November Transfers Two and Three

November Transfers Two and Three

With two transfers remaining for November but only this weekend’s fixtures left, I thought now would be a good time to use my final transfers. On the condition that the players coming in are a significant upgrade. Here’s what I’ve decided to go for:

Schmeichel out, Kepa in

I see this as a significant upgrade and Chelsea have some decent fixtures coming up this week and during December. I can’t see a budget keeper that I have much faith in doing overly well in the next month or so. Pickford would be a keeper I’d probably be happy with long term as I see Everton comfortably finishing in the top half of the table. However their fixtures don’t look so good at the moment. I may revisit this should Everton have a good run in the new year. This transfer then has a knock on effect for my final transfer of the month…

Maddison out, Shaw in

I’m already aware that this isn’t ideal. However bringing in Kepa only left with me 2.7m to upgrade Maddison. Who has been a little disappointing. Looking at it from a probability point of view my logic is that Shaw would hopefully pick up more clean sheets than Maddison will goals over the next few weeks. Man Utd have some decent fixtures approaching – especially towards the end of December. I think this move is a bit more risky but I still see Shaw as a slight upgrade on Maddison.

All in all, I’m taking out two Leicester players (who will probably finish just inside the top half of the table) for two players who should be pushing for top 4 finishes. I can only see this as an upgrade but whether this pans out can only be left down to luck. I think it will send the team into December in a strong position though. I’m pretty much happy with the rest of the team and this is probably the first season where I’ve felt like I’m ahead of the game in terms of transfers – I’m yet to find myself in the position where I’m waiting for new transfers. Most months I’ve had transfers left over which I’ve almost struggled to use.

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  1. I think those are 2 good transfers very logical plus also 2 players who you could probably stick with for the season barring a disaster. I am thinking maddison for Shaw but for some reason my gut is saying hold him for this week due to perhaps having a point to prove after last week and make it one of my December transfers .
    I’m struggling to use my last one , I’ve found that a good thing over the years rather than using them too quickly. At start of the week I was going Mane to either Sane or D or B Silva to free up cash for an upgrade on maddison but now 10 points this week I’m thinking stick until Thursday in case any injuries – game drives me mad

  2. Hi DTT
    Are you not slightly concerned with lack of Man City midfield? They are outscoring every other midfielder .Mane Hazard etc.

    1. I like the idea of a heavy man city midfield, I’ve got mahrez, thinking of ditching mane for sane if he starts or B Silva, need to free up cash

    2. Not ideal but difficult to know with their midfield who’s going to get the game time.

  3. Accepted David. Pep is a timkerman but there is a couple of mainstays in D. Silva & Sterling. Surely they are worth a consideration. I know they are expensive but so is Mane & Hazard who are performing ok but nothing like the above 2.with a bit of tinkering at least 1 of them could be added. Just my thought’s.
    Regard’s guys

  4. End this topic now guy’s. Guess iv’e answered my own question with no aguero or d.silva. What a Tinkerman pep is. David Kirkwood you are right. 😳😳😳😂😂😂

    1. Think he has a muscle injury Kounterfitz, how long out, who knows, but of late City midfielders out scoring Aguerro, wanted to put Arnautovic in next week, but feel it might be essential to have a City midfielder, are any of them immune from rotation, need players playing every week.

    1. Yeah awful. Really winds me up – Maddison has done very little past few games. Take him out and he scores.

  5. Typical Maddison and Silva on the score sheet and both currently holding star man. Such a frustrating game at times.

  6. The Maddison/Silva situation must be a hard one to take. Seems like none of us are having a good day today so far.

    Hoping City only drawing might see D.Silva introduced.

    1. Could add Schmeichel to that list. Had I made no transfers in November I’d have had 24 points today.

        1. It’s typical – a player does very little for a few weeks then as soon as you take them out they score. Least 7 points is better than the 13 he was on.

  7. Without rubbing it in , I did say on here I fancied maddison to repay from last week. Having said that Kepa and Shaw could make the 24 points up for you on a positive note

    1. It was a good shout – I just thought it’s an upgrade so might aswell get it done. I can’t see Shaw and Kepa now matching Schmeichel and Maddison who are already on 15 points for the weekend. I was expecting 3 points at the most from Schmeichel and Maddison.

  8. Good to see Gündogan take the star man away from both Sterling and Sane (sorry Sane and Sterling owners). Kind of limited the damage somewhat for my main ML.

    Although Arnie didn’t get on the score sheet, he got an assist and 7+ rating so can’t complain with his 5 points I guess. He was took off after 71 minutes too so I’m hoping that was with a view to keep him fresh for midweek.

    Hopefully Aguero and David Silva will start midweek now too. Shame Laporte lost his CS but most teams have at least one City defensive asset I guess.

    Hopefully Salah, Kane and Hazard can do some damage tomorrow.

    1. Also glad to see West Ham get back to winning ways. I’m pinning a lot on my Arnie transfer as he only has 9% ownership right now. Wondering if Fabianski could be a decent choice for a budget keeper moving forwards?

      1. Yeah, Sane looks a great choice for a way into that’s City midfield right now. As we’ve spoke about previously he should get more game time now Mendy is out. He’s also the cheapest option from D.Silva, Sterling and Sane. In December, the next time D.Silva is dropped (which is inevitable given the amount of games) I’d like to probably switch to Sane as long as he starts. Would free up funds too to strengthen elsewhere. Top of the list for players I want.

  9. No start for Martial. So glad I didn’t go for that Kane to Martial swap. Seems like madness now doesn’t it? 😅

      1. Is it right that Matic is playing in defence? What is going on with that United defence?
        De Gea will be classed as a budget keeper option before long!

        1. Yeah, I had my eye on De Gea but when lindelof got injured, think I avoid utd defence. Shaw got lot of competition with Young and Dalot that can play at left back.

            1. I kept warning people about Shaw!! I outed him for being so poor and earning 3 points in 10 games!!… then people bring him in?…

              1. I did see your comments regarding Shaw, the heads up was appreciated however I couldn’t see a better option at that price. It just happened that Maddison got a goal when I didn’t expect him to at the weekend.

        2. It was awful on the back of a couple of clean sheets as well. I thought they had a high chance of getting another against Southampton.

  10. Pep Guardiola: “I don’t know if Sergio Aguero will be fit in midweek. We shall see.” 🥺

  11. I had 3 transfers left so I put Jesus in for aguero and sterling in for Fernandinho last minute big gamble i know but I am 11pts better off so far I just hope Jesus gets another game midweek as not many people have him was I brave or stupid ? As we all know what aguero can do

    1. With three transfers burning a hole in your pocket Dave why not? Could be a great short term move if Aguero misses out again mid-week. Fair play.👌🏼👏

    2. I did the same Dave, replaces Aguero with Jesus as had a few transfers left.

      Hopeful that as he came of after c75mins it’s a good sign he will play midweek.

      Let’s see. Good luck

  12. Some very low scores out there today gents, even in the upper echelons of the leaderboard. Made me feel a little better seeing that most of the top teams have struggled today as well, hope it does for most of you too.

    1. Chris, I know you went for Arnautovic, Felipe Anderson 3.8 million, 38pts in last 4 games, might be worth a punt.

      1. Could be an excellent acquisition at that price with the fixtures they have. Only owned by 1.8% too so could’ve a great differential. Do some scouting on MOTD in a bit. 👍🏻

        1. Anderson looked good on MOTD David, go for it! Good chances of assists as well as goals too with Chiqarito finding form and Arnie to supply.

          1. Current team Chris
            ITB 1.8
            Player’s of concern Hart, Maddison, & Robertson may need to come out to create funds, have Gomez as Liverpool cover, who hopefully will continue to play anywhere along the back 4.
            Hart 1.5
            Maddison2. 5
            Robertson 4.2
            Want to make 2 transfers initially next week & keep 1 back for middle of month, come up with a few permutations, but nothing I’m completely happy with.

            1. I’d be tempted to just make the Hart switch and see how the other players pan out. Robbo gets forward so well that he’s always good for the occasional assist as well as the obvious CS. Maddison may also find some decent form after his (very well taken) goal.

              Good luck though David with whatever you decide. 👍🏻

              1. Just realised, you’d need to do the Robbo transfer to free funds for Anderson right? (I’ve only just woken up, so I’m a bit blurry eyed) 😉.

                1. Thanx Chris, after next Friday’s increases & decreases, if only Hart comes out, might only have 3.2 for keeper, wanted Keppa but may have to be Fabianski, after midweeks games Maddison/Leicester’s fixtures take a turn for the worse, so may have to take Robertson out to release funds, turned off by Man-utd defence now, best quality defender Alderweirald 3.3, may rise who knows, best of luck to everyone today.

          2. Chris, are you looking at the Arnie -> Anderson move next month, it would free funds and also you would retain a West Ham player for their good fixtures. I haven’t watched MOTD yet but I am slightly concerned that even though Arnautovic got the assist he didn’t have a single shot at goal.

            1. I’m going to stick with Arnie for now and see how it pans out I think. I’m sure he’ll be getting his chances with the fixtures coming up. December is such a busy month so I’m expecting a lot of player rotation from a few teams. I may use those moments to make my transfers (once I’ve seen the team news) to maximise playing time. For example if Silva is rested again for a game and Sane plays, I’ll make the swap. Same
              obviously goes for injuries.

        1. Yeah, I actually went up the rankings to 7k from 10k which seems a bit crazy. Was a bit annoyed that Sane didn’t get star man after bringing him in. BBC and Sky sports gave him the man of the match and pep even said he was brilliant. No mention of Gundogan. Being greedy I could have done with an extra 5 points. All well, Sane is a good investment as said before with Mendy out injured.

          1. On current form, with Mendy on the sidelines, I’d say Sane could potentially match Sterling points wise, over the next few months, but at a fraction of the cost.
            I just need to time it right with Pep’s rotation merry-go-round.

            I need to bear in mind that I need to hold a transfer back for Ryan as well.

            I can’t be throwing around transfers too much early doors in December.

  13. Morning chaps,

    I’m in the same position as you’s with Pep rotating his players for each game, i really thought he may have rested Sterling yesterday. As Chris pointed out, i was glad that the star man was taken away from him which saved me a few points.

    I currently own Mahrez from the city midfield and thought he was due to start more games than he has this month, he’s scored pretty well when he has played but that’s the problem, he just isnt playing enough.

    Moving forward i would love to get Sterling in, especially now the teams around me in my mini league have got him in. The problem is using too many transfers (possibly all 3) early on in December.

    To make it easier i could go with a straight swap between Mane & Sane but still run the risk of Peps rotation risk. Knowing my luck i’d put Sane in and he would be rotated again.

    Surely Sterling is due a rest soon though?

    Thoughts on this are welcome.

    Cheers, C&B

  14. Glad I kept Maddison in and switched Schmeichel for Kepa with my last transfer.

    Man U we’re shocking for first half hour yesterday! Not sure what I’ll do with fresh transfers yet. Current team:


    I feel like I need a Man City midfielder but not sure who to sacrifice to give me the funds I need. Will see how the next couple of matches go…

    0.4m in the bank too

  15. What a terrible weekend, what is evident having Saleh & Mane is overkill, Mane needs a big pts haul midweek or he’s gone, preference Felipe Anderson or City midfielder, may I also add, been a big liverpool supporter since their 1st European Cup win in 1977, I would love to see them win the league, they are hanging on to City’s shirt-tails, but don’t have enough fire power in midfield.

    1. May not get the chance David:

      Sadio Mane to be assessed. “He is sitting in the dressing room and has a cut on his foot – 20 minutes before the end of the game – I don’t know how it happened [but it’s a] very painful thing. He didn’t tell me, otherwise maybe we would have changed differently.” #LFC

  16. Well that was a tough weekend for myself, don’t know how the rest of you faired? Here’s my summary and thoughts on the weekend:

    Weekly points: 35 😩
    Total Points: 856
    Position: 6930
    Team value: £56.1m
    Balance: £0.2m

    Ryan: Conceded after 55 seconds after a ridiculous attempted clearance by Bruno. Brighton recovered well and are doing ok. Would be nice to have at least a couple of more clean sheets from him before I probably bid farewell mid December. 0 points.

    Robertson: 8 points 👍🏻

    Laporte: City, whilst beating teams with relative ease, seem be letting the odd goal slip just lately. 0 points.

    Doherty: Wolves form is worrying and I do wonder how long Doherty can keep bailing us out with his attacking contributions. Good lad. 7 points.

    D.Silva: Disappointing to see him benched but hopeful for a start now mid-week. 0 points.

    Richarlison: Another blank. Was always going to be a tough ask today but he’s one that I’m considering ditching in December also. Probably leave him for the next two fixtures though as they are favourable. 0 points.

    Hazard: I’ve been very disappointed with Hazard lately as I expect better returns for his price. Chelsea not looking as potent of late which is worrying. Got his 5 points though which is probably the minimum points you’d say was acceptable from today’s fixture. No longer essential though in my eyes in his current form. 5 points.

    Arnautovic: West Ham looked very impressive against a poor, lacklustre Newcastle. Not really his day but he managed 5 points. Hopeful for more good scores from him in the coming weeks. 5 points.

    Salah: Liverpool’s attacking assets have been very disappointing in the main this season. Salah has been chipping in a bit more lately but no real points explosions that we’ve all been hoping and waiting for. Could do with a lot more for his price. 0 points.

    Aguero: Left out through injury. Doubts over mid-week too. Worrying. 0 points.

    Kane: Got his goal. Continues to now be the most consistent of the skrikers. Surprised by losing to Arsenal in all honesty as I fancied them today after recent form.

    Misery compounded by my (new) nearest rival in my main Mini League having a stormer and getting 76 points. My lead now reduced to 51 points. Not panicking though but a few areas of my team now concern me at the moment. Not feeling as happy about it as I’d like but don’t want to spend my transfers too early this month as it’s a long one games wise. Any thoughts and advice appreciated guys. 👍🏻

    1. I’d be more than happy with your team. I’d probably want to move Ryan on at some point but could easily be swapped for another budget keeper with a good run of fixtures as that’s seemed to work well with Ryan. Any thoughts on Aguero? Might you take him out if he doesn’t play midweek and is also unavailable for the weekend?

  17. Transfers I’m considering during December at the moment:

    Salah to Lacazette
    Richarlison to Gomez
    Ryan to Alison/Ederson

    The Salah transfer gives me enough funds for the other two. These would probably be staggered to give me the option of replacing injured players should the need arise. I’ll probably change my mind a million times before then but just taking a look and seeing how i can get more balance into my team. Any initial thoughts/opinions on these proposals?

    1. I’m thinking along similar lines although I feel Sterling and Auba need to come in.

      Salah – Auba
      Mane – Sterling

      Ideally I’d like to keep one of the Liverpool attackers but the others are becoming more essential at the moment. Auba is now the premier league top scorer and his proving his goal scoring threat.

      Also need to replace Ryan but with limited funds I’m struggling to get in one of the top keepers. Based on fixtures I’m looking at a straight swap to Fabianski.

    2. Alternative option:

      Salah to Lacazette
      Richarlison to Sane
      Ryan to Leno

      Arsenal have good fixtures so Leno may keep the odd clean sheet. Aubameyang is over performing stats wise (40% conversions rate, Kane is normally around just below 20% by the end of the season), thinking Lacazette won’t be far off him points wise over this period and is £1m cheaper. Sane should get plenty of game time and I’d happily have two City midfielders in my team (along with D.Silva currently). Thoughts welcome.

  18. Seems like all I report on here is ‘another crap week’, so might as well keep the trend going!!

    Earned just 40 points, but was more annoyed at losing start men awards in stoppage time for Sane and Maddison!

    I also got stung by Auba, Lacazette and the Liverpool defensive block!! One guy who was below me in my ML shot to the top after earning 60 points from those players!

    I think it’s time to ship out Salah who is owned by just 2 of the top ten in my mini league, so lower risk than Aguero or Kane. If I was brave enough, I’d ship all three out!!

    Also considering losing Ederson. At 4.5m I’m sure I could use some money elsewhere and he rarely gets a 7 rating – Just 2 in his last 9 games. Also earned a rather poor 4 points from his last 5 games!

    Ederson > Kepa
    Salah > Auba

    This will give me 1.9 to spend elsewhere!!

    1. Interesting that a lot of people seem to be losing faith in Salah. I can completely see why but it’s a massive call to take him out.

  19. Aguero a doubt for tomorrow now too and it’s too late to sub him out!

    Poxy locked function!! 🙁

  20. Hi, falling behind in my mini league.. i am sitting 2nd with 730 and top is 789

    Mendy – Robertson – Stones
    Mane – Hazard – Sterling – Willian
    Aguero – Lacazette – Martial
    1.4k in bank

    Advice please!! I am thinking of going with..
    Mendy –> Trent
    Willian –> B.Silva
    Hart –> Kepa

    Must be better transfers i can do 🙁

    1. Personally, I’d be inclined to think about moving on Martial over Willian.

      He had a little purple patch, but I’m not convinced he will continue to score very big. Also, hasn’t he been benched the last couple of games in favour of Rashford and Lukaku?… Can’t say I’ve been paying too much attention to Utd’s strike force.

      1. Very true. My other option would be leaving hart…

        Willian –> Sane
        Mendy –> Gomez
        Martial –> Aubameyang

    2. Hart and Mendy are required right away I’d say (especially as Mendy is out for a good while). I’m a big fan of TAA but he is at risk of rotation? Maybe Gomez would get more game time?

      Kepa looks a good shout.

      Would probably save the final one to cover injuries etc through December. Good luck Freddy. 👍🏻

      1. Thank you Chris. My thinking was to stick with hart as he can’t get any worse than he has been? surely…

        Also thinking either a spurs or city midfield would gain me more points?? and maybe getting Aubameyang although Arsenal have a tendency to slow down in pace…

        top of my mini league has kane and aub which is doing me damage, hoping kane slows down…

        1. “Kane slows down”?…. sorry to say this Freddy, but Kane hasn’t really started by his standards.

          He has had just 5 star man awards from about 20 odd games. This could be due to the recent absences of Alli and Eriksen, but I can see him picking up the pace in December.

    3. I’d probably want to upgrade Martial rather than Willian. Aguero could be an injury concern as well. I’m assuming you’re out of transfers for November and are waiting on December’s allowance?

      1. Yeah no transfers for this month. have no idea what to do now with aguero being injured..

        Thinking of bring kepa and gomez in but not sure whether to swap aguero with aub and bring aguero back in next month but that would mean i use all of my transfers in one go.

        I am now 4th on my mini league 🙁

  21. 2nd in my ML with no money in the bank. 857 Points.

    Robertson- Laporte- Doherty- Luiz
    Hazard -Sterling – Richarlison
    Salah – Kane – Aguero

    Thinking of switching dubravka to Fabianski in goal. Really like the fixtures for west ham until the end of january.

    Other transfer im thinking of is salah/aguero to Auba. Leaning towards aguero over salah because of his general fitness and his low returns in away games. Those arsenal fixtures are really juicy for next month or so.

    1. Could be a good move if Aguero is out injured. I’d imagine many will go down the same route. I’d probably then use the extra funds to upgrade the keeper position.

  22. DTT what would you do I have 1 transfer left to use before Friday with 0 in the bank my team is


    I’m so torn on mane/aguero but I do like the idea of putting kepa in

    1. thats a nice team, i might be tempted to downgrade mane to someone like sane and use the money for a better keeper but it is just tinkering at this stage.

    2. I would start by picking another player cos it will be difficult to win your league with only 10 players!! 😉

        1. I’d probably just take out Aguero and use the funds to upgrade Schmeichel. Other than that I wouldn’t do a lot else.

  23. What are you guys thinking of doing with Aguero in December? Sounds like he may be missing for a few games now. Really want to maximise playing time this month with so many games, so may look at removing him instead of Salah now and hope Salah bags a few double digit hauls which are long overdue. With everyone going for Aubameyang, I just have a gut feeling Lacazette may be able to match him points wise this month so might take a punt on him to free up cash for my other transfers.

    1. It’s a lottery, but Auba seems to be getting more game time of late and he’s ahead of Laca on penalty duties too, so I’m leaning towards him in spite of him being slightly more expensive.

      The frustrating thing is that there’s people in my league who are out of subs. Had we known the extent of Aguero’s injury last weekend, we could have capitalised on two extra games, but as it stands now, Aguero owners with no subs left are in the same boat as us and can remove him with their December subs since ours will not come into effect until the weekend anyway!

      1. Exactly my thoughts Lee. Had I known about the injury I could have made use of the transfers I had left over rather than just using them to tinker with what I already had.

    2. I’ll probably just go with Aubameyang – seriously annoyed at the results from this week. It’s gone down hill very quickly since last Friday. Had I known Aguero was going to be out injured – I wouldn’t have taken out Schmeichel and Maddison when I did. I’d have used the two remaining transfers to evaluate my options regarding Aguero. Now for the first time this season I’m waiting on my December transfers thinking I may need to use a couple straight off the bat. On top of that it’s been an awful points return this week and I’ve had a huge drop on the overall leaderboard.

  24. At least we will have our 3 subs still for Dec. With these injuries I’m thinking Augeuro out for Sterling and Mane for Sane for good Man City coverage

  25. Lacazette 4.7, Aubamayang 5.7 due to rise, will they outscore a City midfielder in December, going to have to keep Mane & Saleh for now, have a must win game against Napoli next week, they both could produce

  26. Only just got in and checked my DT. Well that couldn’t have gone any worse for me tonight. Ryan close to a CS then concedes late on, D.Silva blanked, Aguero didn’t play, Arnautovic off injured. 😩 Absolute disaster.

    Looks like I may have to wave goodbye to Arnie when the transfers renew. Will probably go Arnie to Sane. Pep has got all three of those wingers chomping at the bit to impress now hasn’t he. Star man for Mahrez tonight.

  27. Im done with Aguero now. Thinking of putting Aubameyang in and swapping out Mane for Sterling/silva?

    1. Yeah, my gut tells me to give Lacazette a go this month but my brain is telling me Aubameyang because many people will be bringing him in (and some of my rivals already have him). With Arsenal’s kind fixtures I can see both players playing regularly and there is a real potential for them to batter some of the weaker teams. I think both players should score well and that cheaper price tag on Lacazette is really tempting me.

      My two transfers straight off the bat this week will likely be:

      Aguero to Aubameyang/Lacazette
      Arnautovic to Sane

      Would have liked to tweak other areas of the team in all honesty (Richarlison & Ryan Gameweek 16) but I may just have to field whoever is fit and playing. Not an ideal start to the month but needs must. Been really frustrated with Brighton, playing well and picking up good results but letting that odd (often daft) goal in.

      I’m guessing a lot of you are going Aguero to Aubameyang? Anyone thinking of going left field and going Lacazette?

      1. I tempted to keep Aguero as he would make a great differential if everyone is getting rid. Might miss Chelsea game but the rest of city games look decent for December.

        1. You need to be careful with decisions like this though.

          I have been caught out using this logic a few times only for the player’s ‘return date’ to be pushed back a few more games when I could have been making points. Always an element of risk to it by relying on predicted return dates.

        2. Fair point RR. My fear is that this one could run and run. Pep is always so vague with his injury updates and I can’t see him risking Kun unnecessarily. He was also quoted recently as saying Jesus will play “many minutes” during the month anyway. I e just tweeted Ben Dinnery to see if I can an opinion from him. I’ll post on here if I get a response.

          I’m going to be just short (cash wise) of going Arnautovic to Sane on its own, so the Kun transfer gives me the funds to do it. It was going to be Salah but as Salah is fit, it’s gotta be Aguero. Salah is pretty much a differential in my ML now anyway so hoping he can finally explode. If I could just go Arnie to Sane as a straight swap single transfer I’d do it and keep the big guns up front for now. Sadly I can’t.

          I’ve learnt a harsh lesson though. Never buy players with fitness question marks over them (Arnie). The bloke is made of glass! Got sucked in by the fixtures unfortunately.

          Any other suggestions appreciated if you guys can see something that I’m maybe missing?

          1. Reply from Ben Dinnery:

            Might know more a little later…. But yes, Aguero is considered a doubt at this stage. Some reports suggest 10-14 days.

            Too early for Arnie. Typically 24-48 hours.

      2. I’ll probably stick with Aubameyang. It’s tempting to just go for a City midfielder instead to really free up some funds such as Sane but it’s a bit of a risk.

  28. With the transfer allocation coming in on Friday, I’m guessing there is no way of beating the value changes this week is there?

  29. Those with November subs left and looking to lose Aguero might want to lose him after Friday with their December subs allocation because his price isn’t due to drop, since he hasn’t played.

    Instead you can use your November sub(s) on players where you gain a 0.2m advantage. i.e someone in your team about to drop for someone who is about to rise.

  30. Forgot to make my subs on Saturday as I was at work so two subs left before they reset on Friday. 0m in bank.

    Team is
    Doherty Shaw Laporte Robertson
    Hazard Mane Richarlison
    Salah Kane Auguero

    Was going to sub Mane out for Sane. Auguero for Sterling as soon as I saw the fixtures for last Saturday. Due to work committments when I realised games had already kicked off. Any other suggestions? Auba in instead of Sterling?

  31. Seems like Arnautovic is out until the New Year apparently.

    Leroy, get yourself warmed up son…

  32. Currently weighing up some pros and cons in the Auba / Lacazette debate.

    Whilst I would really like Auba, im sure that when both have been fit and playing thus season, Emery has tended to push Auba more wide left? This is swaying me towards Lacazette as he will be played as the main striker, couple that with the extra million saved it offers real flexibility to other transfers which is very appealing.

    Thoughts welcome?

    1. Yep, that’s been one of my considerations too C&B. However, Salah & Mane didn’t play as the central striker last season and they didn’t do half bad. All depends on the system they play I guess.

      Aubameyang is also no.1 penalty taker.

      It’s a tough call either way and I can fully understand anyone going for either of them.

      1. Auba could have had a hat-trick last night if it wasn’t for De Gea’s heroics

        For me, I’m more confident in Auba scoring more goals than Lacazette. Plus he’s the penalty taker.

  33. DTT, when can we expect your thoughts on upcoming December transfers, Aubamayang/Lacazette, the minefield which is City’s midfield, could really do with some big pts hauls tonight, falling off the pace in my mini league

    1. It’s been a painful week – had two transfers in the bank and felt like I was cruising along so made a couple of tweaks. Then suddenly Aguero misses two games through injury then Mane, Robertson and Shaw all pick up a knock which meant none of them made the bench tonight. I guess it was about time my luck ran out – I have a decent run so far. Fortunately Shaw missing out hasn’t cost me 5 points anyway as Man Utd have already conceded.

      1. Given that Salah didn’t start and Robbo is out, I’ll take tonight’s outcome!

        Goal & SM from Kane
        Goal from Richarlison
        Goal & SM from Maddison
        Assists from Doherty, Kane and Salah…. but most importantly a goal for Burnley, losing that defensive Liverpool block!!

        1. Yep, I’ll take that tonight. Main ML rival did well but managed to get a half decent score from the players tonight.

          Those Wolves and Burnley goals really helped me out, wiping out 2 CS for my rival. He did get SM for VVD, Maddison and Kane though! Glad of the Aubameyang blank too. I reckon Lacazette will start quite a few this month now with the opposition being weaker. Think I’m leaning towards him after reading the analysis I posted earlier.

          Maddison now looking a decent budget midfield option again now after doing nothing for so long! League Cup bonus game too. Well done for choosing to stick with him Lee. Big cahoonahs! 👏

          Hope you all managed to have decent nights too. Even though my team has suffered this week, still really enjoying the challenge of working out a way to get back on track. 💪

      2. Yeah, De Gea’s price must be on a consistent downward spiral for many more weeks to come (no matter what happens over the next few weeks) given his starting price. I can see him coming into the equation January/February time when his price bottoms out and United begin to find form and clean sheets.

  34. Did not expect that points haul given the lineups yesterday and today!

    Goal and star man Maddison
    Goal and star man Kane
    Assist and 7+ Doherty
    Assist and 7+ Salah
    Goal and 7+ Richarlison
    7+ Hazard

    Keeps my top of the GW. Now attention turns to transfers from Friday.

    D Silva

    Aguero out for Auba?
    Anybody have a prognosis on Robertson?

  35. And I think we all need to take a moment to thank Matt Doherty for his constant returns in the face of adversity. 👍🏻🙌👏👌🏼💪 😉

    1. Yes Chris, Considering how much he cost and his constant price rise, which will continue well into next year he is doing extremely well and yet I hear people suggesting he is a weak link that needs monitoring or removing…..Is there another defender that is a better price to points?

  36. 44pts tonight, pretty good, Lacazette will surely start next game & beyond, December transfers, out
    3rd transfer, hopefully Mane back weekend, Bournemouth away, midweek Napoli home, week commencing 15th, replace with D. silva, Stirling, or Sane, but as we all know, things can change rapidly.

  37. Hi all not a regular poster on here but a regular watcher my current team is.
    B Silva

    I need a few options for December transfer, struggling in my league currently 8th with 800 points 120 points behind the top guy.

    1. Hi Tom, well Lindelöf is out of action until around Christmas so I’d be getting in a replacement for him. If you’re looking for a similar priced defender I can’t recommend Doherty highly enough. His attacking returns are phenomenal and if he can get the odd clean sheet as well even better.

      As much as I admire Kante as a player, he’s not really ideal for Fantasy Football due to his lack of attacking returns. Not sure if you’re looking for a similar priced midfielder or if you’re willing to downgrade Aguero (who is also injured for the next 10-14 days by all accounts). Anyway, I’d be looking to shift Kante one way or another.

      Good luck Tom. 👍🏻

  38. 101 points for the week. I’ll certainly take that after the start I’ve had, although I do feel as though I need more Liverpool coverage in defence.

    I’m currently 2nd in my ML and only have Robertson. The guy in first (who’s ahead by 14 points), has a block of Robertson, VVD & Alisson and stings me every time Liverpool keep a sheet, so I’m contemplating losing Edison for Alisson to reduce the blow and free up some cash.

    1. I’ve heard someone mention previously, that historically, teams struggle to keep clean sheets over the busy Christmas period. May be worth investing in midfield and skrikers rather than defence and keeper for this month? As teams tire from the busy schedule, mistakes will happen more often and more goals ensue.

      Certainly an approach I’m considering. Whilst Brighton have a couple of tricky fixtures against Chelsea and Everton this month, they are at home and they can often be a tough but to crack at home. May let Ryan see our this month before transferring him in January. Happy to keep Doherty, Laporte and Robbo in place.

  39. Quick question chaps. Say I wanted to transfer out Arnautovic for one of the City wingers this weekend. Do I have to make the transfer before West Ham’s game at 3pm (even though Arnautovic is out injured), or can I wait until I see the City line-up at tea time on Saturday?

    Many thanks. 👍🏻

    1. You will have to do it before West Ham’s kick off, irrespective of his injury… Definitely.

      1. Ok, thanks Lee. Looks like I’ll have to roll the dice then. Who do we think will get the most game time in December out of Sane and Sterling? Sterling can play left side whereas Sane is only left with Mahrez playing right when he does get a game. With Mendy out do we assume the left slot is Sane’s through December or do we assume rotation of the three with Sterling going left when Mahrez comes in?

  40. Yes, I can see the logic in that, although I’m not sure if the likes of City will endure the same issues, such is the depth of their team.

    There will be a lot of rotation in their squad over the coming weeks.

    Having had a City block a few weeks back (Edison, Laporte & Mendy) it became very noticeable to me that City, much like Spurs, are prone to leaking that one irritating goal!! I was looking at Lloris for the month of December because Spurs have good fixtures, but they proved again last night that they love to leak that singular goal!

    1. Whilst tiredness may not be an issue for such teams with great depth of squads, the very nature of switching players around (especially in defence) can lead to an imbalance of the team though. So this may again lead to the odd defensive mishap.

      Think I’m going to stick with the back 3 and hope my theory (or the theory of someone else that I’m applying to my team) will come to fruition.

  41. Just been looking at some of the predicted line-ups and most indeed say it’s going to be Sterling and Mahrez playing this weekend.

    Think I will therefor switch Arnautovic to Sterling, using the Aguero to Lacazette transfer to help fund it. With Sterling being an option on either flank, this increases his appeal to me moving forwards, even though he’s a premium price.

    1. I already have Sane, and would like to double up with either Mahrez or Sterling too.

      Not sure who yet. Sterling is the obvious choice if funds permit, but trying to second guess Pep seems like an exercise in futility at times

      My plan is to swap out Richarlison after his game against Watford this week, because Everton then face City away and Spurs at home. Not to say that he will not score in these fixtures, but I’ve not been overly impressed with him to be honest. Aside from 3 or 4 games, he’s been fairly static in comparison to what a City midfielder would bring.

      1. He played on the left last night and had more shots than his previous three games up front apparently. Kinda hoping he stays on the left now as crazy as that sounds!

        1. Yeh, I noticed that on the line-up so was pleasantly surprised when he scored.

          That said, some players just perform better from that position. Hazard is a prime example. When he plays as a sole striker his goal ratio is significantly lower than when he plays wide and can cut in on his favoured foot.

    2. Sterling has played up front on occasions. Personally other than the goalkeeper, he will get the most game time and will be putting him in my side this weekend.

      1. I honestly think Sterling will be the player with the highest points total come the end of the season. City and especially Sterling are just so relentless when they are attacking.

        1. Actually Kane may out do him bit purely based on game time. Points per minutes, think Sterling will win out though.

  42. Andy Robertson in full training at Melwood today so looks like he’ll be fine for Bournemouth on Saturday. 👍🏻

    No sign of Clyne, Solanke and Mane.

    1. That’s a relief regarding Robertson – be very frustrating if Mane misses out though. Can’t see me wanting to replacement both Aguero and Mane so early on without knowing how long either is out for.

  43. Liverpool confirm Joe Gomez sustained a fracture to the lower left leg during the 3-1 win at Burnley last night. Initial indications suggest the defender is facing a spell of up to six weeks out of action, though this is dependent on how his treatment and rehab progress. #LFC

  44. Second thoughts… who would people say had the harder fixtures for December out of City & Liverpool, as on reflection I’m wondering if Edison to Alisson is a wise move?…

    City – Chelsea, Hoffenheim, Everton, Leicester, Palace, Leicester, Soton

    Liverpool – Bournemouth, Napoli, Utd, Wolves, Newcastle, Arsenal

    1. Also, I reckon Liverpool will genuinely miss Gomez and his natural ability to spot danger early and snuff it out. I can’t see their being much of a difference between Ederson’s and Alisson’s scores this month and the transfer would perhaps be best used elsewhere when required.

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