game week to end so that I can get my overall rank. Wolves need to play tomorrow night first.

  29. Just looked at Rotowire, which gives you expected lineups for upcoming games, Baines down as covering for Digne, but can make decision on Friday nite, B. Silva & Mount in starting lineups, but significantly not Moura.

    1. How accurate is it normally? I’d be concerned if he wasn’t starting but at the same time he didn’t start against City and came on to get a goal. Can’t ask for much more from a 3m player.

    1. What’s drawing you into Jesus rather than Martial? He’s starting and getting a lot of game time for Utd at the moment.

      1. I just think hes started the season well and should have had another goal on saturday, looking really sharp and i think he will see increased game time this season as well.

        I will probably go with Martial as hes also started well and is a lot less risk in terms of playing.

        1. I agree that Jesus will probably get more game time this season. It would certainly be quite a differential pick. I’d be leaning toward Martial though with him playing as their no. 9 and at £3.1m there is good value there.

          1. Agree with that Chris. Martial is almost set to go in for C. Wilson before fridays price change, but I’ve just got something niggling me on Jesus.

          2. I’d agree – I think Martial is decent value at 3m. I’d be tempted to go with him myself if Aubameyang didn’t have two goals in two games.

  30. Evening men.
    I’m thinking about using all 3 transfers this week.
    My team
    Maitland niles
    B Silva

    Was thinking of changing to 343
    Zinc out as I think his injured for Mount.
    B Silva Out not guaranteed playing time atm for Mane. I just feel Mane can hurt me by not having him.
    Aubameyany Out for Aguero. Easier fixtures for Aguero.
    I know this leaves me no city defenders.
    I honestly can’t work out which striker to axe so gonna have all 3 till my transfers next month if it’s not working.

    Any thoughts Please?

    1. I thought Zinchenko just had cramp? I’d be disappointed if he’s injured because I’d not heard about that one. I’d personally keep B. Silva if he’s starting at the weekend. He’s surely worth another week if after last season’s total. I’d agree that Aguero has easier fixtures but is he certain to start after being benched for the first game and then having a falling out with Pep when coming off at the weekend?

      I’d personally be looking to get Gomez out and maybe Barkley if he’s not starting again.

    2. Where did you hear Zinchenko was injured!?? Personally I’d stick with Bilva for one more game as they have an ‘easy’ fixture v Bournemouth and Arsenal shouldn’t be the same rollover they were against Liverpool last season so perhaps wait one more week on that particular move? I’m a big Aguero fan, always have been but just get the feeling this year might not be the same as before for him with Jesus getting more minutes and also that little rift with Pep when he got taken v Spurs. I’m not expecting much from AUB v Liverpool but long term he’ll score well. Good luck whatever you decide!

    3. Zinc is fine mate. Taken from Dinnery’s website:

      Oleksandr Zinchenko
      Thigh Injury
      Further Detail
      Aug 17: “Yeah, it was just a cramp. Everything is okay.”
      Potential Return

      1. I thought he’d done his hamstring the way he went down.
        Food for thought with your views.

  31. Right guys, my current thoughts… I have a similar team to DTT and wasn’t thinking of making too many changes but after a quick play could achieve the following three moves; what do people think?

    Gomez > Mount
    Moura > De Bruyne
    Patricio > Pope

    4-4-2 to 3-4-4, and after Wolves fixture tomorrow night

    1. Don’t like Burnley’s next two fixtures but nice after that. Maybe be worth holding the Patricio to Pope move till then? Will Pope vastly outscore Patricio long term anyway though? Could turn out to be a sideways move imo.

      I really like the other two moves though mate. 👍🏻

      1. I’d need to ‘downgrade’ Patricio to Pope to free up enough cash to be able to make the other two moves this week. Fall £0.5m short otherwise.

    2. Do you have B. Silva as well? If he’s not looking like a regular starter you could move him on for De Bruyne rather than Moura?

      1. Yes, I do… Would this not be a ‘sideways’ step though from Bilva to KDB? Granted I could make the move in two and hold on to Moura but will Son not displace him this weekend? Keeping Patricio for the second extra game could be beneficial I guess… Damn it, I was fairly certain this morning!

        1. I’d say it could potentially be a side ways move – unless B. Silva is benched again. Then I’d say it’s an upgrade given that Silva won’t have started 2 out of 3 games.

  32. Thinking of Salah/ barkley / moura OUT for Firmino / Mount and Mane. Am I mad? Shall I hold until next week as moura has newcastle ? Any suggestions ? Mane has high ownership in my ML – thanks in advance, team at minute


    Walker peters



    124 points at minute , 0 in bank


    1. You’re not completely mad… I’m also thinking of Moura out as he did start on the bench last week and Son is now also available to throw a spanner in the works! He’ll obviously score a hatrick if we take him out but in all seriousness Mane is a good upgrade so can understand you’re thinking. Salah out is brave but perhaps he won’t score as well this season who knows and at least you’ll have coverage with Mane and Firmino. Mount a good enabler who I’m also looking at bringing in.

    2. It’s all relative to each individual but I personally wouldn’t wan to lose Salah. You’ve done well to get Kane, Aubameyang, Salah and De Bruyne so having Mane as well might not give the team a great balance. Also considering he’s playing Arsenal at the weekend I wouldn’t see it as something to look at urgently. The only move I’d be tempted to make is Barkley out and Mount in if Barkley doesn’t start. If he does I’m not sure I’d change much.

    3. The FFS Scoutcast have been singing the praises of Firmino early doors this season. Could be a nice alternative. Good stats (although only two games in) so far.

      Mount is a player I’m bringing in too as I reckon he could be a punt worth taking with RLC out. Should get good game time.

      Always a danger removing Salah due to his sheer shot count. If he gets in the groove he could really hurt the teams without him. Having both Mane and Firmino though could negate that risk somewhat. Interesting strategy.

      1. what about another option – Robertson, Barklay, Moura out & Mina, Mane & Mount in . That way I keep Salah whilst Mina seems a good bargain defender at the minute , naturally leaves me without liverpool defensive coverage – grits teeth???


  33. Hi all… DTT I was wondering if you are going to make any transfers this week would you be making them tonight to avoid any negative price change. For example mounts price rising tomorrow morning ?

    1. I’ll almost certainly be doing one transfer, which will be Gomez out for a player who is likely to go up in value. At the moment this is likely to be Mina, Digne or Mount. I’ll almost certainly save the other two transfers until the weekend. Will put up a post later to confirm though.

      1. Just a note on Digne, Silva has confirmed today that he’ll be ready for selection at the weekend, but then went onto add “and so will Baines”. Not sure if that casts any doubt over that left-back slot but I’d still think Digne will start personally.

        1. Cheers Chris – I think I’ll opt for Mina as he’s surely certain to keep rising in value for a while.

  34. Mina is well cheap and you’ll have a few squid left over. I don’t think Everton face any of the big 6 until the end of September. Which will be Man City up first.

  35. Mina is well cheap and you’ll have a few squid left over. I don’t think Everton face any of the big 6 until the end of September. Which will be Man City up first. Also I Jesus is a better shout than Martial . I have a feeling Aguero could be benched this week.

    1. Yep, an excellent price for sure. He should also offer good attacking potential from getting on the end of corners and free-kicks into the box too. Price should rise continually for a while too.

      I’m keeping faith with my backline for now though, even though I really hate Maitland-Niles-Niles’s next two fixtures. 😬 #playingthelonggame

    2. Yeah I think he will continue to go up in price as well regardless of how Everton perform over the next few weeks.

  36. Adrian, I’m in a similar boat to you. I wouldn’t mind having Mane in my team. I also have Barkley who I think needs to go. Personally, I’m going to wait on the Chelsea line-up first to see whether Barkely/Mount starts.

    In terms of who to lose, I could lose TAA, who at 5m would free up some cash, since I also have Robertson, however I’m all too familiar how many points TAA can accumulate after he alone almost lost me last year’s title (but didn’t … :)) with his constant assists!!

    Current team


    Wan Bissaka

    Barkley (Out maybe for Mount)


    £0 in the bank… As ever, any other thoughts or strategies, welcome.

  37. good team Lee I agree on possible barkley for Mount other than that for now I think it’s fine , be hard to get in Mane unless you did TAA to Mina and then swapped B Silva for mane or dropped down on one of the strikers

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