November Transfer 5

November Transfer 5

With Havertz on the bench and Chelsea having tough fixtures this week, I’m going for another player who’s got some decent fixtures coming up – Harvey Barnes. He might be a short term option with fresh transfers on the horizon but I thought it was worth rolling the dice.

Havertz out
Barnes in

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    1. 4m now – so if Barnes has a good week roll on December because I’ll be glad to upgrade Davies and I’ll be able to pick any defender I want.

  1. If you have Barnes already, would u make another change or leave it. I have one transfer left. Any ideas

    1. Tough one – but probably not. My next transfer will be Davies out and probably Robertson in, but I’m not 100% sure yet

  2. Mendy and Zouma didn’t pick up a 7.0 rating in a 0-0 game so frustrating sometimes. When the Fotmob app I have reckons Mendy was star man.

    Whoscored are weird sometimes with their scores

    1. I was baffled as well but to be honest I didn’t even expect them to keep a clean sheet.

    1. I doubt I’d make that move mate, on the basis of up coming fixtures for Villa. I’m actually considering bringing him in.

      If Villa play well and score goals, he’s likely to be at the heart of it.

  3. Never thought I’d say this but the I’m starting to think the chelsea midfielder I need isn’t ziyech or havertz, it’s mason mount.

    1. I remember he did OK at the start of last season, I can’t see him being as explosive as Havertz or Ziyech or scoring more points than them over the course of the season but you never know.

    1. It was disappointing to see him starting on the bench but I’d have taken 8 points before kick off even if he had been starting the game.

  4. I bet you feared the worst Paul, when you seen Barnes on the bench, I doubted that transfer, should guarantee his place in the starting lineup on Thursday, I have Evans in my team, but until they get Pereira, Castagne, & Soyuncu back I may have to get rid.

    1. I absolutely feared the worst when I saw he was on the bench, delighted with 8 points and I’d have been happy with that even if he started the game. Hopefully he starts on Thursday now as well like you say.

  5. Not sure what happened their, doubted that transfer Paul, putting Barnes in, paid off, should be guaranteed a start on Thursday.

  6. Currently leading my ML but 2nd-5th all have Grealish so it was disappointing to see him score and get Star Man despite them losing last night!

    1. Yeah he seems to be the player to own at the moment – looks like their game has been cancelled on Friday though.

  7. What are peoples thoughts on Ziyech? Is he a hold for now or a swap to Grealish?

    He does have the extra games in Europe but will he score more points? This isn’t a knee jerk after last nights star man performance, he’s been playing well all season, up there at the top in terms of overall rating and has a favorable up coming fixture list?

    1. I’d want at least one Chelsea midfielder as I can see them scoring well over the season. Not sure which one will come out on top though. I’ll be holding, especially with the Villa game being called off.

      1. Yeah thats certainly put an end to that debate for now.

        I agree a Chelsea mid is needed, it would be Pulisic but for his injury record. Hopefully Ziyech can convince me in the next 2 fixtures, I have no doubt he is a quality footballer, but will he get the points longterm. We shall see.

    1. All depends when it’s going to be rescheduled for. Grealish has been a pain for me as I don’t own him, be a difficult position to be in if you do own him though.

  8. Hello everyone

    Right, I’m treating December as s*** or bust!

    My team is,
    Digne (To take out)
    De Bruyne
    Mane (To take out)
    Werner (To take out)

    Right guys I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on this, basically I’m doing s*** in my mini league and I’m going all for broke now, with my changes obviously I need to take Digne out but I’m not sure with who yet so any ideas will be much appreciated. Secondly I’m willing to keep ziyech and havertz as I’m taking Werner out but again any ideas on a midfielder to being in for one of them will be much appreciated too.. now… Where it gets interesting.. I’m taking Werner and mane out and going to bring in sterling and Jesus!! Huge risk yesss but it could pay off, it may not but I need to do summat bold. Let me know what you all think and any suggestions for a Digne replacement and if you see ziyech and havertz as ok..? Thanks

    1. Hi mate

      Why are you taking Werner out?
      Just to get Sterling in?
      I’m not sure I’d be rushing to get Jesus in.

      1. Alright mate.

        The league I’m in they have Werner but only one has sterling. Yeah Jesus is a huge risk I agree 💯

    2. Why take Mendy out? He’s played less games than Ederson and has almost double the amount of points! Personally GK’s are set and forget for me and best use transfers elsewhere. Digne replacements only Chilwell or Robertson based on your team I’d say. Any particular reason to taking Mane out? You don’t own Salah or Jota (possible replacements but just a sideways move) and many won’t have Mane… Werner’s price helps the squad overall and there’s not a lot who will out score him in that price, and Frank loves him! Rashford another option but United…………………..

      1. December is a very long month. 4 transfers in one go is not the way I would go. Agree with taking out Digne, Robertson is a good pick with him on set pieces with TAA out. The rest of the moves are unnecessary, not against goodkeeper transfers but I don’t see much benefit in Mendy to Ederson. Saying that, I put in Ederson in my team but that was using my November transfer allocation, I wouldn’t like to use that goalkeeper in December. Mane might be a good differential as many would taken him out already (as part of Salah>Mane>Salah move) or will do in December. Don’t know what to make of Werner, hot and cold but the biggest draw is he is on penalties so worth keeping. For December I going to adopt the DTT approach and be very patient with my transfers.

      2. Alright mate.

        Yeah I understand what you’re saying.

        The Guy I’m trying to chase down has Werner, he also has mendy, chilwell and zouma, it’s crippled me with all these Chelsea clean sheets so I’m looking to be bold and man city were the first team that come to my head.

        1. I’d agree with the comments above and especially RR. Wouldn’t be rushing into anything major at the start of a long month. I’ll probably only take out injured players to start with – probably with the exception of Davies. You can’t be that far behind that you need to do anything too extreme already?

  9. Evening All

    I have one transfer left and can’t work out where to use it.





    I have 0.8 itb.
    I feel one of the Chelsea midfielders need to go. I still need someone that is playing European football till that is over for a while. Then I think Grealish needs to come in.

    Thanks for your input

    1. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Chelsea clearly a good side to be on this season and their midfielders will score more points… if I had to move one it would probably be Ziyech (I am a Havertz owner only) and would have said Grealish but he has no game this week nor European fixtures… possible switch to 4-3-3 and bring in Robertson if I was pushed!

      1. Brad.
        I like your thinking m8.
        Robertson in, Ziyech out will European games are over.
        Then Grealish.

        Thanks m8

          1. No worries and good luck! I might bite the bullet and bring in Robertson for Castagne who’s gone AWOL… He was meant to be back after the Int break but 6+ weeks waiting for him to even make the bench is now getting painful!

            1. I think Robertson could be a good move. I’m likely to bring him in for Davies myself

  10. Werner is just not bringing in the points at the moment had him from the start then switched to Son then went back for more this month and missed the good few weeks he actually had regardless whether he is on pens or not he is really starting to piss me off… Does anybody else feel the same? He’s had the ball in the net 4/5 times only for it to be ruled offside. There has to be a better option?

    1. I did the same to Son and back… Little bit frustrating he’s missed a few points of late but he keeps putting the ball in the net as you say just a bit unlucky… personally I’m going to stick with for now. He’s on pens, he plays almost every game, he knows where the goal is, he will score more points.

      1. He’s also scored well over the course of the start of the season. Can be frustrating to own but can’t argue with the points on the board in comparison to someone like Sterling.

  11. Alright guys thanks for you’re input I appreciate it and after a little think I’m going to make just two changes and they’re going to be gambles but fingers crossed.
    Digne – Perriera (Leicester
    Ziyech – Walker/Cancelo/Mendy

    Who out of them 3 city defenders would you like in December??

        1. If he wasn’t so injury prone yes… but I personally think Walker is the duller but safer bet. Zinchecko also nicks some minutes at LB as well.

          1. I went for Walker but he’s typically facing more rotation himself now. Dias seems to play a lot

            1. Same but his appears limited to the European games of which they only have one more… I’d hope Walker plays the 6 Prem fixtures in Dec (if fit)… Probably not the League Cup fixture though v Arsenal. I see Ake was also back on the bench last night as well along with Stones so full Pep has a full plethora of players in all positions to mess us all around this month!

    1. If I had Davies and no Robertson and a Nov transfer left I would certainly make that move! I am not DTT though of course but suspect he might endorse that move as well.

      1. I’d certainly be tempted – it’s probably going to be my first transfer for December.

    1. I think the ship might have sailed with Mahrez. Unless you’re willing to hold him for the entire season from now on

  12. I’ve got 2 transfers left and wondering if I should take out havertz and/or ziyech for Barnes and/or grealish.
    Or whether Kane should come out as he is inured until possibly the 9th or later?

    1. I personally think Kane will be back at the weekend. I wouldn’t put Grealish in as their game has been cancelled this weekend

      1. Fingers crossed, don’t really want to take him out. What’s your thoughts on havertz or ziyech? I’m struggling to decide which to take out haha

        1. I’m with Ziyech but only because Havertz didn’t start at the weekend. Could go either way

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