November Transfer 1

November Transfer 1

Quick post as I’m short on time. Not ideal Azpilicueta being benched today but I’ll suck that one up considering it’s a single game week and we’ve got an International break approaching. I do want to move Traore on though and I’m taking a massive punt. I’m bringing in Mbeumo as Brentford play Norwich, he’s down as a midfielder playing up front and he’s only 2.3m. This is basically a move to enable some bigger changes after the International break. He will either blank or it will look like a masterstroke. Time will tell. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets injured and Traore comes on and scores but I think it’s worth a risk.

Traore out
Mbeumo in

4 thoughts on “November Transfer 1

  1. Apologies for not being around much lately folks (been really struggling for time lately), hope you’re all well and your teams are doing well.

    Think you’re right to take out Traore Paul as he now seems out of favour again. Are you taking out Bertrand today as well? I’m taking him out as I think we can probably all agree this was one move that didn’t work out. I’ve made three moves off the bat this month already so I’m hoping I can hold back the other two for injuries etc. Spurs could be worth investing in this month as they have good fixtures and a shiny brand new manager. If they have a decent honeymoon period there could be points to be had.

    For what it’s worth here’s my moves.


    £0 ITB
    2 transfers remaining
    613 pts as of today

    Feels punty going for double Spurs defence but I want if I’m going down this season I’m going down swinging now. 😂

    1. That last sentence makes no sense at all but you can probably get what I’m trying to say. 😂

    2. A bit annoying Sanchez getting sent off incidentally but I understand it’s only going to be a one game ban so I’ll stick with.

    3. Had a bit of a break during the International’s so just catching up on the comments. Looks like the transfers paid off for you Chris – clean sheet for both Spurs defenders. Kane might have blanked but could be a turning point all the goals he scored in during the break.

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