November Transfer 4

November Transfer 4

Glad to see Mane not starting today. Makes this decision easier. I’m transferring him out for Salah now.

Mane out,
Salah in

Feels like such a waste of two transfers but we weren’t to know Salah would be back so soon and to be honest, I was always going to struggle to use my 5 transfers this month.

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        1. Didn’t like him as an option after he has done very little recently. Typical really – have you got him?

          1. I put in Jesus today in my best team as Aguero was out. My second best team had Mahrez so that overtook it.

  1. Not sure what’s going on with the app but I’m unable to make any changes even though I have 1 substitution left, I have all blue crosses next to ask the players for some unknown reason.😡

      1. On the app . . . I always have issues if I’m removing a player I’ve transferred in using that months transfers.

        Browser is always fine though it should update on the app once you’ve confirmed the transfer on the website

  2. I missed the original Salah transfer so still got him the transfer in the bank. Would you do Davies for Robertson? Cheers.

    1. I could have made that change myself but decided not to so I personally wouldn’t yet. But I probably will at some point.

  3. I posted in GW review . Since activity here. I’ll post here too. Haha

    Great GW review as always Paul. Sometimes transfers do backfire. But in all fairness you’ve made some wise choices along the way up until now. Hopefully Walker plays and keeps a clean sheet today! As for Havertz & Zyiech. Well thats a tough one. Havertz was ticking along nicely until covid. Zyiech had one good week. I fancy Havertz more tbh. He looks like he’s gonna do something positive every time he has the ball . You’re the dtt master. So I’ll run with what ever you think best. I’ve done my Salah transfer as you said. Good job because Mané is on the bench!!! Mahrez is still a concern. Doesn’t seem to be playing well at all. Maybe today could be a turning point. Pepe could be worth a shout. He seems to do well in the Europe league. I think they have Dundalk up next. Could be worth considering for the remaining group stages of the group stages. Like Davies picking up on Thursday night.

    Anyway good luck today all 

    1. Thanks Mick – happy with 10 points from Walker. Massively annoyed I took Mahrez out. Not sure about Pepe with him being suspended. Did you keep hold of Mahrez in the end?

      1. You’re welcome Paul. Yes I missed the other transfer last week with Mahrez . I had him in 2 cash mini league’s. Moved on in one but forgot the other. Luckily me. I know Pepe is suspended . But not in the Europa league. He seems to pick up star man or scores every Thursday night. Just a thought. Because some lads don’t pick up one or the other. At the Walker transfers came good yesterday. A 4-3 or 4-4 would be ideal for today. Be interesting to see if Havertz stats back. Fingers crossed 🤞

  4. No one fancy Ferran Torres ? Baisicaly plays up top and classed as a midfielder on here. Pep loves him aswell. I’m very tempted to switch him with Harvey Barnes

    1. No more changes for me today. Foden was the only player I was considering but not with him on the bench

    1. Yeah nightmare after taking him out – but still managed to rise on the leaderboard. Hate to think where I’d have been had I left him in

  5. Very happy to have left Mahrez in, great start to the week for me with him, Dias, Walker & De bruyne all doing well.

    Rashford tomorrow 🤞🏻

  6. Its just consistency with Mahrez, not sure its worth having him.
    DTT, you got something in mind for your final sub?

  7. Thinking of making the final transfer today dtt or not gonna bother. Got exactly same team as you but I’ve got Barnes instead of havertz.

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