November Transfers Confirmed

November Transfers Confirmed

Another quick post as this decision has been discussed in length on previous blogs. I’m making all three transfers this weekend for November. Mkhitaryan has been a weak link for a number of weeks and needs replacing. I wanted to swap him for Sane but this wasn’t possible without making some changes elsewhere. Here are the moves I’ve decided to go for (after some helpful discussions with others in the comments section):

Foster out, Pickford in (purely to help free up funds for other transfers)

Mkhitaryan out, Sane in
Valencia out, Bailly in

Other than Mkhitaryan for Sane, the other transfers are purely to accommodate this change. Hopefully Everton will improve but Foster isn’t exactly a big point scorer anyway. Hopefully Bailly will be a like for like swap for Valencia.

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114 thoughts on “November Transfers Confirmed

    1. We can only hope. I was hoping I’d be able to hold back my transfers for November but still seem to be chasing after that perfect team.

  1. Could be an arguement to bring in sanchez davidson rather than smalling bailly……sanchez nailed on to play all month with tobys injury….spurs have palace at home tmrw wba home after break and his price stock also will most certainly rise over the month…whilst utd keeping a clean sheet at stamford bridge not a shoe in.
    Love to hear your thoughts on this

    1. Ha ha ha…. where were you this morning Darren? Check the previous blog post comments…. Discussed already. Nervous not to have any Man Utd coverage in defence considering their defensive record.

  2. Also in opting for sanchez come dec there will be more transfer money available to upgrade pieters to a good solid defender….

  3. Good luck DTT!
    I am still undecided with my own transfers, running out of time!

    Got a deadline of 3pm cause of Hegazi. I know i put this scenario in the other post but thoughts:

    — opt 1 – kdb -> sane, jesus -> aguero, foster -> pickford
    — opt 2 – kdb -> sane, jesus -> sterling and hegazi -> sanchez —– this option strengthens my defence and problem of having 2 westbrom gk/def, but wont have aguero


    1. I’d go for option one. I’d prefer to have Aguero in. If you take out Foster for Pickford you won’t be doubling up on West Brom coverage at the back will you?

      1. Thanks DTT! ive stuck with option 1!

        I think i’ll hold the 3rd transfer this week. Hoping Everton do not keep a clean sheet and his price value drops again. Whilst hoping west brom keep a clean sheet vs huddersfield.

        Good luck everyone!

      1. Exactly.

        Mkhitaryan out, Sane in
        Valencia out, Bailly in (if Bailly isn’t starting I may look at Smalling)

        Can only make the first transfer by making the second to free up funds! Not sure we will have the info on Bailly/Smalling before City kick off

  4. I like it DTT . . . Nothing ventured . . . Nothing gained. About time lady luck gave us a break with injuries and Everton played somewhere near there potential. Retaining that United defensive coverage is also crucial.

    With 11 goals/assists Sane has the highest goal involvement of any player full stop already and is only going to sky rocket in price . I can’t beleive he’s not getting more hype and he’s been so unlucky not to score more. Two city attackers is a must now. If anyone’s worth using 3 transfers for . . . It’s him!

    Good luck to all

    1. I think it’s the right move. Just highlights how useful the discussions are because I probably wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been talked through. Hoping for a good month.

    1. Smalling instead of Bailly? Or Sanchez from Spurs (if you aren’t worried about having Man Utd coverage)

      1. I’ve done Pick for Foster

        I’ll have a think. Really don’t want to get rid of Valencia

        Thinking of a Mkh transfer with the additional funds now

  5. DTT
    Are we completing
    Sane for mikth
    Valencia for bailly
    By close of play tonight ?
    I’m opting for sanchez davidson
    Cheaper option better games for clean sheets and a larger oppurunity to upgrade pieters of baines come dec
    Always look forward to valueble feedback

  6. Decent start to the weekend. Both players who played today scored points. Another 2 goals and MoM for Salah!! Anytime Pieters scores more than 0 I see that as a plus 😁

  7. injured players have their value protected – is it the same for suspended players or can they decrease in value?

    1. My understanding of the rule is that if a player does not play in a game week, their price does not change.

  8. I was pretty sure that I was going to save my three transfers until after the IB and then react to any injuries, however, all the talk about Sane has caused me to wobble on my decision.

    The move I’m considering is Jesus -> Sane (£1.2m ITB) and the lineups at 1:15 are going to be highly anticipated 🙂

    Even if I don’t make the transfer today I then have to consider whether or not to make a “pending” transfer given that Jesus may drop and Sane rise.

    PS Great blog DTT. I used to be good at this game LOL but have lost my way a little in recent seasons. Reading through your 2016-17 blog during the summer break really helped me to get my game back on track 🙂

    1. I’d personally probably favour Sane over Jesus but I’d favour Aguero over both of them. Glad you find the blog useful – I’m really disappointed by the start I’ve had this season. The blog has reach so many more people this time around and it would have been even better had my team been as successful as last time around.

    2. That’s what I currently have set up.

      I have these transfers pending and will pull the plug before Friday if my current players have a good week and look like they may gain value.

      Ogbonna out for Pieters.
      Kdb out for sane
      Jesus out for aguerro

  9. DTT, theirs a real possibility Smalling & Bailly will both start, which wld b the favoured selection, cld save 0.2 million.

    1. I’d still favour Bailly, purely because I think he’s been a more regular starter when fit.

  10. Everton are just crap, aren’t they ! Getting rid of any Baines Pickford selections, asap ! Thankfully only have two or three in total

      1. I plumped with a couple of Cahill’s just before kick off. I kind of hate that situation, because there’s potential to make rash decisions. ( It was basically Cahill for Rudiger, when team news was announced. Of course, he came on, but still not convinced he is a starter ? ) Bought in Luiz, before & thought of replacing him, but decided to hold fire.
        My present top team, scored 73pts. ( With one transfer left. ) so not too bad. ( 784pts, still 97pts off the magic leaderboard. )
        Absolutely hate the international break !

        1. That’s a good overall score but lagging a bit behind Anthony mate. My best team on 823 points with three transfers left.

          Don’t mind international break, gives me time to ponder my moves.

          1. 823 is a pretty impressive score. How long have you been playing Dream Team? Do you always finish within the top 1,000 or so teams every year you have played? This is only my third season. The first one I didn’t pay much attention too, the second one was last season which I did well in and then this season. I thought following on from last season that it was possible to develop some kind of formula for doing well but it’s not really panning out that way so far.

            1. This is my third season in playing the game. My first season (entered only team) and finished with 2080 points. I wasn’t bothered by overall rank so didn’t jot it down but it wasn’t a bad debut season. Then last season, I entered three team, all achieved over 2,000 points and my best was 2247 and overall rank of 748. This season I have entered 5 teams with my best team is the one that is top of your late league on 823 (worth 68.2m), my main team is on 796 points and my lowest team is on 768 points. All have their transfers left as I tend not to do transfers before international break (a habit I don’t generally break).

              I generally feel that I am getting better at the game but like yourself still need to improve. I don’t really have a formula but I like my team to be flexible as possible with money in the bank to make player trades smoother and generally I buy players at their lowest price (or at bargain rate) and every player sold is for a profit. If a player is overpriced, I generally look elsewhere. There are lots of players in the game. Right now, most of my teams are 442 (a formation I have never used before) but working out pretty well. So I like to try to do my own things and play the game my way.

              1. My best team is with 173 points in the DTT mini league with 33 points this game week. You should check it out. I think it’s a real good team with no real deadwood and with three transfers left and 2.4m in the bank.

              2. It sounds like you’ve managed to do consistently well then. How much of it do you think comes down to luck? I’m convinced that research and keeping on top of fixtures can only take you so far. The margins between success and failure seem very slim.

                1. i think anyone can do well if they have an ounce of footballing nous and enter 10 differing teams and keep an eye on them all – there’s only so many players in the Prem who will get you a good amount of points

                2. My research is pretty intensive. I don’t really look into the luck aspect in great detail. I make mistakes in player selection and try to learn from them. At the end of day regardless of luck, I always believe you finish where you deserve to finish. The league table doesn’t lie. My aim is to finish in the top 500.

                  1. If you believe you finish where you deserve to finish, then I’m sure I’ll be top come the end of the season. This blog is pretty much the only dedicated Dream Team blog there is online and I do a lot of research. Would you say my current position of around 250,000th reflects truly on time and research invested?

        2. That’s a decent score. I’m not a fan of the international break either. Wanted to keep the momentum going.

  11. Well played DTT, good score of over 50 points this week.

    Myself, had a poor one but with three transfers got plenty to mull over the international break.

    1. Thanks – still some way off where I want to be but least it was a more positive week.

  12. Going forward DTT any pre plan thinking at this stage for dec transfers …..or is this the ideal team now ?
    With this new format i feel once you fall behind its almost impossible to chase the front runners as there team more expensive and limited options
    Like ogbonna baines pieters started off sluggish now there not replaceable unless you downgrade a blue chip midfielder/striker
    I have put your team into my mini league as a bit of fun but am sadly 17th out of 20 !
    There littered with utd and city defenders i feel no way back this season…… but i live in hope !
    Love the blog keep it up
    Getting into dream team now
    Its critical you start well in this new sun dream team format sadly you didnt this season and its just i feel damaged limitation till may…
    Its all a learning curve… the likes of mentioned baines pieters ogbonna a real waste and cost any hope of a top 500 finish …… we live and learn and lessons learnt for next seasons pre season thought proccess

    1. I don’t think we are far from the ideal team at the moment. I’ll be looking at fixtures during December and potentially tweak things a little but I’m happy with what we’ve got unless any injuries are picked up.

      I completely agree regarding getting off to a good start, this was essential and it’s now virtually impossible to catch up because of how the game works. However I still don’t look back and think many mistakes were made. I followed the same principles last season and had a very successful run. Having said that every decision I made turned to gold in that season, making it very easy. This time around pretty much everything that could go against us has. Obviously it’s been a very poor start but I still don’t look at the team and think “ah that’s where it went wrong” – every decision has been made on the same principles as last year. I think football in general is very difficult to predict. It’s easy enough, with a little time, to research upcoming fixtures and study last years stats, but this only takes you so far. To do well and reach the top 1,000 or so teams over the course of the season you need a huge slice of luck along the way. After all there are over a million teams entered. I know many will disagree but that’s my personal opinion. With regards to the defence, budget obviously has to be spread around the team. It would be too easy to simply be able to select whichever players you wanted. I always tend to build from the front and have my more budget options at the back. Every team has got to have some cheaper players. I try to fill these with players who might pinch a clean sheet now and then from mid table sides. It’s not worked out for the best but I’m still not sure I’d do a lot differently if I could start the season again.

  13. Currently not doing too bad on 832 points but what can I do to get nearer the top. Current team of:

    De Gea

    I have 0.3 in the bank. What would you do if anything? I have three transfer left this month.

  14. Without looking at prices available on hand i would downgrade one of your big defenders just like DTT did with valencia this week otmendi for maybe a chelsea defender before fridays price change for cahill or indeed de gea (as keepers pts tally over season not extreme) in order to upgrade babayoko who is not a dream team magnet pts wise really need to look at jesus or sergio to really hammer the pts home
    Thats only my opinion

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Had few looks into this at the minute feeling doing this but just worried Lukaku will hit form again.

      Simpson to Gomez
      Bakayoko to Jesus
      Lukaku to Rashford

    2. I’d agree with Darren. You could look at downgrading Azpilicueta or Otamendi to replace Bakayoko. He’s the only real obvious weak link.

      1. I was looking at Simpson to Joe Gomez, otamendi to Christensen and bakayoko to Aguero. What are your thoughts on this or just Simpson to Gomez and bakayoko to Aguero ?

  15. Indeed…dont know what happend to abby on this blog she knew a great deal on how the price rises are calculated each week…i still cant make head to tail of it
    Everytime kane plays irelivant of his pts he seems to go up 300k
    At this rate he’ll be worth 20m come may !

  16. I have 3 transfers still to do… Do I wait until after the international break? Or get some done before price changes…

    Pickford (will probably drop)
    Ogbonna (will drop for sure)
    Valencia (possible drop)
    Tarkowski (rise got star man)
    Davies (unsure?)

    Erikson (possible drop)
    Hazard (no change)
    Salah (certain to rise)

    Lukaku (possible drop)
    Aguero (rise?)
    Kane (possible drop)

    I have 0.5mil. What is peoples opinions on swaps? Thanks

  17. My first ideas from the team above is

    Ogbonna out Christensen in
    Valencia out Bailley in
    Erikson out De Bruyne in

    1. Look like some solid changes. Could you consider Sane over De Bruyne? He’s cheaper and plays in a slightly more advanced role.

      1. I did consider Sane just De Bruyne has the set pieces for city and he’s value should rise by Friday. Is Bailley a regular starter?

          1. Mourinho likes Bailly alot, played him most last season and he was only out this season when injured. I’d see Jones and Bailly getting slightly more games than smalling

  18. Not the best of weeks for me, but I’m still sitting on 850 pts and 3 subs remaining for November.

    Part of me wants to wait to see what happens with the IB, but there seems to be a thin line between jumping the gun and missing the boat when you are contending with potential injuries and price fluctuation.

    Tempted to sacrifice Otamendi who is suspended for a game to free up some funds to bring in 2 of the following three – Sane, Hazard, Aguero

    For Fernandinho & Jesus….

    1. I’m in same sort of boat to get rid of bakayoko. I’m not convinced in touching my back line though as that’s he difference between me and the rest of my mini leagues.

    2. yes i have the same dilemma. sane seems more secure than aguero at the moment, and in better form. but you know aguero has a hattrick up his sleeve in any given game. the 2m you save could be useful

  19. Apparently he’s set to miss both friendlies… Do you think it’s worth keeping a transfer behind? That means I will have to go for Sane over De Bruyne

    1. No according to spurs website dele winks and harry pulled out as a precaution…be sure the 3 of them will be fit for there next game at the emirates…they will have all batteries charged and rest

  20. i’m looking at crystal palace fixtures and how they defended at wembley and think they’re good value. Scott dann is due a goal. 1 Sane and Dann or 2 Aguero and Fosu Mensah?

        1. I wouldn’t say anyone is absolutely essential this season, other than maybe Kane. I just feel that Aguero will outscore Sane.

  21. Don’t know if it’s being discussed yet it Christensen was getting some game time before the United game at the weekend but now seems nailed on after that performance and he’s only something like 2.7m – decent differential who should rise in price with kante back too

    1. Christensen has crossed my mind since his performance over Utd too, but I’m still not convinced that Chelsea have a settled line of defence or that he will be a regular starter.

      Like Utd, they seem to be juggling it around looking for a perfect solution and until the weekend and they have only kept two clean sheets since September!

        1. i think with Kante back they’ll be a different outfit defensively and they have west brom next

      1. I’d agree Cahill hasn’t exactly been a success for me, but there’s still a long way to go.

  22. Yeah I’m using Christensen to finally get rid of Ogbonna… But who knows what moyes will do coming in??

  23. I have confirmation from a Sun Dream Team representative that price changes wont be happening this week.

  24. Afternoon All,

    I’ve was away last week and I missed the transfers DTT made.

    I’m 178 points away from the top of my league and I feel like I need to make a big balls move.

    I’m tempted to take out Kane to bring in city defenders but I just know that he’ll bag big points at the end of the season?

    I have 0.3 in the bank with two transfers remaining.

    My Team
    Foster – Pope/
    Pieters – has a good run of game until end of Dec (10 games) / could change to Baines but has a difficult few games, 4 hard in Nov/Dec (12 games)
    Cahill – may start most games after Conte publically ousted Luiz
    Valencia – 13 games
    Ogbonna – needs to go as they have a bad run of games Nov/Dec (11 games) – price drop Friday for definite
    Salah – points machine for the price
    Hazard – 13 good games
    Sane – 13 games
    Kane – 12 games – 3 hard?
    Jesus – 13 games – 2 hard?
    Lakaku – 13 games – 2 hard?

    Option One
    Kane for Morata
    Ogbonna for Stones
    0.9 left for Dec

    Option Two
    Kane for Fernandinho
    Ogbonna for Stones
    3.9 for Dec

    Option Three
    Lukaku for Fernandino
    Ogbonna for Stones
    1.2 for Dec

    I’m thinking of price increases as well as all transfers in should rise?

    Any feedback both positive and negative welcomed!

    1. I’d be tempted to get rid of Ogbonna but for someone cheaper. If you fancied a gamble on Everton turning a corner Baines or Williams are cheap. Other than that I’d probably not do much with the team. My main concern would be not having Aguero but Jesus shouldn’t be far behind in terms of points.

  25. Hi folks,

    I did the following transfers:
    KDB-> Sane

    It didnt neccesarily work as both KDB and Jesus scored and KDB got starman, agueros goal and Sane’s 7+ did compensate slightly however. I now have £0m in the bank with one more transfer.

    Foster – 1.6m (price drop likely poor form)
    Hegazi – – £1.7m (price drop likely poor form)
    Valencia – £6.1m (quite expensive for points delivered)
    Luiz – 3.8m (was dropped by Conte, will he start again anytime soon?)
    Davies 4.8m (came on for 2mins, clean sheet points but rose a threat
    Sane 5.9m (just transfered in so will keep)
    Hazard 6.5m (getting 7+ ratings but still isnt scoring)
    Salah (great value and points machine)
    Aguero (Just transfered in keeping)
    Lukaku (form dropped, and price will likely drop)
    Kane 9.8m (undroppable)

    Here are my thoughts for the 1 transfer:

    Foster -> Pickford (cheaper and his price might go up on friday, new manager so clean sheets hopefully)
    Luiz -> Zappacosta (luiz may not play, zappacosta seems safe for now with moses injured)
    Valencia -> Bailly ( have 0.9m in the bank for december)

    Lukaku-> Morata (lukaku price will drop low on confidence – morata scored, price will go up and has good fixtures rest of november)
    Lukaku -> KDB? (I am really regretting taking him out now! Should I bite the bullet and transfer him back in? Price is sure to rise, knee jerk reaction?)

    Would appreciate the help boys, looking to do this before Friday’s price rises.



    1. I’d be tempted to save the transfer or look at replacing Luiz with a cheaper Chelsea defender. Other than that I wouldn’t want to change much at the moment.

  26. DTT just wanted your thoughts on this new imo bizzare price changes
    All my freinds have current teams priced at 64 -62 million whilst mine is 56.3m!… i stated earlier if you dont get off to a flyer the season may well as be over as 140 pts adrift is one thing but having a team that cost in the region of 7m cheaper is another does not seem fair……all opinions welcome
    Logic in sun dream team
    Start off bad….you aint catching up !

    1. I don’t want to be critical of the system or the game as it’s a free to enter service. However I do think it’s very difficult to play catch up if you get off to a bad start.

      1. Same rules for everybody and you get 3 transfers in the first month to use , you have an opportunity to change your team in august so no reason for a bad start really. Everybody must start with a strong core and fit in a few fringe players. I agree with DDT who has said in the past you need abit of luck in this funny old game.

        1. Yes and no.

          Most players go through purple patches. Conversely, most players have low periods where they can go 3 or 4 games without scoring a single point (much like Lukaku at present).

          If you were unlucky enough to choose a usually prolific strike force who had a poor start (such as Kane who historically doesn’t score for the first month or two), it would obviously result in your DT having a bad start, thus losing team value from the off!

          Yes, you have 3 subs, but you aren’t necessarily going take out players who are usually prolific on the basis of drawing blanks in their first two matches.

          It’s easily possible for a bad start to put you 100 points adrift before September arrives, so I think you have to lessen the odds by taking fixtures into account. Even this isn’t full-proof, but it’s all you have.

  27. Kane 10.1m ! No surprise at all….the guy in charge of SDT is a Spurs supporter, season ticket holder. The pricing structure is made up. They clearly have their favourites & players that aren’t. Any five game / five week average is nonsense, given the fact that Kane didn’t score in some games & missed games. ( Another player can blank in one game & go down 0.3m. )

  28. I hear Fellaini and Rojo travelled with the squad for Chelsea game and are expected to be available later this month. Rojo flying majorly under the radar here at £3.5M. Before his injury he was playing regularly, Mourinho likes him. Could be a bargain, what do you reckon DTT?

      1. Before he got injured he was a regular, and their defence hasn’t changed since then. Well, they have bought Lindelof but I wouldn’t consider him a threat as he’s been dreadful.

    1. It’s a good price but I’d want to see him get a few games under his belt first. It’s hard to see him playing week in week out at the moment.

  29. Need some advice here.

    Valencia to bailey
    Kolasinic to walker
    Ogbonna to fosu
    This leaves 2.9 million for Jesus to aguerro next month


    Ogbonna to fosu
    Kdb to sane
    Jesus to aguerro
    This leaves the bank flush

    To currently is
    Valencia Cahill kolasinic ogbonna
    Kdb hazard Salah
    Kane lukaku Jesus

    Have all three transfers and no money.

      1. I am always wary of taking out quality players like KDB. My mate and mini league rival took out KDB for Sane before the Arsenal game and instantly regretted the move as soon as KDB scored. Now he is thinking of bringing him back.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I was leaning on that also. Do you think i should take the plunge now or wait out the month and see how game time goes considering this is a very busy period for city it may well turn out aguerro and sane are rotated heavily as well. If this happen jesus and kdb would be good options

        1. Why looking at Fosu-mensah? He’s got 0 points and I’m not sure if he’s a regular first team player.

          1. I have ogbonna, hes a dud player. If i have to keep a dud why not drop to fosu mensah and make 2 million of ogbonna in the process.

            1. I can’t see much wrong with your team as it is. I’d be tempted to hold onto the transfers.

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