November Transfer 3

November Transfer 3

With Abraham missing for Chelsea today, I’ve decided to go a little maverick with my final transfer. If Jesus starts for Man City at 12:30 today, I’m bringing him in as a short term option. He’s not very highly owned and should get a decent amount of game time with Aguero out. I’m also hoping that other people are stuck with Aguero or Abraham as they have no transfers remaining for the month. Man City also have a decent EFL cup fixture coming up. If Jesus doesn’t start today, I’ll stick to my normal approach and hold onto Abraham for the time being or perhaps review before the 3pm kick off. So the transfer is:

Abraham out
Jesus in
(as long as Jesus starts)

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        1. I could but trying something a bit more out of the ordinary this time and it also wouldn’t leave much in the bank if I wanted to upgrade Mount.

  1. Silly question,

    But do the transfers refresh before the midweek games? Or on Friday this week ahead of the weekend games?


    1. On Friday mate (unfortunately). I’ve really got to get the stench that is Pepe out of my team. He’s not even being called for off the bench now…

  2. I think it’s obvious now we are going to be trying to get Jesus out for vardy as soon as Aguero is back….. problem is we might not be able to afford vardy soon 😨

  3. I can’t believe that this team has only notched up slightly over 750 points this far this season 😳


    I’m seriously lacking this season in my mini leagues after winning them quite convincingly last season. Well over 80 points off the top spot now which is really poor.

    What are peoples opinions on my team moving forward? I’d love to use all 3 transfers straight of the bat on friday but I feel that wouldn’t be wise with the xmas schedule coming up.

    I feel I’ve suffered this season by targeting too many players from the same teams, who quite simply haven’t performed as expected.

    My current thoughts are Mount out, I’d like to replace Mendy as well, hes been my worst transfer of the season. Obviously Aguero has an injury but he could be back in a week or two, would it be wise to keep or sub him for Vardy/Kane?

    Thoughts appreciated.

    1. Loads of games in December so im be cautious about using all 3. Id start with Aguero who is injured for Kane or Vardy if everyone above you has Kane. Id swap Mount for Alli who looks to be hitting some form and playing with more freedom and is a good low owned differential to catch up with.

    2. hi as I have said previously be bold don’t sit on the fence waiting.. look for your weakness in your team and be bold deal with it.
      there is always next months transfers if anything like
      an injury to put it right. I have now 880 points and
      15th in the DTT LEAGUE. it has always worked for me.
      good luck to you. get stuck in.

      1. That’s a great position to be in don. I was quite optimistic before the season started but its just not happening. Injuries and rotation have certainly played a part in my poor season though, hopefully I’m due some luck 🤞🏻

    3. Have you got anything in the bank? It looks like you’ve had a bit of bad luck if you’ve fallen behind because that’s a good team. I’d only have question marks next to Mendy, Mount and Aguero. I’d personally be keen on Kane or Son if you wanted to save funds. I’d probably want KDB in there, if you could downgrade Mendy and upgrade Mount to achieve this but I don’t know what it would leave you in the bank.

  4. Currently got 1.4 ITB. My initial thoughts was Mount to Alli who’s impressing playing more advanced under Mourinho.

    Aguero to Kane or Vardy, slightly edging towards Vardy the I could probably fund Mendy to Periera.

    Thanks for the input lads.

  5. my 3 transfers will be Salah to son.
    james to allie.
    stones to pereira.
    you probably think why change when you are doing well
    thats the way I look at things the 3 that I am changing to
    are just getting nicely into form.
    the 3 I am outing to me are out of form or rotation is getting on me wick.

  6. Hey guys having a good spell atm in my league , up to 6th
    D Silva
    . 6 itb
    Any idea ?

    1. looking at your team just my opinion
      D Silva and Firmino would not be in my team they are holding you back
      for more points. allie mid son or Abraham up front. good luck.

  7. Patricio

    .7 itb
    Salah our Tammy in
    James out Alli in
    Agüero our vardy in

    What do we think chaps. Sitting 2nd in my league. 3rd and 4th catching rapidly.

  8. At long last I’ve been able to shift Pepe out!

    Team as it stands now:


    £0 itb
    2 transfers left.

    Think I’ll leave it at that for this weekend and let Aubameyang have a go at WHU and see what happens. Not many have him so could be a nice differential if he fires.

    Hopefully Mount can rediscover some goal scoring form after his recent goal.

    If I had to raise money this month I’d be tempted to lose Salah with his ongoing ankle issues. Shaqiri and Origi proving to be very good replacements to be called upon.

    1. Interesting to see the Liverpool block, something I have considered myself.

      Playing catch up abit in my leagues and that would be a good differential.

      Does there involvement in euro super cup (which don’t count towards dreamteam) and missing domestic games not concern you this month though?

      My dilemma is do I hold onto augers and hope he’s fit in next week or so?

      Thinking Salah put myself and pereira can not be overlooked anymore, couple of teams with him in my league have really pulled away.

      Tammy or Vardy?

      And is Kane still essential?

      For me the successful (shield) template is taking just couple of positions up for grabs (gamble/sword)

      Mid range keeper, Rui, Casper, gazzi

      Robbo / Trent or both
      Take your pick – Recce James, Doherty, soyuncu

      Take your pick – maddi/pulisic? Mount/mahrez?

      Kane – is he essential? Dangerous not to have
      Take you pick – Salah/vardy/rashford/augero(Jesus at mo)/son

      Welcome your thoughts on my ramblings

      Good luck to all

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