October Transfer 3

October Transfer 3

After a fairly successful game week, the main frustration was the injury to Diaz. Given that Liverpool scored 7 against Rangers, I hate to think how many points Diaz potentially missed out on in that game. Either way, he needs to come out. For me it’s between Foden and Bowen. I’ve gone for Bowen for two reasons – firstly Diaz to Foden would require taking someone else out as well, also Man City only have one fixture next week which is away at Liverpool. With my final two transfers, I’ll then review if I can get Foden in for the following game week, while monitoring how Sterling performs this week.

Diaz out
Bowen in

4 thoughts on “October Transfer 3

    1. I think so, but I like the look of their fixtures over the next week. He’s also one of those players who could score a brace at any point so happy to hold onto him.

  1. I’ve already got Bowen in so I’m thinking of swapping Diaz for Mount. This will leave me with one transfer for the month but leaves me with enough money to take Sterling out for foden if I do it tonight before the price changes. What would you do Paul? Make the 2 transfers tonight or just do the one tonight as abit of a safety net to allow for any injuries

    1. Sorry only just picked this up. I could have done the same transfer with Sterling to Foden, I decided not to given the fixtures for the week ahead. I think I got very lucky that they both dropped by 0.1m

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