November transfer plans

November transfer plans

With Salah and Alexander-Arnold looking set to miss out this weekend I’ve decided to make some transfers. This is all doing to depend on who starts certain games but at the moment my plan is:

Salah out, Sterling in
If Sterling doesn’t start I’ll hold the transfer until the Liverpool game and will probably bring in Mane instead.

Alexander-Arnold out, Walker in
City have good fixtures coming up after they play Spurs. Walker has the most minutes of any City defender so I’m going for him. Again as long as he starts the game. If he doesn’t I’ll be going for Dias.

Mahrez out, Ziyech in
I don’t feel fully confident about this one but I don’t want to risk Mahrez not playing again and Ziyech seems to be the bandwagon player at the moment. With Chelsea also having easier fixtures over the game week I’ve decided to go for Ziyech. I don’t like having so many Chelsea players in my team but they do seem to be undervalued at the moment.

This will leave two transfers, which I’ll hold for the time being. All being well, Salah can come back in when he’s available and that leaves another transfer to take Ben Davies out.

52 thoughts on “November transfer plans

  1. All sound sensible DTT, will there be confirmation of the transfers when the respective line ups are announced?

    1. I’d take it as confirmed if those players are starting. I’ll only post in the comments to confirm. If I have to rethink because of players on the bench then I’ll do a separate post.

  2. Do you not fancy Rashford Paul?

    Trouble is he may get benched and City will have already started before the United line up is announced.

    1. Yeah I didn’t fancy that double up but it will be short term. I’ll take one of them out after seeing how they get on over the next couple of weeks. I liked their fixtures so hoping at least one of them will return decent points.

  3. Nice transfers DTT.
    I’m in complete agreement with these.
    Hoping to see Havertz on the bench . . .just seems to be lacking some match fitness

  4. Havertz not even on the bench is a bit of a worry. How many games do we think he is going to play in the next 2 weeks

    1. Yeah it’s a strange one. He’s back in training so hoping for some midweek action. If he misses that game I’ll probably take him out.

    1. Just the ones above. So Mahrez out, Ziyech in
      Alexander-Arnold out, Walker in

      I’m not putting Sterling in now because he’s on the bench

      1. Who you thinking off DTT?

        I’m tempted doubling up with Son.
        Short term fix

        Or maybe Rashford

  5. With Sterling on the bench, I’m not making the transfer. I’m still putting Walker in for TAA but I’ll put Mane in for Salah instead of Sterling.

      1. Haha he will probably do well but can’t say that I do at the moment – that comment will backfire tonight I’m sure

  6. I was tempted by Rashford but reading today there’s still doubt… At least we’ll get to see the Utd lineup tonight but Mane/Jota over Sterling now for sure for me.

    1. Yeah I think the same, although you’d really want Sterling for that Burnley game next weekend.

      The positive with Rashford is United need to win both games this week and he should be essential in achieving that.

      If he starts I’ll back him, if not it’s Mane. Either way Salah will be back in when he’s available so it’s a short term move.

  7. Hi dtt,
    Team is
    Robbo, castagne, zouma
    Bruno, Kdb, havertz, foden
    Salah Werner Kane

    Have 3 remaining subs. Foden on the Bench so will swap him for Torres. Good move? I need to double up on chelsea defence to keep up in my mini league. Torres will help free up funds to bring Mendy in before price changes.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

  8. Paul you was right to dodge Rashford 😄 I wasn’t… Although he could have scored. On to the Istanbul game 🤞🏻

    1. I don’t trust Man Utd to get a result against anyone at the moment. Mane will probably blank tonight as well

      1. I went Rashford as well C&B… got the dreaded 6.9 rating and he really should have scored! Fingers crossed for a mid week hatty against Instanbul lol!

  9. Hi all,

    First time post here.

    Never taken it too seriously before this year but currently top 900 on the leaderboard and 2nd in DTT league.

    Good transfer advice as always DTT. Although I am tempted by Mane, I am still debating on who to swap Salah out with. Jota will surely be guaranteed a place in the squad until he returns. But also looking at Arsenals fixtures coming up even Aubameyang might be worth a punt?

    Either way I’m running out of time to make my mind up!

    1. Aubameyang looks a lost soul atm.

      I don’t think his had a shot on target today and hasn’t scored from open play for ages.

      I think I’m going for Mane but I’m so tempted by Jota

    2. Always good to see some new people commenting. Looks like you’ve got off to a fantastic start. Hope you put Aubameyang in though as I’ve got some ground to make up in that mini league 😂

      1. Arsenal are so unpredictable so I decided not to take the risk with Auba.

        However I wish I’d followed my gut and gone with Jota over Mane 🤦🏻‍♂️ You win some, you lose some!

  10. Agreed John. Glad I dodged a bullet with Auba.

    I’m playing it safe with Mane, purely because I can’t take the risk of everyone else going Mane and catching up

    1. Just seen your second post. Was hoping you went Aubameyang after being ahead of me in the mini league

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