October Transfer 1

October Transfer 1

I’ve decided to use my first transfer for the month tonight. It’s a slightly risky one as I don’t know much about Mendy but the logic is as follows. Alisson could be on the sidelines for a short while, so it’s probably worth taking him out. It’s not like clean sheets have been easy to come across so far anyway.

European football is kicking in when we return from the International break. As a result I’d like a goalkeeper who should play in Europe but is also cheaper than Alisson. This leaves very few options – I’d imagine the Europa League teams will rotate goalkeepers and even if they don’t it will be hard to predict who will and won’t. This basically leaves De Gea, Ederson and Mendy. I’ve already disregarded Adrian after the weekend and the fact that it will certainly cost another transfer to take him out. Man Utd have been poor defensively and you wonder if De Gea might face any rotation. Ederson is no cost saving. This basically only leaves Mendy – who is a decent cost saving and could potentially play in the Premier League and Champions League. If it doesn’t pan out, we’ve got plenty of transfers these days to reassess. So the change tonight is:

Alisson out
Mendy in

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  1. Good decision. What’s your thoughts on Werner to Sterling before price change Friday? Hes by far the riskiest player to not have and will probably rise in price.

    1. I’d love to but I’ve got my eye on Podence and Davies and this leaves very little to take them out so I’m holding for now.


    1. Who you guys putting in for allison?
      I’m now thinking with the mendy injury, zouma maybe better coverage for the chelsea defence
      Adrian perhaps the best option?!?!?!?

  2. Interesting move Paul and it’ll be fascinating to see how Chelsea perform defensively over the next few weeks now they’ve got the new keeper in.

    I don’t know if I’m crazy or savvy but I’m going for Adrian. I can see some managers ditching Liverpool defensive assets so by going the other way I’m hoping to steal a march. They are still the go-to team defensively for me.

    J-Rod has a fixture for Columbia pretty late before the Liverpool Derby and Ancelotti has indicated he might not start for it. I’m hoping that may nullify Everton offensively a little. Liverpool then have:


    Obviously it could all go horribly wrong but I’m going to stick with my logic… wish me luck! 😬

    1. Obviously Alisson may return before those fixtures are completed but with it being a shoulder injury, I’d bank on them being on the cautious side with bringing him back into the team.

    2. I watched FPL BlackBox on YouTube tonight with Az & Mark and Mark brought up some stats on the games when Adrian played at the beginning of last season. Of those seven games they only kept two clean sheets but the defensive stats (chances conceded, XGC etc) were pretty decent tbh. If those daft errors can be eradicated then hopefully a few CS’s might be possible.

      I hasten to add though that Everton’s defensive stats for this season are very good, it’s just that daft lad between the sticks that’s ruined it all. 😂

  3. I’m thinking the same with Adrian. Is it worth making tonight to catch Son’s price rise? Surely he will go up 0.3 this week and Werner’s will go down?
    Will Adrian’s price drop 0.3?

    Allison out. Adrian in
    Werner out Son in.

    Good moves to make tonight?

  4. I’m thinking the same with Adrian. Is it worth making tonight to catch Son’s price rise? Surely he will go up 0.3 this week and Werner’s will go down?
    Will Adrian’s price drop 0.3?

    Allison out. Adrian in
    Werner out Son in.

    Good moves to make tonight?

  5. Price changes have happened Ed this morning… I’ve gone from TV of £50.2m to £51m which includes doing Allison & Werner OUT to Mendy & Werner IN. Saw this morning Mendy has withdrawn from the Senegal squad through injury although not too much information available other than a thigh injury and is being sent back to Chelsea for further assessment/treatment. I could have reveresed that one for Adrian instead but hoping it’s not too serious and will return soon whereas Adrian will definitely cost another transfer when Allison returns soon.

  6. three times I asked the sun live chat will there be
    price rises this week, and three times they said there will
    not be any rises this week, until after the internationals.
    that makes the live chat service just like the coach
    complete and utter ………. garbage.

    1. Yeah I did think it might play out like this. It would have been a big change from previous season had they done it like that.

      Nice to see Adrian dropping £0.3m. Straight into my team now.

      1. Guessing they were thinking for next Friday no changes which is understandable. I could have been more interested in Adrian at 0.3m cheaper but needed the move done before the deadline to go Werner to Son at the same time. Hopefully Mendy isn’t a transfer out long term whereas Adrian will surely need addressing when Allison is back.

        1. With how Leeds play I can see Traore getting some joy on the counter-attack and he’s an almost certain starter imo for the next GW.

          I’d be tempted to hold off for a week and have a look at Pulisic & Ziyech. Having Havertz as well mind you might feel like a bit of an overload but you haven’t got to rush any decision just yet.

          By holding off going into this next GW also you can potentially benefit from the price swings by making your transfer either before OR after the deadline, depending on how the players in question have performed.

          GL mate.

  7. Hi

    Does anyone know how to cancel the free coach when using the app? My 30 days are due up and don’t want to pay for this poor service.


    1. cancelling on a lap top.
      go to my account. on the left side it says dream team coach
      press on that then the cancellation sign comes up.
      don’t no if this will help you or not.

  8. From The Athletic:

    How many games could Mendy miss?

    It looks certain that he will miss the Premier League match at home to Southampton on October 17.

    Chelsea begin their Champions League campaign at home to Sevilla three days later and Mendy hopes he will be able to be back for that.

    Chelsea will want to carry out their own tests first though before finalising any potential comeback date.

    1. Seemingly it’s a thigh injury. Happened in training. Is it a definite he won’t be available for the 17th Chris?

      1. No idea in truth Mick. Just reporting back on what I read in The Athletic. Doesn’t sound like anything major so sounds like a hold if you have him.

        1. Mendy’s agent says he will be out for 10 days so possible he will miss the Southampton and Champions league game. Could be back for Man Utd game but see united scoring in that one.

  9. DTT

    Would you consider taking traore out if you had him now? For someone like Barnes? Cheers. Also what’s you’re plan regards to Werner?

  10. Ben Chilwell leaves the England training camp due to a pre-existing foot problem. The full-back is struggling with an ongoing issue – plantar fasciitis – and will return to Cobham for treatment.

  11. Anyone else with Werner keeping or transferring him out this weekend? I was planning on taking him out but he scored again last night for Germany, when is Lampard going to start playing him down the middle again?! Im tempted to give him one more chance and hopefully he bags against Southampton this weekend.

    Was planning on bringing in Dier for Tierney but I’ve heard he’s out of tonights game with a hamstring injury. Reguilon looks a good alternative but is there too much risk of rotation? Could be in for a lot of points these next few weeks with spurs players.

  12. Chris
    Need some help got .4 itb
    My team


    1. How many transfers do you have Steve? Also, I think it’s extremely important to wait until the pressers this week before making any moves. So many question marks hanging over so many players.

  13. Morning All.

    I’m looking for a bit of advice please.

    My current team is





    With 0.2 itb

    Definitely going to bring Adrian in for Alisson
    But I feel like I need to move out Ake as his just not playing atm.
    I’m not sure about William and I’m only thinking of keeping him now because of the Europa league.
    And then their Werner…. His just not playing centre forward. Would anyone be tempted with bringing Son in? I know that would mean double Spurs coverage up front but José normally goes strong in all cup comps so can’t see why he won’t in the Europa.

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated

  14. I forgot to add.

    I was thinking of Holding for the defence.
    I know they have City this weekend but then they have a long run against lower teams in the league and Europa.


  15. Hi everyone, I’ve not commented on here before now and just wanted to introduce myself, I’ve been following dtt for a while now enjoyed reading everybody’s comments and opinions which have helped me with my team so thanks for that, I have just seen the first suggested transfer and have noticed that the app is saying mendy is injured too, I have no idea if this is a serious injury or not as I’ve heard nothing in regards to mendy.

    1. Hi Mike,

      🏥 The Athletic’s @SJohnsonSport reports that Edouard Mendy will miss Chelsea’s game against Southampton this weekend, but should be fit to feature thereafter. Hakim Ziyech is set to play some part, while Ben Chilwell is hoping to be fit.

      #FFScout #FPL #GW5 #ChelseaFC #FantasyPL

      He was sent home early from international duty with a minor thigh injury but the rest seems to have done him some good.

  16. Looking forward to getting back onto Dream Team this weekend. Since I’d posted about bringing Mendy in, I’d switched off from it over the International Break so apologises if I’ve not responded to any comments. I didn’t see the point in going back over any as things have probably moved on since comments were posted last week.

    Mendy picking up an injury was not ideal but what can you do. I only took one calculated risk and it backfired. I’ll probably keep him for the time being and see what happens in the short term. Goalkeeper isn’t a high risk position. Other than that I’ll be considering how to use my final 4 transfers of the month going into the weekends fixtures. The big question really is does Werner need to come out? He’s a great option price wise and would free up good funds for a significant upgrade on Podence. Haven’t decided what to do yet but I’ll be sure to post when I reach a decision.

    1. I’m also mulling over Werner. I’m hoping Pulisic is back this week meaning Werner will be played through the middle. If so I will give him another week before making a decision.

      1. I think I’ll do the same to be honest. I want to see who gets game time in the Europa League as well

        1. I didn’t understand the timing of the Mendy transfer as you could have waited after the international break for injuries?

          1. I think I’d outlined the reasons in the post. Didn’t seem like much of a risk at the time and I thought he would go up by more than 0.1m

  17. KDB is out according to Pep, he didn’t say how long for but it surely throws a spanner in the works. I have no idea who to replace him with. Pulisic is jumping out as a possible punt but that means going into the game with 3 Chelsea attackers.

    Maybe Mahrez is worth considering? Anyone else I am missing?

    1. If I was taking De Bruyne out I’d want Sterling in, appreciate it would take two transfers but he’s the player I’d want.

    2. Having no Chelsea cover myself I’m thinking of Pulisic as my KDB replacement. Would have liked to see him in at least one game first ideally but looks like my hand will be forced.

      Will switch Pickford for Adrian with my final transfer of the month I think and keep Digne until next month’s transfers.

      1. Ha ha, just realised I’ve got three transfers not two. That’s a bonus. Need to decide whether to use them all now. I’m tempted tbh with European football arriving now.

  18. In other news it could be a threadbare Leicester backline this weekend with doubts over Soyuncu, Evans AND Morgan. Vardy also a doubt.

    Villa will fancy their chances there.

  19. me thinks taking de bruneye out is in my opinion
    a mistake owing to the fact most dream teams
    have him in so you wont lose any points.

    1. Yeah he’s the kind of player I’d generally only take out if he was sidelined for a long time.

  20. I’ve seen KDB is out for 2 weeks! But Peps not really committing to a timescale which is concerning. City have liverpool and spurs in the league back to back in November aswell

    1. Thinking about taking him out? I’m tempted but I don’t normally make transfers for short term injuries but it’s a different game this season with 5 transfers.

  21. Who you guys putting in for allison?
    I’m now thinking with the mendy injury, zouma maybe better coverage for the chelsea defence
    Adrian perhaps the best option?!?!?!?

    1. I’m thinking maybe Schmeichel as an option too , hopefully he plays in the Europa league

      1. Possibly . . . It’s a shame Leicester have some defensive injuries. I’m already on Castagne so not sure it’s worth the double up

  22. There is a lot of games to miss out on in the next two weeks if KDB is out for that long!! I’m thinking of taking him out for Pulisic then putting him back in once fit with Novembers transfers. Im also gambling on taking out Alisson and Tierney for Lloris and Reguillon, spurs fixtures look great, surely a Mourinho side has got to pick out 1 or 2 clean sheets out of those fixtures? Or is it too much of gamble…

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s too much of a gamble. Calculated risk but the fixtures make sense.

  23. Welcome back all(:

    Strange to say but kinda good having a break from dreamteam app!! Fresh and ready to rock. Werner to stay or go? Scored during international duty. Could he hit form???
    Is Aguero available to be picked this weekend?
    Havertz played well for Germany over the international period.
    Podence…. Is he the weakest link?
    Can Cavani or Bale do the business?
    Thoughts on was to do with KDB? Any point in taking him out?

    Come on Mr Thompson, tell us your thoughts?

    1. I didn’t want to lose Werner really but it’s certainly tempting to ditch De Bruyne and Werner for Sterling and any other midfielder. I think Podence needs to go as well. Some tough choices ahead. Decisions need to be made this morning though.

    1. I’ll be deciding this morning. No need to rush into anything over the last week as all that matters is who’s fit to play this weekend. Still can’t decide what to do.

    1. I’ve had a week off from thinking about Dream Team with the International break. Back on it now and pondering what to do this morning with the final transfers.

      1. if I take Werner, debruyne out and put sterling in I have 5.2 m to spend on a midfielder. Problem is, is sterling defo fit?? He pulled out the England squad early

  24. So here’s where I’ve got to with final transfers.
    I could take out De Bruyne and Werner. For:
    Sterling and someone like Foden/Mahrez.

    That will give the ideal front three, but obviously makes getting De Bruyne back this month difficult.

    It would also leave something in the bank to upgrade Podence to a player who’s in Europe.

    Any thoughts on this before I confirm?

  25. What about Bale? He’ll play Europe on Thursday and he always scores again West Ham? Time to think outside maybe? Everyone will be jumping on Sterling. Maybe Jack Grealish deserves a shout on form. Not always about the big clubs

    1. I don’t think I’d go Bale yet – he might not play in the Europa League and takes up a striker position. Sterling for me and I’d only be looking at players from teams in Europe with so many additional games coming up.

  26. Yes DTT I think that would be sensible transfers, I think Foden over Mahrez, seems to be getting more game time and doing good this season

    1. Tempted by him for Podence but he’s been a bit flat recently and not sure he will play in Europa League. Might just make two transfers then save two for bringing De Bruyne back in.

    1. I don’t think I’d go Bale yet – he might not play in the Europa League and takes up a striker position.

      1. Mourinho has said he plans to play Bale this week in his favoured position on the right. He’s definitely worth a shout.

  27. Man City play Arsenal. So that’s not an ideal fixture for the right now. And no KDB. I think City players are a risk.

  28. Alisson out for
    Or Lloris?

    Adrian cheap.
    Lloris good fixtures but will he play Europa? Saying that Josè plays a strong team normally

  29. I see a lot of people talking about using the rest of their transfers and also a lot of talk about getting KDB out. My concern is that there are 3 game weeks left still before new transfers. A possible 6 games with European fixtures and surely a high potential for injuries amongst those. Also, surely KDB comes back before the new transfers and people who have kept him could steal a march.

    It’s always tough with City players because Pep is never too forthcoming on the prognosis of his players, but he didn’t look too bad when he came off against England did he? I must admit I’d be tempted to keep him and use the 2 transfers (taking him out and getting him back in) somewhere else.

    Using the funds to get Sterling in is also going to cause quite the headache when KDB is back. It will most definitely use up an extra couple/maybe more transfers when you could have injuries. Personally I’m going to leave KDB in this week and see what they say about him next week.

  30. Mourinho has said he plans to play Bale this week in his favoured position on the right. He’s definitely worth a shout.

  31. You could bring Bale and Barnes in for Podence and Werner and still have money in the bank. Leave KDB in. He’ll be back next week maybe.

  32. Or even bring Traore back in with Bale. But he won’t play European football. At least Barnes will

    1. Foden for me if De Bruyne comes out. I’m fairly sure I’ll swap Werner for Sterling and De Bruyne for Foden. Leaves two transfers to get De Bruyne back if we need him.

  33. Surely Son has got to be an option with spurs on the up and some good fixtures. Son always plays too so no rotation risk. I’m tempted to take out Werner for Son and replace podence with Barnes or foden and maybe de bruyne for pulisic.

    1. I wouldn’t be making any transfers until having all the info. So I’ll be waiting to see the Chelsea line up. If Werner is out wide I’ll probably swap him for Sterling. Then I’ll probably swap De Bruyne for Foden but again not until I’ve seen how Man City line up. So look out for a post at 2pm. I’ll probably do both transfers though.

        1. If I hasn’t made the transfer I doubt I’d do anything now. Alisson is progressing well

    1. Only if they players you take out have played. I’m not taking a Liverpool player out so can wait until later

    1. Yeah made it a very tough decision. What we thinking? I’m leaning on holding onto him

      1. Hold onto werner … kdb has to come out … now that lewin has scored again. Other teams will be pulling away

      2. I’m going to hold. Now Pulisic is back, Ziyach back in the squad they will create more and feed Werner the balls that have been missing since the start of the season.

  34. I’ve decided I’m going to stick with Werner. One more chance given Chelsea have a better fixture than City

    1. If I was taking Werner out but don’t want three Chelsea attacking players with none from City

        1. I would have swapped him for Pulisic if I was at my laptop. But I’ve left it too late to get a blog up on my mobile. Was caught in two minds anyway so might so this next week

  35. Good call everyone.. love it

    Foden or mahrez for kdb ? Is that all we waiting for on this game week ?

  36. How about, taking Debruyne & Podence out, for Mahrez & Foden, leaving 2 transfers for getting De bruyne back in, they should both play next few matches, leaving Davies to tick over for remainder of month, & Mendy maybe back in mid-week.

  37. I think you could get De bruyne back in with either taking out Foden or Mahrez, leaving possibly enough funds to upgrade Davies at some point during the month, with last transfer.

  38. I officially hate Jordan Pickford. Crap whilst owning him and the moment I remove him he goes and takes out my newly bought VVD! 🤬😂

    I’ve got to laugh as some of the shithouse luck I’m getting is just ridiculous.

    On a separate note just how good does Thiago look? Not as a FF option necessarily but he is such a lovely footballer. A joy to watch and really adds another dimension to Liverpool.

    1. I’m still livid with that game. How Pickford didn’t get sent off is beyond me, and how was mane ever offside ?😂 I have to laugh otherwise I’ll cry. Thiago on Other hand is unbelievable

    2. Surely he should have been sent off as well? Can you not be punished for something that’s not been done during play? As it came after the offside call.

      1. Absolutely awful challenge and could have quite easily broken his leg (thankfully not though). Even though VVD ended up being judged offside, surely as it was dangerous play he should have been off.

        1. Yeah exactly – it looked terrible. Richarlison’s was just as bad though but obviously he saw red for it

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