October Transfer 3

October Transfer 3

Aubameyang has been very quiet in terms of point scoring over the past few weeks. I’d hoped he would play in the Europa League and would pick up a lot more points than he has with Lacazette being out injured. This didn’t happen. As a result I’m taking him out. I’ve opted for Abraham as the replacement. This is a move I should have done a long time ago. Based on his value Abraham is a bargain and it will free up a lot of funds for strengthening the team elsewhere. This will allow a Patricio to Ederson transfer (as Ederson is the only certain starter at the back for City). So the transfer is:

Aubameyang out
Abraham in

16 thoughts on “October Transfer 3

    1. Yeah it’s been one of those seasons so far. Not really got going yet but had a couple of decent weeks. Very frustrating.

  1. DTT, what’s your reasoning in resisting the clamour to get Aguerro in, Southampton again at weekend, I would think Aguerro will play, as he & Jesus practically played the full 90mins last game.

    1. Abraham has scored roughly the same points and he’s a fraction of the price. This will leave funds to improve elsewhere. If we really want to jump on Aguero we can take Kane out. I just don’t think having the three big hitters is an option this season unless you get massively lucky with cheap players in good form.

  2. Good transfer DTT, makes a lot of sense.

    Abraham is currently joint third in overall points. At 2.5m, thats too hard to ignore. As you say, probably should have moved earlier to get him in but hindsightโ€™s a bitch.

    Ederson i also agree is essential as our defensive City coverage, heโ€™ll be my 1st Nov transfer. I wish i went with my gut feeling & brought him in last month. Plus its only a matter of time before we need to look at replacing Ota.

    Going forward not having Aguero worries me but we canโ€™t have them all. Plus he will continue to be rotated, its what he does in the games he plays though ๐Ÿ™„

    Being dependent on 3 Chelsea players is also a bit of a concern however having the extra funds now gives us options.

    1. Let’s hope Abraham can continue to score, if he can it will be a bargain but he can’t be much worse than Aubameyang has been for us.

  3. Torn between either Tielemans or Pepe, transfer to be made tonight, Tielemans 5 fixtures in November, Pepe possible 7, but 2 are Europa league, Arsenal are currently played 3 won 3, so will probably start those games from the bench, which is the best option.

  4. Im tied between leaving abraham in for this gameweek, or doing the kane swap now

    Chelsea play watford away and ajax mid week

    Tottenham play everton away, and zvezeda mid week kane should be scoring well u’d think?

    Most of my ML have Abraham, no one has kane , could be a chance to grab a few points

    What do you guys think ?

    1. What’s the rest of your team look like? Do you need to take action elsewhere etc as that’s a big price difference between the two.

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