November Transfers

November Transfers

With 4 transfers left for the month, I’ve definitely making some today. Unfortunately, I’m going to be away from my laptop when the team news for Chelsea play Leicester. As a result, I’m going to publish two scenarios for my transfers.

Firstly, I’m definitely taking out De Bruyne for B. Silva. Silva has been doing well, De Bruyne has Covid and Silva is much cheaper. It’s an obvious move to me so I’m doing that one now.

Now it gets more complicated as I’m torn between a number of players – Chilwell, Cancelo, James, Moura, Son and Jota mainly.

If Azpilicueta starts

My only transfer will be to bring in Jota for Bertrand. Change of formation to 343
Bertrand out, Jota in

If Azpilicueta doesn’t start, and Chilwell does

I’ll make two transfers:

Azpilicueta out, Chilwell in
Bertrand out, Son in

I can see the benefit of either route, if we only swap Bertrand for Jota it will leave two transfers for next weekend, when I can take out Azpilicueta and Mbeumo with more money in the bank. If I end up bringing in Chilwell and Son, I think that’s a stronger change but I’m then out of funds for replacing Mbeumo. As I’m torn between what to do, I’ll leave it down to Chelsea’s team selection and will go down the routes described above.

If you’re in the WhatsApp group, I should be able to confirm for certain the route I go down while I’m out.

20 thoughts on “November Transfers

  1. Azpilucuta benched so he comes out for Chilwell and Bertrand comes out for Son. Change to 343

  2. As I said to Don in the previous thread, Son could be a great alternative to Kane with Spurs fixtures looking very nice. Surely Spurs start getting more shots in on goal from now on…

    Good moves Paul. Fancy Chelsea for the CS today with Tielemans missing for Leicester.

    1. Thanks Chris, think Son hit the bar so I was disappointed he didn’t get on the scresheet. Hopefully he plays in the week

      1. Such fine margins isn’t it sometimes. Dier also hit the woodwork so
        I would have been in dreamland if both he and Reguilon would have made it onto the scoresheet. I’d expect returns from both Kane and Son on Thursday as long as they both start.

        1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kane goes on to start and Son doesn’t. We will see though. Difficult to know what to do with the likes of Fernandes and Ronaldo now as well. Both come at a price – not sure it’s worth holding Fernandes now though.

  3. Christ, Spurs so bad in that first half, and STILL no shots on goal.

    Expecting much better second half.

    1. Yeah, very pleased to see Reguilon get on the scoresheet but disappointed that Kane didn’t get his goal. Hopefully he can fill his boots against Mura on Thursday.

      1. I was tempted by Regulion this week so was slightly disappointed to see him get on the score sheet. Will be interested to see what kind of team they put out in the week

  4. Ederson
    T Silva
    B Silva

    my team 762 points not sure about Ziyceh.

    1. That’s a good amount of points for this stage of the season. What do you plan to do with Fernandes and Ronaldo given everything that’s going on at Man Utd?

        1. Definitely Ronaldo but I’m not sure about Bruno. Good fixtures in December but will they turn it around and go on a run? Let’s not forget he started on the bench as well

          1. fare enough but as soon as he came on
            you could see the class in him straight away.
            also he did get 5 points as well.
            leave him out at your peril 😉

  5. Chilwell out till at least the New year, decision will then be made to see if he needs surgery, Saul has played their before he prefers centre midfield, but can’t get a look in, welcome to the team Alonso at 4.1 million, very busy month reacess in January.

  6. Anyone considering looking at United defensive assets again come December? With the recent appointment of Rangnick and good December fixtures, maybe there’s value to be had?

    1. I’m going to stick with De Gea but I won’t be doing the double up. I don’t trust them for clean sheets at all

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