November Transfer 3

November Transfer 3

Just following on from yesterday’s post. If Mane starts this evening, I’m bringing him in for Salah. If for some reason Mane doesn’t start I’m just going to hang onto Salah. But I think the transfer will be:

Salah out
Mane in

21 thoughts on “November Transfer 3

  1. after watching the match come to the conclusion
    that Barnes will have to go his price will only be one and six soon.
    he is being rotated to often now.

    1. I have to say I am not his biggest fan: I saw a lot of Leicester last season and noted his pace gets him into really good positions but his finishing is awful. In my pre season analysis, I noticed he scored 96 points last season but he also had a large amount of blanks so was towards of my list for inconsistency. I don’t think he plays in the Europa expect the first game. I decided not to put him in my value will go and down. That has proved the case as three months into the season he is still cheap at 2.2m (Grealish has gone from 3m to 4.5m in that same time period). So Barnes I would say is not the best enabler (ppm, bargain) people thought he would be.

      1. I don’t think he’s done too bad, he’s only 10 points behind De Bruyne. Although I agree mostly – which is why I’ve never owned him but he’s certainly one I keep considering.

  2. Klopp said after the game Mo Salah has returned a negative test, will resume training on Monday and could feature in midweek game.

    1. Not the news I wanted to hear. Getting burnt with these short term injuries this season. Costing too many transfers.

  3. I transferred out TAA and Salah for Walker and Rashford… was very nearly Robertson and Jota but hey ho! Being patient still with Castagne and Havertz but they better return soon or they’ll soon be facing the chop!

  4. I got rid of TAA for Walker too regretting it already with the Robertson brace. I knew Spurs would score dunno what I was thinking.

    1. I was hoping he played both games, would have picked up 7 points which would have been OK. They’ve got decent fixtures coming and he’d not been rotated until that point. Frustrating though.

  5. can somebody give Werner some lessons on how to
    put the ball in the net atrocious finishing once again.
    most of us have him is he worth it.

    1. He’s worth it for me based on points on the board but must admit I do feel like he should have more.

    1. Very annoying that seeing as I also bought in Walker and they kept a CS… on a positive note, Foden started and scored so very happy that hold has finally(!) paid off but his league minutes are still a slight worry going forwards with Pep Roulette!

        1. For now yes… City aren’t firing and he’s got them out of a few holes and ‘looks good’ when he does play. Hoping for more minutes though with the extra fixtures over the coming weeks.

  6. just watching spurs game the opposing player turns his
    back the ball hits the back of his elbow ref gives him a yellow card.
    where for the love of mike is the game going.

  7. Any plans to bring Salah straight back in Paul or are you going to see how Mane gets on?

    Really hoping Sterling can finally deliver a haul this weekend as he’s way overdue.

    1. I think I’ll probably just put Salah back in straight away – less risk with Mane’s ownership being fairly low in the mini league I’m tracking. Got to agree Sterling is certainly due very soon and I feel like I’m always dodging a bullet when he doesn’t score.

      1. I’m bring him back for Rashford who earned me 8pts and I think Salah’s price dropped so £0.2m made in the process as well.

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